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    Icon loading in folder maxing out CPU?!

    I don't know if it is possible for an .mht file to have the file icon embedded in the file. It could also cause the reload every time. Combine this with AV SW scan of the file while the icon is fetched, and you'll have long delays, especially if the files are large. Cheers, Jan
  2. Jan Kivar

    BX Chipset Work With A 200 GB HDD?

    Yup, I too have the ABit BX6r2, and happily using a Samsung SP1213N (120 GB). Make a 128 GB partition on the drive (or a bit smaller to be on the safe side), provided that the BIOS/Windows will see it as a such drive. Or get a new PCI controller (or eBay for used one). Cheers, Jan
  3. Jan Kivar

    Harddrive reads too much

    The drive has 16 MB cache, so it must cache more (=read more) than 8 MB model. OK, maybe this doesn't hold water, since (AFAIK) the caching is related to physical caching instead of file caching. (The drive just fills the cache from the same track/cylinder, so no seeking involved.) Experiment with AAM. Cheers, Jan
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    Budget MoBos ?

    LG = Goldstar ?? Jan
  5. Jan Kivar

    My monitor is on flames!

    That's a sight I'd have wanted to see... Electric steam Jeep... Cheers, Jan
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    Where'd everybody go?

    My studies seem to take more and more of my time. That and my ever-growing participation at SPCR. The swarm of RAID0 questions last fall made the forums quite boring to read for me (and probably to many others too). Cheers, Jan
  7. Jan Kivar

    default "save to/in" folder

    Do you mean something like this? Cheers, Jan
  8. Jan Kivar

    Stuck in PIO Mode .... sort of

    Have you tried the drive in another computer? Jan
  9. Jan Kivar


    If the Maxtor's brick PSU (="transformer") has a single 12V output (it should read in the label of the PSU), then it's most likely used unaltered to power the motor of the hard drive. Laptop PSUs normally give out 14-16V. Hard drive motors tolerate 12V +/- 10%, so anything more than 14V (continuously) should burn up the motor. In this case, PCB swap won't do any good. Cheers, Jan
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    Help with slow transfer rate on WD1200JP

    You might also have the PATA cable backwards. Blue connector should be plugged to the motherboard. If you don't have colored connectors, it's most likely you have old 40-wire cables. Normally in 80-wire cable one hole in the connector is blocked, and corresponding pin is missing from drive/motherboard. Cheers, Jan
  11. Jan Kivar

    Apple mini, what HDD inside?

    1. Less heat, (2,4W compared to ~9W or more) 2. Fewer user upgrade/mod options (need bigger drives -> get a "real" Mac or use FireWire) 3. Less noise - this is the computer which won't go under the table. Cheers, Jan
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    Hibernate with SATA Raid-1

    So the computer didn't have RAID before? I think that hibernation uses the boot-time drivers for the controller. Which in most cases have no fancy things like Ultra DMA support. Hence the long time. I'm basically just quessing here, as I'm not an expert when it comes to NT kernel drivers. AFAIK the hibernation file cannot be moved, it's always on the Boot partition (partition with the Windows-dir). Cheers, Jan
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    hot maxtor drive

    Those low-profile Maxtors (if a regular 3.5" drive is half-height, what's this?) - I mean DM8s and FB3s - run really hot without active cooling. I've seen (and touched) drives that report near or even over 50°C. Interestingly, they seem to last more than 2 years, even though the temp is so high. Cheers, Jan
  14. Jan Kivar

    Increase Text Size in IE

    Um... what's wrong with pressing Ctrl and scrolling the wheel of your mouse? Or View -> Text Size... ? Or what text are You trying to size? Cheers, Jan
  15. Jan Kivar

    Recommendation for 2.5 inch hard disk

    SPCR liked the Samsung's offering in their latest review, but the performance was not the best of market. Cheers, Jan
  16. Jan Kivar

    Storage capacity growing faster than CPU speed:

    yep can be true but still think that 3 1/2 going to keep on top, mainly for speed and price/GB and yes you could say the raptor is a 2 1/2'' drive but they use the 3 1/2" form just becouse its easyer to buld a good fast drive but you properly right that there going to be (office)desktops whit 2 1/2" drives (and it's still a verry big marked) but i dont think you will see that as mainstream in home/game PC's ore medium/heavy workstaions 193108[/snapback] Smaller computers are coming - Intel did also release some small form factors (microBTX and picoBTX). Currently the problem with these systems are those "space heater" Prescotts. One can't really put them on a small case and expect it to be quiet enough to put the computer to a living- or bedroom. Once Intel gets enough capacity to mass-produce P-Ms and C-Ms and people have gotten used to the model numbering (introduced to mask out the MHz difference between PIV and P-M), there will be a lot more of mini-systems. A 80 GB 2.5" drive is more than enough for Average Joe, so it's up to OEMs to create enough demand for 2.5" drives to drive the prices down. WD released a 2.5" drive a while ago (Scorpio), and, assuming Maxtor wants to keep up the competition, will launch their own 2.5" drive series in 2005. Cheers, Jan
  17. Jan Kivar

    Dual channel memory kits?

