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  1. Do you have WD model #'s that end with B0 or B1 ? WD played tricks with their firmware update files, they re-released a second firmware without changing the version #... we flashed drives early on and they we're B0. Someone at WD told me to re-flash them because they changed the model # to B1... nice tricks they play huh ? Anyhow, wondering if that helps your problem. Will know more tomorrow.
  2. I knew I wasn't the only one with this problem!!! I have been fighting this since the day I got these stupid WD drives. 4 WD5000YS drives in a RAID5 on a 3ware 9650SE, any stripe size, with or without NCQ, etc ... no matter what we get about ~40-50MB/s reads and ~150-180MB/s writes. Something is horribly wrong here. I start to think it's something to do with the 3ware, then I think its the drives, then I think its the intel 5000P chipset... no idea, I just know seagates work perfectly fine. I opened case # 050207-5051842 with WD to try to get to the bottom of this - please HELP! We have like 50 of these drives and half fail (no firmware update yet) the other other half performance just sucks (firmware updated). Sam