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  1. at SATA 300: WD15EARS hdparm -t /dev/sdh /dev/sdh: Timing buffered disk reads: 366 MB in 3.01 seconds = 121.67 MB/sec WD15EARX hdparm -t /dev/sdh /dev/sdh: Timing buffered disk reads: 252 MB in 3.02 seconds = 83.32 MB/sec
  2. trx


    any data on new WD 3TB Green drives like WD30EZRX and WD30EURS
  3. Just wanted to infrom everybody to keep away from Samsung F2. This advice is based on my personal experiance. All other experiances with Samsung F2 are welcome. I have 32 of them in 3 different boxes on (different hardware, different locations etc.) and reliability statistics are very very bad: - 5 of them had secotor rellocation issues (I had to write zeroes to make drive relocate sector) ~16% of 32 drives - 2 of them had errors I could not repair, so I've send them back and got new ones ~6% of 32 drives I had no problems with my data as all of them were in RAID5 and RAID6 configurations, but some average desktop user would lose at least part of the data on each of those 7 drives (chances to fail are 7/32 ~ almost 22% ). So, in my opinion, 22% failure rate is realy something to avoid. Be smart.
  4. does WD20EADS suffer from this problem: ???
  5. does using Acustic Management value like 128 instead of default 254 prolong lifetime of the HDD?
  6. what do you mean by "RAID0 is bad"?
  7. I've seen that the price of Hitachi Travelstar 7K200 100GB SATAII (HTS722010K9A300) is the same or higher then price of two Seagates Momentus 5400.3 80GB SATAII (ST980811AS). is it better, performance-wise, to get one Hitachi or two Seagates and put them in RAID0?