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  1. Hi there,

    I am an absolute amateur when it comes to tinkering with the hardware on my computer...

    The controller board for my diamondmax plus 9 40GB ATA / 133 HDD (6y040L0)seems to have burned out.

    My friend has a diamondmax plus 9 80GB ATA / 133 HDD (6Y080L0). Would I be able to use the controller board from his 80GB HD on my 40GB HD?

    I just need to recover some of the files off my 40 GB... Please let me know ASAP...as my wife needs some files off that 40GB HD... and my butt is on the line...

    Thanks a lot!


    Well, being a little slow on the draw when it comes to current computer parts, I managed to get the wrong controller board for my Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 (6Y160P0) drive that fried its controller board a while back. I bought another drive and have confirmed that both physical drives are fine, but I need a controller card for one of them.

    I went out and bought a board from eBay, thinking that all +9 drives that are 160 GB - ATA/133 - 8MB cache would be the same. Nope! Later drives have higher density platters and a different number of heads (as I found out in this very thread!). I have an earlier drive (firmware code YAR41VW0 -- note the V), and I bought the card for a later drive (YAR41BW0 -- note the B).

    Apparently, as long as the board comes from a 6Y drive and has the same firmware version number, it will work on any size drive in Maxtor's range. I'd prefer the same thing I *tried* to get (8MB cache, ATA/133), but I'll certainly entertain any other possibilities (ATA/100, 2MB cache, etc.). I just don't see the point in junking a usable set of platters and heads, and it would not be cost-effective to have to buy ANOTHER controller card for it because of my mistake.

    I guarantee the card I have is not DOA, and it actually spins up my drive and detects in Windows XP, but of course Windows can't read anything off of the drive with the wrong controller firmware.

    I'd absolutely love a straight across trade with me covering postage for us both, but I'll entertain offers if someone wants to buy the card outright, or has the one I need to sell outright, or other offers (just don't insult my intelligence -- I understand I may not come out without spending any money, but we all know what the drive itself is worth these days, and I'm already $40 into this for the YAR41BW0 controller).