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    Required PCI-E SCSI 320 HBA

    Thanks for your assistance guys.
  2. Well! I recently inherited about a dozen brand new Seagate 10K Ultra 320 SCSI HDDs. Some of these I wish to use in my workstations. However, given that I only have desktop class motherboards (DFI UTNF4 SLI DR & EVGA 680i), I need at least one PCI-E SCSI 320 HBA to beat the pants off the SATA II class drives that I am using presently. Your suggestions on the brand(s) that I should go for, or indeed that such a thing as the PCI-E Ultra 320 HBA actually exists, will be very welcome. In case any of you actually has the product up for sale as detailed above, I would be very very interested in hearing from you. Help much appreciated!