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  1. Well those drives have a 5 year warranty so if you do run into any problems later your covered. Just remember to back up.
  2. I also have a Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB but unfortunately I don't hear a high pitch noise when the drive is spinning. But my case does have quite a few fans running so maybe the fans are overpowering the noise...
  3. I thought I would make a post that talks about what Hard Drives I have and what Reliability I have had with them. After this post add your own experiences. Western Digital 160 GB USB External Backup - About 9 months old still works perfectly 250 GB SATA 3.5 inch - 1 month old still works perfectly 20 GB 3.5 inch - 5 years old still works perfectly 20 GB 3.5 inch - 7 years old still works like the day I bought it 20 GB 3.5 inch - Worked fine for 4 and a half years then it would not boot. I put it in another computer to see if I could still browse threw the files but it keep locking up. Tossed the drive. IBM 11.6 GB 2.5 inch - 7 years old still works perfectly 7 GB 2.5 inch - 9 years old still works great Maxtor 20 GB 3.5 inch - Worked fine for about 3 years then got corrupted so I could not use it. 128 MB (Yes MB ) 2.5 inch - 13 years old and still works perfectly Seagate 60 GB 2.5 inch (For my PS3) - 6 months old still works great Toshiba 20 GB (For my Brothers ipod) - 2 years old still works 30 GB (My mothers ipod) - 10 Months old still works fine Share Your Experiences.
  4. Nat0snake

    RAID 1? 2? 3?

    I always see people talking about how they are going to set up there new hard drives in RAID 1 or RAID 2 or something. The thing is I never know what they are talking about. What exactly is RAID or RAID 1 or 2? Thanks
  5. Nat0snake

    SATA Hard Drive Power

    Alright I give those places a shot. Thanks for helping
  6. Nat0snake

    SATA Hard Drive Power

    I checked my motherboard and it does have the SATA connection I need. Do you know how much this power cable would cost at bestbuy or futureshop? Thanks
  7. Nat0snake

    SATA Hard Drive Power

    Hey everyone. As you can see I am new too these forums. The reason I come here is to ask a question. I'm buying a new hard drive because I want a larger hard drive and a drive that will give me better performance. I decided to get this drive : A WD Caviar SE16 - SATA Hard Drive 250 GB, 3 Gb/s, 16 MB Cache, 7200 RPM My only question is when I look at the back of the drive from the website it seems it has a different power cable insert (plug) then the ide hard drive I have now. When looking inside my computer it seems my power supply does not have the proper cable that would plug into the new SATA drive to give it power. So how could I fix this? Thanks P.S Do you recommend this Hard drive as a good choice?