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  1. Maybe soem of the boig brians out there can help me figure this out. Why is the WD 10K drive so slow as hte PS scratch diks? I don ot mean to imply that is absolutely slow, but the 15K.3 at least as much faster as a typical IDe drive (DM+9, WD250JB, etc.) is slower. The revelant system info is as follows. P4 3.2MHz w/2GB PC3200 ECC on ASUA p4C800E-Deluxe, Win2K. I tried the 10K WD ddrive on the southbrodge port, on the onbroad Promise RAID controller and also on a separte PCi cadr (also Promise). Sadly, esults are anbout the same no matter which is utilized. Low level test results of the 10K drive are typcal in transfer rate, access times and PCU ulization compared t the SR reviews. Any ideas, theoretcial or practicakl would be very much appreciated. Eric
  2. EBB

    Wd740gd = Whoa

    I was thinking about doing something similar, i.e., replacing my 15K.3 with a WD740GD 10K drive. Unfortunately the PS performance of the 10K drive is subpar for some reason, so I use it for key data/WIP and boot from the 15K.3. Two 10K WD drives would be very nice for most users. Throw in a 250GB 7200 RPM drive for storage and one most would be set. I am still hoping for a 15K.4 in Q2 though, so I'm not quite ready to yank the Adaptec controller. Eric
  3. I don't have one of those TCQs. I was planning to use an SATA port of the onboard Promise PDC 20376 controller on the P4C800E Deluxe. The 74 GB capacity is unfortunate. It is insufficient for holding a reasonable amount of data, yet much larger than necessary for OS/applications. B
  4. Holy crap! That WD740GD looks rather impressive. However, I am still concerned about the sluggish IOMeter performance. How well would it do under a heavy load in real-world multitasking use? For example, assume the OS/applications are on the 10K WD drive and that 900 x 11 MB files are being copied from that drive to another drive in the system. If an application is then launched from the 10K WD drive, would the load time be compromised even more than in the same scenario when a 15K SCSI drive is utilized for OS/applications? B
  5. EBB

    Mtbf Anniversary :)

    Or perhpas it is the fisrst anniversary of MBF's first anniversary. We or the SR Forum? Thanks to a few people like you, the computing forum is still worth visiting occasioannly and I continue to support SR with contributions. But it is not the same without the older members (40-50 yearw or more, including me). I am so glad the MBF made me realize what a waste of time the minutia of hard drive measurebating were in my life. Eric
  6. EBB

    MBF's first anniversary!

    And now it is the second anniversary. Is it just me, or did the F in MBF stand for something else.
  7. I would like to connect the S-ATA drives to the IDe contollers. However, the available SATA converters seem to go the other way; i.e., they are for connecting P-ATA drives to S-ATA controllers. Where are the converters that alloows S-ATA drivers to function on parallel controllers? Thanks, Bettis
  8. EBB

    DDR 400

    Very well put. I am traveling for the next 3-4 weeks, so the decision will wait until early next year.
  9. EBB

    DDR 400

    According to Crucial the mainbaorad does support that module. Oddly the price of the ECC version of the PC2700 1GB module is much less than the price for non-ECC. I wonder if that is a fluke or if future PC3200 1GB ECC modules will be less costly than non-ECC due to volume production. Has anyone had experience with returning Crucial memory when purchased through the configurator? There should be no restocking fee in that case.
  10. EBB

    Dynamic Dicks

    And other thing IU forgot to ask is this. Do the total number of droives and capacities matter as they do when physical RAD controlers are used? For example, if she uses uses some funky combination such as three different brands and types of drives on three diffent controllers, will the entire capacity be accesivble if extra separate partitions are created or will only n times hte smallest drive be available? I was thinking about using one SARA drive, one PATA drive on the Southern bridge and one PATA drive on a pCI IDE channle. Thanks.
  11. EBB

    Maxtor Problems

    So basically you are advocating that I perpetrate a misdemeanor fraud for $200? How disgusting.
  12. Yeah, it finally happened! After installing 36 hard drives in my computer over a four-year period, one of the drives died. It is a DM Plus 9 6Y200P0 that does not spin up. This is my first HD failure experience, so the questions are: 1. Is there any chance that the repair people will access the data? 2. What is your experience with the Maxtor repair service regarding POP and warranty? My drive is an older model, mfg. Jan 3, 2003. I purchased 6 of these exact same 2000 GB drives in the past 9 months, and may not be able to find the correct (or any) receipt. 3. Should I request repair online or by telephone if available? 4. Are the refurbished drives noisier or less reliable? 5. Should I skip the previous options and throw the drive directly in the trash? Since it only a 200 GB model, and IDE at that, perhaps it is not worth the hassle. TIA. Eric
  13. The 7K60 works very well in a P5010D. It is surprisingly quiet, though not quite as silent as the 80GN. Is the Monumentous an 80GB drive? I was thinking about getting a 5K80 as a compromise between the 4200 RPM 80GN and 7200 RPM 7K60 if I buy a second P.
  14. Yes, the Martians in the 15K.3 are much subdued along with general idle noise. The performance is quite noticeably better than that of the X15-36LP, perhaps +20%. Within about 5 minutes of using the 15K.3, it was clear that my X15-36 LP was destined for disposal. B