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  1. BBH, TY for GNU/Linux info! btw, My $500 RAID systems >100MB/s read, but do not recall exact write (~60?). Will BM again w/ full details. And I only have as single core AMD FX55 that cost me $199retail. Do kino & cinerella have similar capabilities to APP, FCP? When I saw kino in use it did not appear to be real time non-linear edit. May have been because the user was new to setting it up? By raw avi I meant what is captured from miniDV tape, which I think = you are calling DV format. Not sure what was meant by RT uncompressed HD editing Is there any way to edit your own posts in this forum?? Have option ASAP after post, but when reenter=NO edit option displayed.
  2. digital8doug

    Sata Cable / Shielded Connector

    BBH, I have some (shielded?) cables w/ eSATA & SATA connectors. SATA end seems to be more substantial than most I have, but still fits & clicks in to normal SATA OK. Not sure how much shielding, if any, there is. If you want more info (I might be able to relocate my source. They were fair price, not a ripoff) email d8d
  3. digital8doug

    FS: Free very old pc parts--pay s/h only

    shim Do all the parts work & were upgrade leftovers ? Or is it all BROKEN junk ? what about Parcel post vs Priority ? btw, If you set CP correctly it will notify your email when a thread reply is posted
  4. Capture of std avi only requires ~4MB/s I thought, which supposedly is well within the capability of USB or FW (concern is lost frames). This Would apply/includes transfer of finished file to HD storage? Why then the need for FW800/1394b?? TY for an informative/fairly clear post.But irt RAW avi (aka uncompressed in your meaning, but raw has neither been edited or compressed) I thought rendering in Adobe was limited by drive speeds, while editing raw avi took some CPU guts. What speed is fast enough for real time uncompressed HD editing? vs Recommended speed for std NTSC? Capture of HD video to hard drive=?? {Max capture rate required determined by camera Xfer capability??} Has anyone found a GNU/Linux distribution and non-linear edit package that is in same league as Adobe P, or FC, Pro?? Do the same MB/s guidelines still apply from MS Win / Adobe, Apple/ FCP? TY all, d8d
  5. Renat, Are you now or planning on shooting High Def? Where will your virtual memory be located? What sustained write speed do you desire? Consider a MbP with a SSD sata HD, then Xfer via 1394b to storage. What is the longest single project you anticipate ? (1 hour shoot or 3 full day seminars =24 hours of related topics as 1 project to output to a DVD etc) Even working with standard NTSC/PAL raw avi 1 hour =13 to 17 GB as I recall (corrections accepted!) For DVE AVOID raid 0, go RAID 3 or higher [as already recomended 4x HD in RAID 10 (aka 0+1)] For your 1st build I would NOT go with bleeding edge specs, = NOT economical! Get a TYAN server mobo, use 4 WD740GD in Raid 10,.Speaking from experience, as now have 5 DT {AMD 939 nF4} + LT {Pentium 725 on Asus M7V} I built and migrating to GNU/Linux. Moving away from vista ULTIMATE (been testing since Jun 06)