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  1. mockingbird

    WD1002FAEX RAID 0

    For Windows, you really should use TLER/CCTL capable drives... I recommend WD RE2 series. You pay quite a bit for these though.
  2. mockingbird


    It sounds like ICH is messing with the drive parameters. Try *not* using it.
  3. mockingbird

    A good PCIEx 6Gbps Sata3 controller

    You're missing the point. The newer P67 has native Intel 6Gbps support and the Z67 chipset will enable even more features for SSDs. You're going to start running SSDs on RAID cards which probably don't support certain features needed for SSDs which are best supported with the Intel ICH. Your performance will suffer horribly if you run these SSDs on these other controllers. There's also no telling how ZFS will override SSD-specific features. Are you running ZFS now with the 3Gbps ICH?
  4. mockingbird

    A good PCIEx 6Gbps Sata3 controller

    You posted this in the SSD section. If you use any other controller besides ICH for SSD drives, your performance might be severely hampered. The question is, will ZFS destroy the specific SSD related features of ICH. I don't know. For regular drives ANY HBA will do for ZFS.
  5. mockingbird

    Samsung F4EG variants?

    Can you test it for us if it supports TLER/CCTL and whether it keeps the settig after a reboot? I usually don't like Samsung's stuff, but if this drive has these features, it would be mightly tempting to get instead of the expensive WD RE4 series.
  6. mockingbird

    DAS + Internal RAID slow speed

    The only thing I see with 16 ports is the 3ware 9650SE-16ML, but it is not cheap: This is PCIe 8x. I think you might be able to put an 8x card into a 16x slot if yuor motherboard has no 8x slots.
  7. mockingbird

    DAS + Internal RAID slow speed

    This is extrapolative testing. Ok, it worked, but you are technically out of spec. Now they have power and sata all in one cable. The new P67 boards have a port for it. Also the card you linked him uses some form of extended PCI... It will be a lot slower if he plugs that into a standard PCI port. He needs something that's at least x4 or x8 PCIe.
  8. mockingbird

    DAS + Internal RAID slow speed

    What's the problem? Do it the same way you did it before?
  9. mockingbird

    DAS + Internal RAID slow speed

    Interesting... But surely there IS some benefit with eSata for length more than 2 metres? If I measure the output of an eSata chip, you're saying the signaling voltage isn't any higher?
  10. mockingbird

    DAS + Internal RAID slow speed

    Cheapest thing I can think of is to use just the enclosure and disregard the SIL3726 Multiplier chips. Run one seperate eSATA cable for each drive through the back of your case into a RAID card with eSATA ports. Why eSATA? Because eSATA will give you more length. Now if it makes you feel comfortable, you can back all the cable into some sort of sleeve. This is a lot cheaper than now trying to find a whole new eSATA enclosure with a better port multiplier chip. The question is, are there any SATA raid cards with eSATA ports instead of SATA ports.
  11. mockingbird

    Samsung Spinpoint F4 Review

    Does anyone know if: 1) This model experiences the same silent write failures of its 1.5TB and 2TB cousins, the HD204UI HD155UI, if so, is Samsung releasing a firmware update for it like it did with the latter drives? 2) Is this drive RAID friendly? (TLER/CCTL command support). And for that matter, are the 1.5TB and 2TB versions RAID friendly?
  12. This is foolish nonsense. I have installed AMD AHCI drivers on countless computers (Albeit 32-bit WinXP) and I HAD to have the drivers available because Windows XP installation won't see them without the textmode drivers on a floppy or slipstreamed on the CD (If you slipstream it, you also have to slipstream the regular drivers and not just textmode or you will get a BSOD after installation). The drivers are readily and openly available on AMD's website: The dates are October 10 2010 for the Southbridge and October 22 for the "RAID" drivers which include the AHCI drivers you are looking for. And I should add that these drivers are very recent. There *have* been reports of poor AHCI implementation with AMD, which even includes the new SB8xx, but that is a different topic, and I personally have never had a problem with their AHCI, though I would go with Intel's ICH for mission-critical applications.
  13. mockingbird

    esata expresscard recommendation?

    Sounds like Windows is whining that your expresscard doesn't have a BIOS so it's worried that it won't be able to boot from it. This is a way around it: Take out the two drives from your laptop and put in a blank drive. Install Windows 7 to this drive and then ghost it to your array (Assuming of course that your 4TB array is empty ATM). If it's not empty than you can simply copy it over manually and then "repair" the master boot record. Bottom line is get the Windows installation on the array somehow, and then worry about how you can boot to it from the laptop's Windows 7 boot menu (You will have to play with BCD Manager). Good luck.
  14. This depends. What some people do is attach a "SATA to eSata" "adapter" from their motherboard's regular SATA port to a bracket for the back of their case. There is a key difference between SATA and eSata where eSata sends a higher voltage through the cable to allow for the longer length. So even if you use in spec long eSata cables in this scenario, there is no guarantee.