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  1. Why are you defragmenting those two areas? The pagefile shouldn't need it ... neither should the file table.
  2. puppet

    Old monitor

    Pins 4,5 & 9 aren't assigned anyway. 15-3=12
  3. Just a dumb question.... Is it possible that XP is somehow effecting microcode on the drives? Some generic mode paging formula dynamically applied during an application? Shuffling back and forth as the kernel see fit?
  4. I'd of guessed that vibration had little to do with mass .... just more with balance. Machinery for example generally runs with less vibration if more mass is present providing the moving parts are balanced. The moving parts being high speed. A thickness planer comes to mind. But CNC routers and such would also display this trend. I'm wondering how long it will take somebody to be able to manipulate the molecules of air with magnetism. No moving parts....just pull and push of the molecules.
  5. puppet

    Printing problem in win2k Pro

    Mornin'.... Have you had a look at the task manager to see what is eating all the cycles. My guess is the spoolsv.exe but I'm not 100% sure of that. You could open the task manager to see what process is actually hogging and try to set it to the next lower priority. This of course is assuming the tasks your trying to do while printing have a higher priority.
  6. Is this a new shipping method or is it just neweggs' choice? The only time I'd expect a drive packed that way would be from some 16yr old kid that doesn't know any better. I'm pretty sure if ya sent a drive _back_ for RMA to a maker like that ....you warranty would be voided. Maybe someone at newegg took two from column "B" instead of "A".
  7. http://www.acnc.com/benchmarks.html There are a few here....
  8. Turning off DV will fix your cd-rom problems......not using Sandra as a benchmark will fix the HD problem
  9. Why not do this..... Charge more for the initial software and offer additional(required) copies at a discount. Let it be known that the software is not distributable but you offer additional copies at the reduced price. Do your best to protect the program with copyright and hope that the purchaser sees the benifit in ordering the additionally discounted _and_ legitimate copies from you.
  10. puppet

    WinXP Pagefile on separate disk? :::

    I'm just goin' by what info I've read in the passed on this subject.... ....as I recall....2k _requires- a 64mb? min pagefile. It'll create one no matter what. As for eliminating the bulk of the pagefile..... doesn't windows use this to flush system RAM for other processes to work faster.....storing the data in the page file and freeing up RAM ... before it may be written to disc? If the contents of the pagefile aren't written to disc it's just flushed out anyway.....isn't it? The way I see it .......even if ya have enough RAM to eliminate the pagefile....why would you want to ... given W2K uses it so sensibly?
  11. I thought this stop error was mostly due to hardware driver issues...
  12. puppet

    Need a Laser Printer !

    I bought one of those LaserJet 1220 Copy/print/scan jobs awhile back....very nice sub $500 printer.