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  1. NRG = mc²

    Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2

    Do you all have the same speakers etc? When you come to the UK next year as planned remind me to demonstrate my Turtle Beach 8)
  2. NRG = mc²

    Helicopter Flight Lessons

    damn... should have noticed it!! I've seen your privider as every time you log in to my FTP :roll:
  3. NRG = mc²


    haha yeah. I would have thought she'd get bored making the same videos again and again... I'd like to see who this guy is, just out of curiosity 8)
  4. NRG = mc²

    HP e-PC and i815 video performance

    yep... it really is amazing. Might lose it.
  5. Not much of a review but take it FWIW
  6. NRG = mc²

    HP e-PC and i815 video performance

    fair enough, but do you think my monitor over here can do anything higher than that? :wink: J/k but yeah I'm not expecting any break neck speed or smooth graphics, as long as the thing will play... and even if it doesnt... more curious than anything else
  7. NRG = mc²

    Helicopter Flight Lessons

    Its not slow for you... cuz its on your ISP's server :wink:
  8. Try RMAing it anyway - download the IBM DFT tool which will tell you if the drive has a problem. Without looking back at the reviews I think the average speed you saw is reasonable considering the drive is two years old or more.
  9. NRG = mc²

    HP e-PC and i815 video performance

    Heres a sample of how small these are: Thats a hard drive on top.
  10. NRG = mc²

    HP e-PC and i815 video performance

    True... I've got a cheap Soyo SY6BA+IV board thats been stable and trouble free (apart from the HPT366 controller but we all know who's fault that is) running at 133MHz fsb. Before that I had a Abit BH6 which also was great, save perhaps for the serial port that burned out for no reason. Well I wasn't going to... I just wanted something portable since the BX machine is used in total perhaps 4 months a year. The rest of the time it is literally gathering dust on the otehr side of Europe. So I thought if I could have something to carry with me on the plane in my backpack or luggage when I go back home I can also use it at my UK home where it can be put to good use as a server amongst other things. I can use VNC to connect over the network. The thing is really tiny, the PSU is actually just a wall adaptor just like the ones you get for printers etc. And its virtually silent. could also be nice sitting on top of the TV for movies or something... for that price I'm not too bothered either way. No biggie if I can't play games, I was just wandering. Funny that a four year old card can still hold its own against a low budget solution... The only reason I'm buying it is because it would be a straight swap (price wise). I normally wouldnt have got it but rather than leaving the system here depreciating 8 months a year I might as well have something I'll use from time to time... There are no slots on these things... at all...
  11. NRG = mc²

    HP e-PC and i815 video performance

    It doesn't have any slot at all... its absolutely tiny, like a large dictionary and the same weight. I need it to be portable, and you can't beat the price! Not having a slot is good since it makes sure I don't waste money upgrading it without reason :cry: bleh.. The computer its about to replace has a Diamond Viper v550. I've overclocked it just a bit and paired with a Celeron 800@1066 on a BX board and 256mb memory its capable of running UT at 102x768 with all options enabled! It gets choppy at times with a lot of shooting but its still very playable. I really like old games... never knew my TNT could do such good graphics (believe it or not hadn't played UT till a few weeks ago) So you reckon it won't play UT at all? [/b]
  12. I'm thinking of one of these as a firewall/surfing/very very occasional light gaming machine: I can get a brand new one excluding monitor for 300 pounds. Thats something like US$ 300 or 400. Celeron 1000, 128mb, 20gb 5400 Maxtor, everything else onboard. I've already got a 10 gig Fireball AS I will be using in it instead of the Maxtor (10gb is more than enough, I'd rather have the 7.2k rpm) and a 256mb stick of Crucial... the original items will be ebayed. Has anyone got any experiences with these as far as graphics are concerned? How does the onboard graphics of the i815 stack up to a TNT card? Worse? Anyone have any experiences with these machines? TIA
  13. NRG = mc²


    hey hey hey. I'm none of those and I wen to a private school. The reason? I grew up in Greece. If you've been there you know what I'm talking about. Regular schools suck big time, everyone does private lessons, teachers and students go on strike, no one seems to really care and most people can't afford sending kids to private school. But my parents could thankfully, and thats were I went. Don't look at Prof. Wizard, I swear, he speaks the best English out of any Greek I've seen No way! Heather... erm... Heather Brooke or something like that. Search for it and see...
  14. NRG = mc²

    Learn about networking

    The process is more or less (if not totally) the same under XP and 2k. You don't need a router - just a cross over cable. Routers are useful if you have several computers and/or you don't want to have the server computer switched on all the time for the other machines to access the internet. The cross over cable is like a regular cable that connects to your network card but this one has a twist in it so that the connections are not identical either end. This is required only when connecting two computers together - for all other use you need regular CAT5 cable...
  15. NRG = mc²

    MSI makes graphics cards for Creative?

    I've noticed that they look very similar - especially the red PCB in most cases... I think I heard that Creative makes the reference boards for nVidia and they're the closest manufacturer to nVidia? If so then the MSI is a copy and not vice versa I guess