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    Is Maxtor a good brand? Rank drives.

    I second this man's opinions, but at my shop I only sell seagates anymore. Glad to not see samsung listed as well. I listed samsung, but since they dont have a 500gb drive, I left them out except for the raid part. I like samsung drives and sell alot of them.
  2. Fatal0E

    Is Maxtor a good brand? Rank drives.

    If I was to buy a 500gb hard drive today my list in order of preference would be Seagate Western Digital Hitachi . . . . . . . . Maxtor, wait maybe i can get 2 samsung 250's and stripe them, might be safer.
  3. Fatal0E

    Refurbished vs. Used drives

    I have had many new drives develop problems and been sent refurbs as replacements, only refurbs that failed me were maxtor. Most of them have been Western Digital and work great. I did buy many drives in a short period from ebay that were OEM factory sealed. All of these drives have failed, and all of them have been denied replacement by the manufacturer. Most of them came back as being supported by the computer manufacturer that it came from only. A couple Western Digitals were refused because they were recorded as stolen. I would stay away from ebay for the drives, people dont handle them well, leading to failure, and many have fuzzy histories.
  4. Fatal0E

    Impossible to install Raid0 on WinXP?!

    There may be 2 drivers you have to load from the floppy. Something like Nvidia mass storage controller and Nvidia raid controller.
  5. Fatal0E

    Seagate and non-bootable disks?

    Has to be some yahoo's that dont know what they are doing.
  6. Must keep in mind that many home consumer accounts have port 80 blocked by the ISP so that they cannot host web servers, also mail servers and ftp servers are commonly blocked.
  7. Fatal0E

    SATA to Molex

    I believe that AUX connector is only needed when running 4 sticks of ram, maybe even has to be 4 sticks of double sided ram. I have gone without several times on systems with 2 sticks of ram with no issues.
  8. Fatal0E

    Asus A8N-SLI Premium RJ-45 question

    The nvidia lan driver should be included in the nforce platform drivers, run them and you can select what pieces to install and uninstall.
  9. Fatal0E

    Why does my computer still work?

    Choyo is a known crap brand of cap. Your motherboard may be able to survive the loss of one of the caps, but the rest will fail shortly. If it is ignored and not repaired it can destroy the mainboard, cpu, and ram. This probably is not causing your fan to make noise.
  10. Fatal0E

    Cannot boot with SATA drive attached

    I am not familiar with that board but many boards have a seperate section for what hard drive to boot from I know you have the boot order, cd, floppy, hard drive but there may be another section to tell it the order to look at the drives
  11. I also grew up in an old old old home with cloth wires pulled as tight as they would go. Never had any problems. I bought a UPS very early because every time the wind blew the power flickered like crazy. I was told once that the ground does nothing to help the computer, it is just to prevent you from getting fried if there is a short and your case gets powered.
  12. Fatal0E

    Are 36 inch ide cables reliable?

    I have some 34 inch cables, have not tried them with hard drives because they are only 40 conductor. They work fine with cd drives it seems, but with dvdrom drives I get read errors and movies will get pixelated.
  13. Fatal0E

    Acer laptops

    We sell them, many of them. Had to call them twice, got americans, no hold time. Sent them one laptop for warranty repair, replaced the thermal module, was very fast, they paid shipping both ways. Sent in another the customer somehow ripped the cdrom out of the side, breaking the mount, they paid shpping both ways and didnt charge to fix it.
  14. Fatal0E

    My PC is dying. What to do?

    110v? should only be like 6.3v goto www.badcaps.net , someone in their forum may be able to help you
  15. Well some people will agree, some people will strongly disagree, but I would never put important data on a Maxtor drive, do not trust them, do not want them. My opinion, dont hate me maxtor fans.