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  1. Ghost supports disk-to-disk cloning, and i think acronis does as well.
  2. Linkster

    Apple I-tunes Limit To 7 Cd Burns Per Song File.

    really sad....although check out i actually like their model. no f***king drm either
  3. Linkster

    Someone please fix this board

    yup, it has been a while since i had to do that...that fixed things. odd that they were blocked when so many others aren't? I'm still wondering what ever happened to the nice design storagereview had for their website..anyone know?
  4. Something is seriously wrong login, you make a post, you go to the go back to the board...have to login again. Reply to a post when not logged in, LOG IN, it takes you back to the main forum instead of the post you are trying to reply too. I use many invision board sites, and don't have this problem. Also, wtf is up with storagereview's site? it looks like total stinker!..all i see is white and ads. I'm really saddened. This used to be such a high quality site and board...while the quality of the reviews is still quite good, and the forum stays active, these things are quite annoying :/
  5. Linkster

    Microsoft Action Pack Only $99 US

    I would love you forever! If you don't want to post, PM me with it....less chance of it "expiring" too. Thanks again!
  6. Linkster

    Microsoft Action Pack Only $99 US

    Damn, i just tried this, but it says the code has expired...lucky for those who got in on this :/. Its still worth it at $300...i'll have to really think about it now though
  7. Linkster

    free copy of win2k3 server standard

    very nice thanks....there happens to be one within a few hours of me...i'm there.
  8. Linkster

    SCSI slower on Windows XP?

    changing your disks from basic to dynamic seems to solve most issues.
  9. Umm, you can ghost dynamic disks....
  10. Linkster

    Good, big network switch?

    Dell makes good switches at a great price..i'd check them out.
  11. so you are saying if you take out the promise card your pc boots fine the first time everytime? if not, are you sure its the promise controller? have you tried the controller in a different pci slot? what other peripherals do you have in pci slots..i've found they make a HUGE difference. IE, my pc won't boot at all with both my promise and tekram scsi card in a certain configuration. hope this helps Link
  12. Umm, i doubt you see hardly any increase in speed with that. Adding memory (if you don't already have at least 512mb) or upgrading your hd/vid card would give you a better performance increase
  13. Linkster

    The quest for 1 TB redundant cheap storage

    but why not opt for 3ware 7850 for around $630..thats 8 channels on a single 64bit pci slot. Get 2 of them, and you can drop in 16x120gb with very good performance.