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  1. I was running my computer (Apple ][gs) out of a reliable battery backed up RAMDisk a quarter of a century ago. It is a travesty that we can't do it affordably today.
  2. bytre

    5k4000 in RAID 5?

    I am up to 2 of these in my readynas ultra 6 (6 drives in xraid dual redundant config). These two are paired with 4 seagate 7200RPM 3TB drives. I'm adding one drive, letting the NAS resync to it and run for about a week, then adding the next. Pretty soon I'll get to realize added space.
  3. For me, Crashplan in the cloud and backup exec backing up to an old file server locally have me covered.
  4. Why bother with such battles? Having more choice is better for consumers, and different operating systems for different purposes is far superior than trying to use one for everything.
  5. bytre

    Anti-Virus Advice

    Something like your "RAM Disk Mode" may be useful in preventing malware from persisting on the machine long term, but will do little to protect you from today's malware from stealing information from you. Some malware will infect your browser through exploits, and harvest information you enter into other websites (such as capturing the username/password you used to log in here - or your bank). You would be amazed at the number of people (perhaps yourself included!) who will use the same username and password on an online forum that they use for their paypal, ebay, or bank account. Most of the bad guys today are after credentials or financial information they can use for fraud, and they do this through software that seeks out and steals that data. Other malware will infect you and look through that flash drive for any interesting information to send off to its masters (say a quicken data file, or a tax return, or an order receipt with a credit card number). It might not persist, but most damage is done within minutes of the infection. Ultimately, you need to figure out the value you place on your information you may access with this computer, and the value you place on your time in cleaning up an infection or cleaning up a fraud attack. A paid security package will be your best insurance here, but there are some free versions that may meet your cost/benefit trade off. is a great site for independent assessments of security software, look for "real world" or "dynamic" tests which reflect the full protection of your system, not "retrospective" or "static" tests which are more geared towards brute force scanning.
  6. bytre

    Large Drives Compatible with 9500S-12

    I've been using 7x 2TB drives on a 9500S-8 for about a year, works fine.
  7. bytre

    SSD Giveaway Thread!

    I want to win!
  8. I ran a 60GB SSD on my production laptop for about a year, about 9 months in I started having space problems. I kept about 15GB of email archives on the drive, plus various applications. The windows side by side (c:\windows\winsxs) files ended up being the biggest part of the OS growth. I have an HTPC win7 based machine on a 60GB conventional drive and the space is sufficient.
  9. bytre

    Standard Format vs Quick Format

    I do a full format on a new drive where I want to make sure all clusters are good. I'll cheat and use a quick format when I'm just reusing an existing production drive or when the integrity isn't important.
  10. bytre

    Storage Review Site Update

    Good luck with the site! Hope to see it thrive.
  11. These things can come via malware on your machine, via exploits in the browser, or plain and simple pop ups. The guys behind the fake AV software pay bounties to those who can get them installed on machines, so you've got multiple vectors to get it onto your machine. As you say, they may be laughable, but there are so many because a lot of people get suckered by it. Worse yet, people pay $39 or $59 for something which does nothing more than some animation and keeps real protection off their machine. A funny and scary example of this was someone in the Windows 7 beta forums asking if Antivirus XP (a fakeAV program) was going to be windows 7 compatible.
  12. bytre

    Oldest drive still in use

    My oldest still "in use" is the ST41200N (1GB SCSI, full height 5.25") I bought for $1800 in 1990. Its running in my Apple ][gs from '86. It isn't regular use, a few times a year. Upgraded from an earlier 60MB drive about a decade ago.
  13. bytre

    2.5" SATA to IDE adapters?

    USB SATA/PATA adapters can be had for $15 or $20, and are quite handy for this type of thing.
  14. I'm guessing that the recommendation to "just restore from your backup" is covered under the "I'm an idiot" disclaimer.. I've used getdataback ntfs successfully multiple times before, but it can take a lot of space (image the whole drive to another drive), and never done it with such a large partition. The demo allows you to see the files and just not recover them, so you can see if it'll work before you buy.
  15. bytre

    SATA 6GBPS parts

    I certainly hope not, but I have nothing to give me confidence that there won't be issues.