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  1. Well, I guess, based on preliminar tests, the sleep feature is taking place. This is a secondary HDD, so when it stays idle for a while, it sleeps.
  2. I recently aggregated to my setup, a Hitachi 1TB Deskstar, has 32MB buffer and it's 7.200 RPM. I moved my multimedia files on to it, and now I am accessing from that disk. Previously I had all the files on a Seagate 500GB... But now I am noticing that, sometimes, when I change a FLAC tag, or if the file gets rewritten, there is a 5 second lag access. The symptom is not easily reproducible but if you spend some time manipulating files, every now and then, you will notice this form of a lag access present. Is this a common characteristic of the Deskstars? I am starting to believe there might be something wrong. Before placing this unit, I made two full extended tests and it passed in all. Now I am getting a 250GB SSD and I will have the option to get rid of... either Hitachi or Seagate. However if I keep the Hitachi, I will have 1TB storage. This is a RMA'ed drive. But it looked pretty new when arrived, sealed. So what could be the cause for this drive to be like this? Thanks for inputs!
  3. I just purchased the Hitachi model. Now, I haven't seen any DOS-based boot CD like Seatools or ESTool... on that site. Just a Windows-based utility. Am I really left with the Windows-utility?
  4. Well, in the store I am looking at, there are two DMxxx models, being one that is 500GB and other that is 3TB. They're out of question because they are over 175/200 USD. I just noticed that the website for this Hitachi drive is "HGST, a Western Digital Company." So now I am a bit lost about this. Did WD bought Hitachi hard drive manufacturing? I am leaning over to Hitachi because the price is really appealing right now for 1TB.
  5. I need a HDD replacement and here's the dilemma! Which one do I buy? HDD Hitachi 1TB SATA 3 7200 RPM 32MB - HDS721010DLE630 BRL 224.32 / USD 109.50 vs. HDD Seagate 1TB SATA 3 7200 RPM 32MB - ST31000524AS BRL 337.90 / USD 164.94 As you can see the Hitachi here leads on price. Never used Hitachi, been using Seagate for the past years without a glitch. This is the issue, Seagate, I owned two of them, and they never failed on me. Not a single bad block ever. What about Hitachi, is that realiable? I hear good things about it, but... could be a pig in a poke? What was that that I read about the Hitach being 4k sector blocks instead of 512's Seagates? Is that good? Please NO BIASED options! ASAP!!!!! Thanks!
  6. Hey guys, Haven't been here in a _long_ time, but there you go. I currently have this 500GB model posted in the title, from Seagate. I need to partition this drive in a way that I can get the maximum performance out of it, so these are the two thoughts about partitioning. FIRST SCHEME ------------ sda1 - ext4 40 GB primary, bootable, linux system sda2 - NTFS 80 GB primary, windows 7 system sda5 - swap 8 GB logical, swap file sda6 - ext4 106 GB logical, home partition for linux system sda7 - NTFS 244 GB logical, media partition for windows (this will hold 160GB of FLAC music) So how did I thought through this scheme? PROS 1) Both operating systems are on the beginning of the drive. Does it matter for this model? 2) Operating systems and data files are not mixed. Specially for Windows, it matters and it is easier if you need to reinstall Windows. CONS 1) Both operating systems, when running, will have the header to travel more to access their respective partitions of data. Does it matter? SECOND SCHEME ------------- sda1 - ext4 40 GB primary, bootable, linux system sda2 - swap 8 GB primary, swap file sda3 - ext4 130 GB primary, home partition for linux system sda4 - NTFS 319 GB primary, will hold the windows 7 system and tons of music on one single partition PROS 1) Each operating system has its data partition next to it, in the case, only Linux will have a separate data partition, and will be closed to the system, so usually working on LInux, the header won't go past half of the disk most of the time. Does it matter? 2) The Windows partition will have all the data on it, so all the data is on the spot, with the system. Not much header travelling. CONS 1) Windows will have a tiny worse performance for being installed on that sector, on the contrary of being installed in the beginning of the disk. Does it matter? 2) Recovering from a Windows crash in the need of reinstalling would be more work to hunt down and save all files. 3) Installing applications after a 160GB copy of music, would deem these program files to be at the end of the disk, thus deacresing performance. Does it matter? Can defragmenters take care of this placing startup files, os and program files in the beginning of the partition? So what you guys think? I really need to have both systems on this ONE disk. What is the best approach? Please comment on my partitiong. I don't think I overdid, do you? I absolutely need /home partition of linux separated from the root linux partition itself, it is quite handy since each 6 months I do another reinstallation of linux. I need some decent answers ASAP ASAP! Please gurus of storage, help me out!
  7. I just spotted this behaviour when converting a FLAC file and found out that there was a process in the task manager called 5E.tmp.exe. Researching led me to believe that this is plain simple malware acting up. It is reported to interfer in the disk activity. It can replicate as 1.tmp.exe to 198.temp.exe and anti-viruses can't get hold of it. It's about time I definitely quit using Windows... once for all...
  8. OK, I checked the BIOS and the S.M.A.R.T capability is disabled. I have disabled it since I installed this hard disk, because I believed it could interfer with system perfomance / OS. The event viewer gives me a couple of errors with "PerfNet", I don't know that these are about: Can't open the server service. Data from the server are not returned. The returned error code is in DWORD 0 information. It is also true that some CD-ROMs make the system stuck, until they get "ready", I have replaced my DVD-ROM (which broke) with this spare CD-ROM AOpen CRW52X32X, but I never noticed DVD/CD drives to interfere with HDD writing. The problem is gone for now, but I will have my eyes on this...
  9. The behaviour stopped since I posted the first message in the topic. The past two days I was converting APE to FLAC, which is much more disk intensive. I am going to check the SMART thing and get back to you later tonight. Thanks for the info.
  10. Hello folks from StorageReview... I have been noticing something weird which started about 10 days ago and it has occurred a couple of times. When I am going to convert FLAC files to MP3 files using the foobar2000 converter, I notice that sometimes the hard disk gets "stuck" and after some seconds it comes back alive. In the initial freezes, it would come back with a "click", like if it was coming back from some kind of "power source management" - and I do not have any power source management turned on in the BIOS nor in the System. Everything disk-related is turned off in BIOS and XP. In my first check, I have replaced the SATA cables and shifted the power-ATX cable - and the problem did not occur again in 6 days, until TODAY... I got another freeze, but this one was more subtle, it froze and came back but when it came back, it was silent (no clicks this time.) I notice always when I convert / encode MP3, because it's disk intensive so this may the subtle time to notice since it exposes the disk a lot. I haven't noticed this behaviour upon loading applications or opening files, however I notice once that I get a delay when the problem runs for about 8 seconds. The system does not complain about disk writing failing or anything. It doesn't halt or anything, it just keeps running when the hard disk comes back. Anyone has got any idea of what this could be? System: WinXP SP2 SAMSUNG HD161HJ SATA 1 year of usage. System is networked with another Windows computer, but my wife never access my disc or write to it. On contrary, I sometimes fetch some files from her partition. I can supply more information if it's needed. I also ran the EZTool from SAMSUNG 2 times with 2 passes each and ABSOLUTELY NO problems. I am not aware of any system logger in XP, related to disk failures, could there be one? Thanks for any input provided!