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  1. I'm struggling with Synology to find a mid-tier device that supports both M.2 SSDs and 10Gb. I'm being forced to QNAP as they actually have products that have both of these features and the client needs are for high-speed video editing shared storage and 1gb ethernet just doesn't cut it. I ended up setting up one environment with a DS1817+ and added a 10Gb PCIe card, but I had to burn 2 of the front slots on SATA SSDs. Why oh why Synology would you come out with another 1gb limited device?
  2. It seems the VDBench is better able to take advantage of the distributed performance across the cluster vs the SQL Server test is essentially testing a single node / single DB?
  3. Is it just me or are the SQL server avg latency results and Sysbench average TPS results rather lackluster? Compare against the SC5020 that achieved 6-8ms or the QSAN XCubeFAS review that achieved 5ms across the board. 21-26 is rather poor for the SQL latency. However further on with the SQL, Oracle and VDI results is seems far more competitive. What am I missing?
  4. Can you confirm iSCSI performance is comparable?
  5. What connectivity was used for this review, SC or iSCSI? What speeds were you connected at and using what switching? Thanks!