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  1. yeah using that 2320 was my first mistake no doubt. i already made a server with an areca. if i could migrate the current raid 5 without losing any data from the 2320 to another me i would. the problem is im stuck with 1.2tbs of data i cannot replace. hopefully the samsungs are compatible... or i find a way to migrate the raid5. if not im looking into hours worth of work and downtime. sheesh thanks highpoint.. and thanks wd5000ks crappy firmware.
  2. built a system with 5 wd5000ks drives not that long ago. using highpoint 2320 even though they are listed as compatible my raid5 array fails all the time. will run stable for weeks at a time then the 5th(spare drive) and any of the first 4 will disconnect. I contacted highpoint and they told me to use the YS drives. just bought 4 samsung 500gbs to hopefully rebuild the array a drive at a time to eliminate the disconnects. sheesh what a pain the ass.
  3. Since I doubt that all 8 cables that came with the controller are faulty, and there is no compatibility issue with these drives (according to HPT support anyway), the error should be with the controller itself. Thanks again for your input. hey i was wondering if you had gotten the issue resolved. i currently am having fits with the same 2320 controller. i had 5 wd5000ks 500gb but they would randomly disconnect and break the raid5 array. so even though HPT lists that model as compatible they emailed and told me that the YS model is what they support.. tough break. i bought 4 SAMSUNG SpinPoint T Series HD501LJ - to rebuild the array one drive at a time. so i would like to know if you had any compatibility issues with that drive. ive already ordered the drives so im pushing my luck. i ran into this thread after ordering... any help would be appreciated