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  1. nova28

    Looking for kickass gaming Hdd

    Hi. Yes, that set-up has crossed my mind too. Isn't it time for a new Black series sometime soon?? As you say, they have been on the market now for a couple of years now. I'm leaning towards one or two WD VelociRaptor 1TB drives as game drives and keeping my OCZ Vertex 3 Max-iops 120GB as system ssd at this point. But would it be possible to "cache up" a non C:/ hdd with some of the "use a ssd as cache" solutions?
  2. nova28

    Looking for kickass gaming Hdd

    Is it the "Western Digital VelociRaptor 1TB" that you reviewed in April?
  3. I've used a bricked Hdd as a table mat/trivet for hot pans and pots in the kitchen
  4. Thanks for the link!
  5. nova28

    Looking for kickass gaming Hdd

    Yes sir! but now I'm really curious!!!
  6. nova28

    Accidentally remove the raid1. SOS!

    I'm not familiar with the Sunix cards, but it looks like there's a bunch of different chipsets in their cards... you got a model name? Have you tried separating the drives and trying one of them by it self? A raid 1 chain in just a mirror you know, it' no parity data "hocus pocus" involved. You should be able to reach the data without any third party software, but since you made a new chain on those drives I don't know. Did you try to scan the drives with a recovery program? before you do anything else, you should make a clone of your drives so you can experiment without doing more damage to the originals!
  7. nova28

    Looking for kickass gaming Hdd

    Thanks for the replies! well, I guess SSD's aren't completely out of the question, but the only way to maintain my wish for space would be a quite massive raid chain. And with TRIM not working properly under a controller so far... The WD VelociRaptor is not a bad idea I guess. A couple of 600's in raid 0 (soft) almost reach my minimum target of 1,5Tb. (why not a 3-some ). Raid 0 feels so...vulnerable though... especially a "soft" one... Raid 0+1? Well I guess money CAN be an object at some point Anyone with experience with the WD Caviar Black drives? Why so much space? Well... I got a lot of games, and I hate uninstalling just to make room. I had an first gen WD VelociRaptor 150Gb Sata-1 drive as system drive a few year ago. It was fast for it's time. But with today' s fast SSD's, it's literally a dinosaur. How does the latest VelociRaptor's stand against the competition you think?
  8. Well...I probably wouldn't choose a SSD as system drive in a 24/7 server set up without some serious, fast back ups ready to kick in. But still, I can't even imagine to go back to a HDD for C: drive in my everyday game/surf/video rendering rig... The difference in the feel of system response, boot time and overall performance beats most downsides of the SSD technology IMO... Try to google for systems similar to yours (mobo and mem set up) and the SSD of your interest before you hit the "add to cart" button. But keep backing up your data just in case And most important: If it ain't broken - don't try to fix it! Firmware updates aren't necessarily not evil....
  9. Not a lame question at all my friend. To most single drive users (non raid), using a modern OS like MS W7/2K8R2 or recent Linux the 4k sector drives probably wont cause any problem. But my experience with the 4k drives (512e) (even though they "simulate 512k) in hard raid environment is ridiculously low file transfer performance. I must admit that my experience although is limited down to Highpoint and Areca raid cards... Anyone else with "hard" raid experience in fairly large chains (R5 or 6) and the 4k sectors drives? Still, I'm picking up a bunch of the 5k3000 as long there still available!
  10. I'm using a OCZ Vertex 3 MAX IOPS Series 120 GB as system drive (c:) in my gamer PC. This drive really kick some serious ass! Boot up time is in matter of a few seconds. Never had a BSOD and never lost a bit of data. Bought it before the tragic Thai flooding that sky rocketed the prices here in Sweden... Smart: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- CrystalDiskInfo 4.2.0 © 2008-2012 Crystal Dew World : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- OS : Windows 7 Ultimate Edition SP1 [6.1 Build 7601] (x64) Date : 2012/02/27 0:47:01 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- (2) OCZ-VERTEX3 MI ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Model : OCZ-VERTEX3 MI Firmware : 2.02 Serial Number : OCZ-T4H60O8DN******* Disk Size : 120.0 GB (8.4/120.0/120.0) Buffer Size : Unknown Queue Depth : 32 # of Sectors : 234441648 Rotation Rate : ---- (SSD) Interface : Serial ATA Major Version : ACS2 Minor Version : ACS-2 Revision 3 Transfer Mode : SATA/600 Power On Hours : 1369 timmar Power On Count : 274 gånger Host Reads : 1350 GB Host Writes : 996 GB Temparature : Unknown Health Status : Okänd (100 %) Features : S.M.A.R.T., APM, 48bit LBA, NCQ, TRIM APM Level : 00FEh [OFF] AAM Level : ---- -- S.M.A.R.T. -------------------------------------------------------------- ID Cur Wor Thr Raw Values (7) Attribute Name 01 120 120 _50 0000000096E2A5 Raw Read Error Rate 05 100 100 __3 00000000000000 Retired Block Count 09 _99 _99 __0 333C4A00000559 Power-on Hours 0C 100 100 __0 00000000000112 Power Cycle Count AB __0 __0 __0 00000000000000 Program Fail Count AC __0 __0 __0 00000000000000 Erase Fail Count AE __0 __0 __0 0000000000000E Unexpected Power Loss Count B1 __0 __0 __0 00000000000001 Wear Range Delta B5 __0 __0 __0 00000000000000 Program Fail Count B6 __0 __0 __0 00000000000000 Erase Fail Count BB 100 100 __0 00000000000000 Reported Uncorrectable Errors C2 128 129 __0 00007F00810080 Temperature C3 120 120 __0 0000000096E2A5 On‐the‐Fly ECC Uncorrectable Error Count C4 100 100 __3 00000000000000 Reallocation Event Count C9 120 120 __0 0000000096E2A5 Uncorrectable Soft Read Error Rate CC 120 120 __0 0000000096E2A5 Soft ECC Correction Rate E6 100 100 __0 01673400000064 Life Curve Status E7 100 100 _10 00000000000000 SSD Life Left E9 __0 __0 __0 00000000000400 Vendor Specific EA __0 __0 __0 000000000003E4 Vendor Specific F1 __0 __0 __0 000000000003E4 Lifetime Writes from Host F2 __0 __0 __0 00000000000546 Lifetime Reads from Host
  11. Have been running my server with mixed drives for 5 years now. since 2 years it consists of 6x1TB R5 + 6x2TB R5 chains on a Areca 1260 card. Never had a drive fail on me. Using desktop class drives in aSharkoon Rebel 12 Economy-Editon chassi. that I bought from back in 2008. Runs 24/7
  12. I'm back from the dead Now I'm looking for a kick ass HDD (not ssd) for game installations: size between 1,5Tb and 3Tb no SSD No raid (single disk setup) sound is not a factor S-ata interface money is no object All inputs appreciated!
  13. Sorry to wake up such an old thread... but it's worth mentioning that the 7k3000 and the 5k3000 drives are probably the last 512k sector drives available soon.
  14. nova28

    Silent 2,5" drive

    Thanks for the info guys. Does anyone have experience with the MP0402H Samsung 40GB?