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  1. Tucker

    copying 20G off someone's hd

    I'd forget the peanuts. The only good thing to use is foam, or suspend the drive between two styrofoam holders like IBM. If you ship a bad drive to IBM and it's packed in peanuts they won't accept it... too high a risk of excess shock.
  2. Tucker

    IBM refuses to take drive back

    Hmmm. They took my 45 gig 75GXP back after I had run DFT and then had also done the low level format that seemed to fix everything. I just RMA'd it with the error code I got from the first running of DFT. I guess maybe the logs would have indicated how many bad sectors I originally had before the LLF?
  3. AAM is enabled in quiet mode by default. Interestingly enough you can use the IBM feature tool to disable or set AAM between the default value of 128 (quiet) or 255 (performance). Disabling AAM on my 80 gb drive very noticeably increased seek noise. SR's benchmarks show a small performance increase with AAM disabled, but I saw no noticeable increase in performance that I could detect in actual normal use. I like it in quiet mode a lot better.
  4. This is true. After having my defective 45 gig, 75GXP replaced with another 45 gig serviceable used part I wrote a note to IBM via their web interface. I complained about the drive because so many others had gotten new 60 gig, 60GXP drives. I never heard a thing back. Now I own an 80 gig Barracuda IV and I'm very happy. No more IBM for me.
  5. I'm running Crucial PC133, CAS 2, ECC in my P3B-F and it is rock solid.
  6. Tucker


    If I go more than *one* day without running Diskeeper there is significant fragmentation on my XP NTFS partition. Fortunately, it only takes about a minute or so to defrag it.
  7. Best performance with most flexibility in RAID: IBM 60GXP Best performance that might not kill your data as fast: D740X Best performance with best acoustics: Barracuda IV I have a Barracuda IV and the near dead silence is definitely nice :-) It may not be as fast as on paper as the D740X but... when you can't hear anything grinding away is seems faster :wink:
  8. Who cares how long it takes. Every system will be different, depending on what drivers are loaded, what the HDs, CPUs are, etc., etc. On my system all I can say is XP loads, shutdowns, sleeps, and hibernates faster than Win2K. Beyond that I don't really care about boot time since in the grand scheme of things it's irrelevant.
  9. Tucker

    120GXP review @ targetpc ..

    Wasn't much of a review, and many of the so-called conclusions were picked out of thin air. After switching from IBM drives to Seagate Barracuda IVs, any drive that's audible is now too loud for me :-) Still, I'm looking forward to a real review from SR. Tom
  10. Tucker

    Looking for new HDD

    To me... "silence is golden." Therefore, I would buy the Seagate Barracuda IV. The 80 GB model ST380021A is down to $157 at Newegg. I paid $175 for mine just before Christmas. This is the quietest drive bar none. With automatic acoustic management enabled (the default) it is virtually silent during all activity. I love mine
  11. You might try downloading the IBM feature tool and using that to set the mode of the IBM drive to ATA33. That may or may not help but it might be worth a shot. Tom
  12. Tucker

    invalid boot.ini

    This won't work because it sounds like he's already successfully booted and logged in. Logging in replaces whatever the last successful login configuration was with the currently used configuration. It sounds like the boot.ini file became corrupted. This can be easily recreated.
  13. I just replaced my IBM 34GXP 20.5 gig HD with a Seagate Baracuda IV 80 gig drive. After entering my password at the Welcome screen the behavior with the Seagate drive is different than with the old IBM drive. With the IBM the desktop would appear almost immediately, but then all the little software programs would load and appear in the taskbar... and the background picture would load and eventually everything would be up and running. With the Seagate I sit at the Welcome screen with an hour glass... and then all of a sudden the desktop appears with everything in place and up and running. It just pops up all at once and is fully functional. Could this be due to different caching schemes between the two drives? I don't see this as a problem... just something different, and I wonder why. So far I really like the Barracuda IV. The drive is virtually silent for all practical purposes. I did try using the IBM feature tool to disable AAM and after that it was significantly noisier during seeks and I'm not sure I could tell if it ran any faster... so I went back and set AAM to a middle number of 191 for now. Tom