    One possible problem is that two separate sticks may have different SPD settings. This could cause problems with dual channel reverting down to single channel, especially on OEM boards (=OEM computers) where the are no proper controls for anything inside the BIOS. Cheers, Jan
  18. Jan Kivar

    Need advice on 2GB ram setup/purchase

    Would you be able to specify these problems? I'm curious as to what these problems are because if 4 modules would cause major problems I doubt the mainboard manufacturers would have placed 4 slots on the mainboards. 192764[/snapback] You can populate all slots if you relax the memory timings or bus frequency. It's a good option for once your system is a few years old and you need more RAM but don't care about that extra 1% performance gain from tighter RAM settings. If you try to tweak the RAM timings too much with all slots populated, the Northbridge and surrounding bus circuitry could get overloaded and you might end up with BSOD's due to memory errors. Further, even with identical timings etc., it has been shown that having fewer, larger RAM sticks is faster than more smaller sticks. I can't remember exactly why at the moment, but I definitely remember reading that somewhere. 192766[/snapback] Actually, the memory controller currently shipping in S939 A64s automatically defaults to 2T Command Rate if more than two sticks is used Using 1T produces more memory bandwidth, but I don't know if one would only see the improvements in benchmarks. I don't know if the memory clock generation issues are still present in S939 or not. This is related to Cool 'n' Quiet functionality. To the OP: I'd get the 1GB modules, based on the price advantage and the rest of reasoning in this thread. Cheers, Jan
  19. You have visited SilentPCReview, haven't You? There are few issues when doing noise measurements. - You need a very good (=sensitive) SLM (sound level meter). SR measures the noise from a distance of 18 mm, which is done because their meter is a basic one (which most likely cannot register lower than 25-30 dBA). The meter used at SPCR is actually borrowed from University of British Columbia, and is rather expensive. - The environment & rest of the computer need to be very quiet. If You have read the articles here, You've seen comments like "While one may argue that differences below, say, 43 dB/A or so get lost in the noise generated by other parts of the system (or even general ambient noise, for that matter)" (from SP1614C review) basically mean that the reviewer's system was masking the noise created by the drive. Improving (or even changing) the testing methods would also mean that the comparison between existing results and new results would be difficult, if not impossible. Well, keeping in mind that Eugene asked about suitable motherboards for Testbed IV a while ago, testing methologies could also be changed in the process... Cheers, Jan
  20. Jan Kivar

    LCD Monitors @ 12ms response time?

    Tom's HW has a lot of crap nowadays, but they have a really interesting measuring system for those LCD response times. THG Unveils New LCD Benchmarking Method BenQ's FP71e+ LCD Is Fast, But How Furious? Cheers, Jan
  21. Jan Kivar

    Storage capacity growing faster than CPU speed:

    Consider if you will that access times for that first gigabyte of current disks will be on par with latency. If you only stay in that first gigabyte all of your access times will blow away the old 9ms value. 192139[/snapback] Um... track-to-track is still 1-3 ms? Or does the entire 1 GB fit to one track? ... well, technically that is 10x lower (10ms vs. 1ms)... Cheers, Jan
  22. Jan Kivar

    Hibernate with SATA Raid-1

    You sure that You used hibernate and not stand-by? That <10 secs sounds like stand-by. How much RAM do You have? Cheers, Jan
  23. Jan Kivar

    New forum software version

    Is that what the button's for? I was wondering why there were two quote buttons. Doesn't seem intuitive to me either.192091[/snapback] Um... The quote button doesn't seem to do anything on FireFox? What is it supposed to do? I do like this "snapback" (see the code of the post), it's easier to quote from a multipage thread as there is way to follow back. Too bad that it doesn't work for quote inside a quote. It would be better to make the link to the "QUOTE" word (or to the entire line), as a single tiny button looks kinda funny. And the current formatting makes it leave too much air to the end of the quote. The quotation marks in the up-right corner of a quote look childish. Maybe if they were a bit dimmer, so that they would dissolve better to the background. The spacing sucks; I had to widen my browser's window to see topics in less space. You can try to narrow down your browser, there's plenty of space left in the "Topic Title" -column when the layout starts to spread vertically. It seems to reserve space for multi-page thread page quick-links (if You managed to understand what I mean ). Cheers, Jan
  24. Jan Kivar

    Did ASUS screw me again?

    Memory gave me data corruption. More accurately, I added one or two sticks to my old BX motherboard (which was overclocked). It worked fine, but all large files got corrupted (well, that isn't what I'd call fine ). I was pushing PC100 too much over the limit. One (or more) of the sticks, or the chipset, couldn't handle it. So, try to run it with only one stick, if You have two, relax the mem timings a bit from BIOS, and/or try an extended run of memtest86+. PSU could also be a culprit, unplug all unnecessary drives and test? Cheers, Jan
  25. Jan Kivar

    ATA 133 card trouble

    Try other keys. See what it's supposed to be in the Belkin manual. Is there any Windows management software for the card? Cheers, Jan