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  1. I guess 4 platters? Hmpf.. Sounds like a loud and hot drive.
  2. Yesterday, I did some database simulation with Oracle "Orion" tool and i did the same test with the WD1001FALS (which would be the desktop counterpart of RE3 drive I guess). Seq. throughput and mixed random write/read of 8KB (standard Oracle block size) and 1MB (e.g. for multiblock read/writes) blocks is about 25% higher on the RE4 than the WD1001FALS. Sequential transfer rate is ~15% higher than 1st gen of 300GB Velociraptor and IOPS for random access is quite the same or slightly better than the Veloci. And, the RE4 doesn't have that annoying whining of the 300GB Veloci i had. => quite an improvement over the WD1001FALS/RE3 in my eyes.
  3. Got them today. Attached the typical ATTO and Hdtune bench; excellent value for money. => Like it very much.
  4. Three People. I'm also quite interested in these drives because I want to RAID some for basic datawarehouse development. Hence, i prefere spindle count for more throughput over the capacity of the 2 TB RE4's. Maybe i'll get one in my hands the next days and find enough time to perform some basic tests.
  5. sasfan

    New Velociraptor ahead

    At least, they will give fast access for huge files where most people can't afford SSD's. E.g., I'm using a 64GB Indilinx SSD as boot drive and 2 300GB Veloci's for storage and working drives.
  6. New Velociraptor with 600GB Let's see, what WD will present here...
  7. sasfan

    OCZ Vertex 2 Pro Preview

    Usually, enterprise databases like Oracle which usually run superb on reasonable SSD, don't use compression. Especially not, when huge DML statements occur. And for pure enterprise storage, SSDs are waste of money.
  8. sasfan

    SSD drive in PIO 4 mode?

    How about enabling DMA in the checkbox (in your first screenshot)? Also, maybe your cables have a problem? When Windows determines to much CRC errors, it disables DMA transfer and switches back to PIO mode (which you can easily notify because you will have huge CPU loading during storage access).
  9. Server? Hmmm. Forget about USB if you want more than simple file access more than 1-2 Users.
  10. WD SSD datasheet Hmm. More data (IOPS) would be interesting. The SR doesn't look very well. I was hopeing more like a "Raptor SSD" series able to compete with Intels M and E models.
  11. sasfan

    SSD Reviews?

    If you want / have to use database stuff with significant write operation, you need no reviews at the moment because there is just one real SSD solution: the "little E". Regardless what you throw on that little monster. But, yes, some new reviews on SR would be welcome of course.
  12. sasfan

    Overwhelming X25-E Performance

    I'm sorry, no. because the X25 is running already in my database machine since yesterday and i wan't/must keep the high IOPS there.
  13. With my new X25-E, i did some benchmarks with database pattern (8k random reads and writes) together with my other drives. Interesting that the X25 performs better on the old ICH7R than on the ICH10R. The WD Black, the VR300, Raptor 150 and the X25-E without description where on ICH10R, the Raptor 74 on ICH7R. The Areca-Setup is a 1220 (the old one with 128MB memory) with 3* 6400AAKS Raid5, Stripesize 64k in a P5W64 WS Pro (Slot with 8 lanes) To get a reasonable chart, i had to use logarithmic scale @ y axis. At x axis, you'll find the queue depth.
  14. sasfan

    Intel X25-M Impressions

    Couldn't wait and got an E-Series drive. I guess, the ATTO screen says it all:
  15. Finaly, today morning i got my X25-E. And i LOVE it. That IOPS from a single drive are absolutely astonishing. First, i thought: "damn, much slower than all benchmarks i read. Whats wrong?". But: Very important to install Intels Storage drivers, otherwise no NCQ @ Vista, acc. to Intels web site. Ok. Installed it. Bang!!!!! With 100% random reads/writes, the difference is up to factor 10 on my ICH10R!! Unbelievable. And i'm used to Veloci-Performance.... Can't wait to see O...le performance with it.