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  1. Coincidentally, I jumped on the Hitachi 2TB external drive hotdeal seen at hot deals section. I have already opened up that particular external drive and yes there is a "void if removed" sticker that must be broken to gain acess to the hard disk that is inside of the external drive enclosure. I have heard rumors that Hitachi is the only company that still honors the warranty if the drive is removed from the external enclosure but that is all hearsay. I wonder if there are any gurus that know the skinny on that. I picked up the 2TB Deskstar 7K3000 that was inside the XL2000 external enclosure for $58.92 plus tax. I can live without the warranty for that price.
  2. GPett

    Things that will damage SSD

    Has anyone compared fat 32 SSD performance of a >32 GB size partition to NTFS?
  3. Whoa... Overachieve much? A simple yes or no answer would have sufficed. Seriously, Thanks for the wealth of information. Good luck with your project. You might be what the RAM memory market is looking for to lift memory prices out of the basement. Cheers!
  4. Hello... I am no hardware guru to know what is or is not out there. All I have found is the rather old ACARD Ramdrive. I would love to find a SATA 6.0 Hardware RAMdrive that uses DDR3. DDR3 prices are insanely cheap right now. Such as $24.99 (2X4GB) 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 Patriot ram. Does something like this exist? I am guessing no.
  5. GPett

    Sadforce vs intel vs PCIe

    Thanks for the linkage I cannot wait for, "in the coming months" it might be available. I did cancel the 510 order and took advantage of the $90 Crucial m4 from newegg. Thanks for the advice in this tread!
  6. GPett

    Sadforce vs intel vs PCIe

    I did not know about the Intel 520. Are we talking days/weeks or months/quarters? I am considering canceling my order for the 510.
  7. GPett

    Sadforce vs intel vs PCIe

    Really? Do you think that the quality and compatibility are the same? I am a big fan of intel not because of the brute performance but because I never have issues with their stuff and the anandtech article confirms my experience. Also, there is a newegg deal on that crucial m4 ssd this weekend but it is the 64g version. Decisions...
  8. GPett

    Sadforce vs intel vs PCIe

    OK, thanks for all of the info. After reading a number of the reviews I have decided against the PCIe. The anadtech article makes it pretty clear that to avoid the possibility of random BSOD issues with SSDs an intel motherboard and intel SSD is the solution. That is how I am going to go. Cheers!
  9. GPett

    Sadforce vs intel vs PCIe

    ok that made sense other than me not knowing the term "SF controlled SSDs". Also, to clarify, with the PCIe SSDs the motherboard chip set does not act as the controller? My gut is yes since that would be the SATA controller? With the PCIe SSDs is an additional controller needed?
  10. Hello, I am building a new PC. I want to understand how to best choose parts. I have read that I should use the most current intel chipsets controller to best take advantage of the TRIM and AHCI functionality of the current SSDs. I am confused about the regular SSDs versus the PCIe SSDs. It seems there are new SSDs such as the RevoDrive that use the PCIe interface. If the SSD is PCIe does the motherboard controller still matter? I have a GTX 480 and I need to purchase everything else. I need a motherboard, powersupply, SSD, memory, and case. The video card was a gift so that I can build a new gaming rig. So... I guess to clarify. Can someone explain the difference between the new PCIe SSDs and the SATA SSDs. If there is a difference... does the motherboard chipset still matter?
  11. That flaw you speak of would give the raided setup a slight advantage compared to a single drive. If the raid still does not provide significant performance advantages then yeah raid 0 is even more pointless to use for typical desktop usage.
  13. Errr... what rebooting and memory problems? Which Asus board are you talking about? We haven't had any P5K Deluxe issues here... at least not that I'm aware of. That said our hardware control here is much, much tighter than the average enthusiast would accept... Dammit... Gigabyte's still only doing a single onboard ethernet. Bah. Looks like the Abit IP35 Pro is still my only overclockable P35 alternative to Asus. Here is an interesting idea. Just get an intel P35 mobo (yes I know they are not known for overclocking) You can just run the Q6600 at 1333Mhz instead of 1066Mhz. I have talked to a few people on the forums that say the quad core can handle the increased fsb. In any case it is an interesting idea to overclock using a stable and quality motherboard. Also Anandtech has an article comparing the new processors at the July 22 prices. I thought I had decided on getting a Q6600 when the price dropped, but now I am considering the E6850 for the same price. Decisions... decisions....
  14. Hard disk seek time is lessened if the hard drive actuator arm and heads do not have to travel as far.
  15. If you have multiple disks then yes, putting the page file on a lesser used disk is a good idea. Multiple hard disks can seek at the same time. Two heads are better than one. If you only have one drive for OS and applications then you want the pagefile smack dab in the middle of everything. If you have two or more hard drives there is any number of ways to split the pagefile between all hard disks or give it its own lesser used disk. I still prefer putting in 8gb or more ram and turning the pagefile off.