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  1. I don't work for DELL, so I don't know why they would do that. But here is what I think.... They probably do this so that they can have a "universal" GIG size as a standard replacement across multiple drive manufactures. Make sense? As an example. If they were to take bids for 100,000 drives from IBM, Seagate, Maxtor, etc. they could then say we want all 36GIG drives to be seen as XX,XXX MB in size, that way they could issue "replacements" as other vendors, but rest assured that the replacement was the same size as what you had.
  2. UPDATE: I wanted to follow up on this thread with my status and success. I was able to successfully upload the "0005" seagate firmware on the "dell" branded / "dell" firmware SCSI ST336754LC drives. The reason why this was so critically important is because the Dell firmware doesn't take full advantage of the capacity of the drive, it cuts it short by about 300 megs. This in itself is not a problem, but when you have an array and your replacement drive is "smaller" than the removed drive, then the array can NOT be rebuilt. I was able to load the "0005" firmware on the DELL drives using an adaptec 2940/UW controler, a 80pin to 68pin converter, the seagate seatools enterprise, and the "0005 OEM 15K4 SCSI.lod" firmware. All was a great success and my capacity changed from 35566MB to 35843MB which allowed for the array to be rebuilt!
  3. Thanks. I'm not sure yet of two things. 1. If I can actually flash these drives with this firmware, and 2. If this firmware will indeed show up with a 34.1 GB capacity, instead of 33.9 GB. I guess I'll find out tomorrow! Thanks!
  4. I'm sure you've all heard this same song and dance before. Seagate won't give me the firmware because this drive is an OEM (DELL) drive with DELL firmware. Here is my problem... I purchased many of these drives from a liquidator, and they came "factory recertified" / "refurbised" with seagate firmware. I have several arrays built using these drives, and each drive has a capacity of 34.1 GB. I had several drives go bad, not being able to get anymore from my liquidator, I ordered like units from ebay. Like meaning same ST # (I thought I was getting the same thing) It turns out the the drives from ebay are loaded with dell firmware and format to a capacity of 33.9 GB. Obviously for you array folks out there, I can not rebuild my array using a lesser capacity drive. So I am looking for seagate firmware for these drives, that will hopefully allow the capacity of 34.1 GB. The seagate firmware displays this drive as a 34.1 GB drive. The dell firmware displays this drive as a 33.9 GB drive. Please help. Thanks Duane Cox dcox@conxxus.com