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  1. Further, just a clarification, if you regularly power cycle these drives (for example in a user workstation) they *may be* fine. The issue as I see it is that the drive's internal self check takes the drive offline. According to the WD support article #1493 it runs about once per month. In my experience this can vary from 1/wk to 1/mon. Although the Jan2007 firmware patch is supposed to fix this problem, it doesn't (although it is likely it has improved it). Not only this, but some non-RAID controllers don't handle drives going offline well and this can result in the controller going down. I would only consider using these drives only in systems that are typically turned off daily until such time as WD issues a new firmware update which is proven to fix the problem.
  2. I have 10 WD5000YS drives connected to Adaptec 2820SA RAID controllers as well as several connected to various motherboard controllers. I have patched all my drives to 9.02 firmware, even RMA'ed a couple of drives and I am still having the drives go offline, even in non-RAID situations! Unfortunately I can't wait for WD, I'm replacing them all with Seagate drives, WD needs to recall all them, I can't imagine how many lost hours of productivity have resulted from these bad drives. I have talked several times with Adaptec about this and they say their service center has been impacted by the number of callers with RAID problems resulting from YS drives.