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    Best app for data recovery

    Ontrack's site says the software should only be used when hardware is functioning properly, not if it's failing. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if a drive is failing, why would you have any use for recovery software? especially if your drives are failing. if you don't have anything valuable on there then by all means (don't know why you'd need to recover it then), however 9 out 10 people would prefer some data restored over no data restored. you'll be surprised with what r-studio can do. it even works with broken arrays.
  2. wfn

    Best app for data recovery

    depends on your setup and extent of the damage - ontrack is good r-studio is better for serious stuff
  3. wfn

    Poor STR performance with ST318404LC

    check to make sure your read/write caching is enabled on the drive, make sure you're using the right cable (twisted to flat with an LVD terminator) and lastly inspect every connector on the cable for bent or touching pins. some oem drives have their firmware flashed with the drive's cache being intentionally bypassed. you'll know if this is the case after you check the cache settings.
  4. wfn

    Archival software

    I've been searching for some sort of utility like the one you wrote for a while. I remember around 15 years ago there was a DOS program that allowed to do this with floppies. What I'm thinking could work out even better is if you incorporate mkisofs.exe for .ISO image building as the last prep. step and then you can use ImgBurner's cue option to burn all the images sequentially. That would eliminate a few more steps since imgburn spits the disc out and starts burning the next image in cue as soon as new media in detected in the drive.
  5. Glad to report that robocopy worked out just fine, i have 0 excessive fragments per file according to diskeeper. One question I couldn't find an answer to was what is "transfer.log" and why robocopy tries to put it in the system volume information folder on the target drive?
  6. I didn't like BC because it's taking forever. I'm playing with Robocopy and will finalize my project tonight, I'll do the /CREATE to make 0 byte files with a full tree and then do the actual copying. I'm actually pondering if there's a way to feed a list of files to be copied into Robocopy. Then the only thing I'd need is to give it the output of DIR /S/O:S/L/B/A:-D
  7. Great! thanks for all the suggestions, I'll give both utilities a shot tonight.
  8. Morning folks, Haven't posted in a long time, so bare with me. I'm looking for a file copy tool along the lines of xcopy that would handle files in a specific order. I'm trying to maximize performance and reduce fragmentation as the target drive will be filled up and won't have enough room to do any meaningful defragmentation on. I will be copying several hundred thousand files varying in length between 1MB and 200MB onto a 500GB drive. I'm thinking smaller files in the beginning of the drive. The reason I'm starting this in the first place is because I watched the actual file placement patterns with built in explorer copy on an empty drive using a defrag util and I don't like what I'm seeing. Please share your wisdom.
  9. wfn

    Are 600GB Hard Drives out?

    she must be doing something wrong because she had 5 out 6 of her drives replaced within a year, that's like 83% failure rate.
  10. is there a reason to buy any plextor optical today? i used to be a big fan, but over the course of this year i just dumped all my various plextor scsi's and atapi's thru ebay because they are outdated and the premiums on the new models cannot be justified in my mind. just so you have an idea how big of a plextor fan i was here's what i sold: 2 x px-32tsi px-40tsi px-40tsuwi px-w8432ti px-r820ti 2 x px-w12432ti px-w12432tse px-w4012tsi
  11. you could do that or you could also purchase 2 from me for $180 shipped fedex 2day (they're 100% working 13G0255 parts) warranty till Oct-16-2006
  12. BRAND NEW FUJITSU MAT3147NP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ $320 Shipped Fedex 2Day Brand new $515.00 @ NewEgg 147GB -/- Ultra320 LVD SCSI -/- 68 pin -/- 10,000 RPM -/- 4.5ms access -/- 8MB cache S/N: AAG3P51003PC HEAT 4-0-0
  13. mmmm... that would do it.