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  1. sure, you are right! The idea is to bench same number of devices, with same number of connections, with nearly the same cost, with same internal tech (optane) only differ the type of connection (RAM slot vs PCIe)
  2. of course a near perfect comparison would be new DC Persistent Memory Optane in 6 RAM channels vs 6 PCIe NVME Optane in RAID 0...
  3. thanks for pointing to this! for others: this review can be find here: https://www.storagereview.com/intel_optane_ssd_dc_p4800x_review Of course it would be even more informative to have everything in the same graphs... A comparison with a "normal" SSD shows a little distorted picture... different technology completely different price per GB
  4. awesome! many thanks for this very first review! Of course we are hoping for a direct comparison of Optane DC Persistent Memory vs Optane NVME PCIe 3.0 x4 like P4800x or even 905P :-)
  5. just noticed that their new very expensive RAID-Card with the same controller (LSISAS2208) but with onboard SSD-cache release only a few days later already HAVE PCIe 3.0 product sheet: http://www.lsi.com/downloads/Public/Nytro/docs/LSI_PB_Nytro_MR.pdf
  6. Maybe there will be no price difference in a month or so: the 9265 startet expensive to0: http://geizhals.at/de/?phist=628630&age=365 and in the lsi shop the 9265 http://store.lsi.com/store.cfm/MegaRAID_Controllers/9265_Controllers/LSI00277 has the same price like its mentioned in the press release for the 9266: http://www.lsi.com/about/newsroom/Pages/20120305pr.aspx
  7. and here is the answer: => ok, thats why they only make a minor change in the typ number 65=>66 => CacheCade 2.0 seams not to be an only 9266 feature...
  8. just send an email to LSI support to ask for the main difference between the new Megaraid 9266 and it's predecessor 9265...
  9. sounds odd to me... Perhaps the marketing guys only forget to mention the new features ;-)
  10. hmm - I've also expected a new version - if not with more "power" - at least one utilizing the PCIe 3.0 interface of the new Xeons but the 9266 seems really to be the old hardware... edit1: there will only be a PCIe 3.0 TechDemo at Cebit. "Technology demos will also feature next-generation LSI MegaRAID and host bus adapter products based on the forthcoming PCI Express® 3.0 specification." http://www.lsi.com/about/newsroom/Pages/20120305pr.aspx edit2: adaptec is showing one: http://www.businesswire.com/portal/site/home/permalink/?ndmViewId=news_view&newsLang=en&newsId=20120228006929&div=-277660468
  11. very interesting - even if I'd expected an greater overall difference between the new and the "old" one... also very informative would be a comparison with really fast drives (vertex 3) plugged to other 6Gbs+PCIe2.0 Controllers like Arcea's 1880 or the new Adaptec 6805... Best regards HPVD
  12. Hi i found a first price for the Areca 1680 in the "LP" version: 937,01 € http://www.webconnexxion.com/raid/product_...products_id=549 not really inexpensive... hope they will be decreased to a "normal" level soon. Has anybody found other prices?? Best regards from Germany HPVD
  13. HPVD

    areca 1680 in july!

    from my question mail to their answer mail it took excactly 1h and 13minutes :-) i think that could be called "fast" ;-)
  14. The long awaited Areca 1680 will be delivered in july. i just got the following information from the very fast areca support: > Hi, > > We will delivery it in the July. > We just receive Intel release SAS controller chip firmware. > > > Regards sounds good :-) HPVD
  15. HPVD

    adaptec RAID 3805

    I'm waiting for areca's 1680 too. But time is getting longer and longer.... What do you think: will there be a great speed advantage for the 1680 in comparision with the adaptec 3805??? Like it is in the area of sata- Raid-controller? Do you think there is a great difference in the operability/usability? Best regards from Germany HPVD