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  1. Hi guys...i am an overclockers sorry i aint foccused and i have really little knowledge for pagefiles...hard drives etc. I honestly dont fully understand some of your post sorry for that. so far i can understand that i have to try a few things to check for myself what makes my rig feel more reposponsive. Let me get into more detail: most of the time i am web surfing running PTC to download my torrents.They do use loads of ram from what i remember. At this moment i am only downloading one file so theres little hdd activity i guess and ram usage. ctrl+alt+del->performance then i get the following data: Physical mem 1037276 Available 721... system cache 777... commit charge total 252... limit 252.... peak359... kernel memory total 68... paged 36... non paged 31... PF usage 246mb 432 threads 33processes My page file is set on my boot drive after reinstalling windows XP PRO SP1 and is 1536-3072 Seems a bit big to me...isnt it? Should i remove my page file from this drive or set it to 1536-3072 or something else? arround 7GB used and 27.3 free on this Atlas 15K then my other scsi drive the Atlas 10K III has no page file and 26.3GB used and 7.87free Should i move the page file into this drive or not and how big should it be? My last drive is the SATA DIamondmax which is always used for downloads and has 145gb used and 44GB free also has no paging file Now you got more detail on my rig.I rarely play games nowadays...its surfing the net and dowloading with my Uni ethernet (yep its v fast) however in the future its gonna be buy buy to these downloads as i got a 56K home so more its gonna be gaming... Anyways Sorry if were turning cyrcles and cyrcles but i am a HDD newbie. Could you tell me how and what exactly to do then in a bit more detail if you want me to try to?
  2. Thanks for the tips mate. Someone is now interested on my drive so i may just sell it. If i disable page file and leave my configuration as it is will i notive a performance boost or something or everything is going to be the same as it was? Would it be wise to move my pagefile in the Atlas 10K III which is about 3/4 full with mp3s? or should i leave the pagefile in the Atlas 15K?OR should i disable it as you already mentioned and have no pagefile at all?
  3. I am Using WINXP PRO SP1 mate
  4. hi guys. i havent been able to sold my spare seagate cheetah 15K.3 drive so it is sitting on top of my desk since christmass really.... Its a 15K.3 U320 68pin just 18GB. At the moment what i am using is: Adaptec 29160N U160on an asus P4C800 E deluxe 32bit pci Maxtor Atlas 15K 36gb 68pin U320 as my BOOT drive Maxtor Atlas 10K III 36GB 68pin U160 as my MP3 Drive SATA DiamondMax 9 Maxtor 200GB for Storage+Downloads. So i got 3 hard drives in my rig and a spare one sitting out of my pc. This drive is very quiet etc and i am thinking of keeping it rather than selling it for 1/4th of its original price... I need to find a use for it though. Its only 18GB. Should i use it as another storage drive? OR should i use it to keep my Swap File in it? What i always wanted is my rig to be as more responsive as possible. i have got a 2.8Intel CPU @ 3.9Ghz for 24/7 use and 1GB of Bh 5 ram @ 2 2 2 5 timings. So give me some ideas on what should i use it 4 and if it would be wise to waste?-use the drive for just swap file. Will my controller be able to handle all 3 scsi drives? thank you in advance
  5. Yeah no worries mate I am using phase change (Nventiv Mach 2 for my cpu) and watercooling on this board as well (for my GPU and NB) so if you need any help just ask
  6. Hi mate.First of all yeah i am running WIN XP SP1 witht he latest adaptec drivers for my 29160N which also has been flashed ages ago with the latest bios as yours. I had some issues with XP before the SP1 came out.write cache disabled i think all the time.After the SP1 i had no more issues... I think yeah my old abit KR7A R had issues with my scsi.KT266A chipset... I moved back to intel then though so no more probs .I doubt any Nforce mobos may have issues now though with scsi. If youre into overclocking etc let me know or mail me mate if you need any help that i can provide.My P4C800E is a sweet board.Easy to setup with hdds and boot settings etc compared to my old IC7-G Abit. Mail me if you need help especially overclocking brwmogazos at hotmail dot com
  7. Interesting.Mate my thoughts really are the same as yours. Dunno what i am finally gonna end up doing. I have found cheap however an atlas 10K III so i may just get that since its a bargain just to raid it with my other Atlas 10K III for storage . I really need to think about my moves now
  8. thanks for the info mate.Will have a look at it
  9. My system specs are: PROMETEIA MACH 2 + ASETEK WATERCHILL cooling ASUS P4C800-E DELUXE VDIMM MOD@ 3.35V INTEL P4 2.8C SL6Z5@ 298FSB 4176MHZ 1GB OCZ 3500 LE PLATINUM BH 5 Atlas 15K boot ID 0 on my Adaptec 29160N Maxtor atlas 10K III Diamondmax 9 SATA on my boards ICH5 Its an a rig i use for gaming watching movies etc. Yeah i am into xtreme overclocking I want my rig to be as responsive as possible...
  10. Ok heres some benchies taken with hdtach 2.61 and the latest version of it... DO they look ok or do you reckon my drives are not as fast as they should be...i know its only hdtach benchies but...i just wanna ask first before going into much detail... My Atlas 15K RPM on my Adaptec 29160N controller My Cheetah 15K.3 which is slower than the Atlas 15K overall however hdtach has a slightly different opinion...Could be due to the fact that the benchies were taken with different version of hdtach? My Atlas 10K III And my 200gb Sata Diamondmax 9 on my P4C800-E ICH 5 My system specs are: PROMETEIA MACH 2 + ASETEK WATERCHILL cooling ASUS P4C800-E DELUXE VDIMM MOD@ 3.35V INTEL P4 2.8C SL6Z5@ 298FSB 4176MHZ 1GB OCZ 3500 LE PLATINUM BH 5 Atlas 15K boot ID 0 on my Adaptec 29160N Maxtor atlas 10K III Diamondmax 9 SATA on my boards ICH5
  11. Forgot to add. I want my rig to be as responsive as possible.
  12. I am thinking of going SCSI RAID for my boot hard drive setup if i am gonna see any differece in speed of course. Currently i have a 15K RPM Maxtor Atlas for my boot drive U320 A 36GB Maxtor U160 Atlas 10K III for MP3Z and a 200gb DiamondMax 9 SATA for downloads. I also got a 15K.3 Cheetah not installed in my rig since its only 18GB my last boot HDD... Eveything is connected to an Adaptec 29160N scsi controller.Single channel U160. Would it be worth getting a Scsi Raid Card in order to setup a Scsi Raid 0 setup with 2x 15K PRM Atlas HDDs for my boot drives?Will i see any noticeable difference if i do so?I am using my rig for gaming-surfing the web(). What controlled would i need?Dont wanna spend $$$.Gonna get second hand from e bay... Thanks in advance. PS:Can i have a Raid 0 setup with my controller?Think its only in non boot drives that can be done and its gonna be a software raid since i am running WinXP PRO?
  13. brwmogazos

    Should I Enable Term Power On My 15k Atlas?

    Yeah thats the one... Thanks mate. So should i enable it then guys since my config is...ADAPTER----Atlas 10KIII----Atlas 15K(terminator) ?
  14. brwmogazos

    Should I Enable Term Power On My 15k Atlas?

    The term power setting from what i understood has to do with the power between all deviced in the scsi channel.Like equaling the power something like that.Its not the termination.