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    Adaptec 3805 and new disks

    Good to know, thanks.
  2. It turns out the onboard SATA controller was preventing the Adaptec card from POSTing. I thought I had already tested that, but apparently not. I moved my SSD array - 6 x Vertex4 128GB RAID10 - to my ESX box (since there is only one now). I was running them in a NAS over the network (2Gbps), but network latency kills me. Life is too short to use slow computers.
  3. erb

    Adaptec 3805 and new disks

    It's an old controller, doesn't surprise me. I would just get the new controller.
  4. Agreed ^ I would not feel good about that large array with NVIDIA's controller. But the backup plan should work. Can't think of anything better anyways. Although, the acid is kicking in...
  5. erb

    Missing OS... RAID Optimal

    Is there any data on the array? You may have wiped it by initializing the array. Or maybe it is booting to another device? (check boot order)
  6. I did overlook the firmware. I'm pretty sure the 3805 is updated, not sure on the 6805E. The board is socket 771, no UEFI. Thanks
  7. I don't think you will gain any speed by setting it offline when you compare it to keeping it online with NO usage. USING the drives while rebuilding will affect peformance but how much will depend on your priority.
  8. ESXi 5.0 With both cards in with an array, only the first card to initialize will POST. The second card will say it was successfull, but the POST only takes about 5 seconds instead of 30+ like normal. The system does detect the array with lspci, but there is no driver loaded. I have tried combinations of different PCI-E slots which only changed the boot order. This is my only host at the moment so I can't shut it down till later. I know these cards are compatible so it is the motherboard causing the problem. I didn't see much in the BIOS for an IRQ setting or something.
  9. I've ran into a number of problems when loading drivers at Windows install. Stupid things like the HDD may need to be the first boot device, NOT the optical. Are you booting Windows from a USB drive? If so, try a DVD. Of course, make sure you are installing the correct drivers!
  10. erb

    raid vs mounted volumns linux/bsd

    Normally, I wouldn't even begin to read a post that blabbers on the way you wrote it, but linux got my attention. It sounds like the data being stored on the server is data that people do not want to lose. If that is correct, then RAID is your ideal choice. RAID5 with mdadm is your cheapest solution. As for saving power by turning off idle drives, I know hdparm has that functionality, but I don't know how well that will turn out while using mdadm.
  11. erb

    3Ware 9650SE-4LPML driver problem

    Try disabling Digital Signatures.
  12. erb

    Defrag HDDs in RAID 1

    RAID 1 can absolutely be defragmented. I am no expert, I could be wrong. My thinking goes: If the drives are divided into stripes, and the data is rearranged continuously defragementation will benefit. I prefer Defraggler, can't remember the last time I used Windows' defrag. Check eventvwr.msc to troubleshoot your problem.
  13. Get two of whatever and RAID1. BTW, you meant SATA II, SATA III.
  14. What is your internet speed? Your BT client will manage how and when the data is written to disk. Unless you have gigabit internet, the drive won't be constantly writing as you might think. Any drive rated for enterprise/NAS will do. I would never put data that I don't want to lose on a single drive [without backups].
  15. ALWAYS TEST DRIVES BEFORE ADDING TO AN ARRAY Agreed, manufacturer's diagnostic programs is good enough. Although, some do not have WRITE tests available. It shouldn't be too hard to find a Windows program that will do a write test. I think HDTune Pro does. I prefer to advocate the use of linux: Boot to a live linux (Ubuntu, ArchLinux) and run a full write test. THIS WILL DESTROY ALL DATA: badblocks -svw /dev/{HDD} To find your hard drive {HDD}: parted -l