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  1. cquinn

    ReadyBoost... ?

    A couple of notes: The current generation of Readyboost technology runs on FAT32 devices by default, so have a limit to the maximum size of the readyboost cache of 4GB. So buying a larger flash drive is not as much benefit as trying to find the fastest flash drive you can get under 4GB. Readyboost stores prefetch information that is also written to the hard drive as part of normal file operations, the boost it is supposed to provide is from the shorter access time gained in checking for prefetch information on the flash drive as opposed to having to access that folder on the system drive. It may also provide some functions helpful to paging and maintaining temporary files, but I have not seen concrete evidence of that.
  2. cquinn

    Is anyone excited about Vista?

    I guess I will provide the dissenting opinion; yes I am looking forward to Vista.
  3. The benefit would be similar to what adding second level cache to the motherboard did for computers in the early 1990s. It will act as a way to increase hit probability for the system caches overall. An added benefit will be to act as a file cache even before the OS disk caching comes into play, which can help system boot times. When the OS is up and running, this cache can be used as a prefetch buffer as well, which is most likely where the boost in app loading comes into play. There is a side link from the article you posted about Intels version of this technology, called Robson: http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,1697,1936636,00.asp , which goes into a little more detail about how this is supposed to work.
  4. cquinn

    Spinrite 6 maintenance ?

    I don't use it to check my drives that often, but the opening screen on Spinrite 6 is (partially) incorrect if that is what it says. Technically every level can be used for "data recovery" since the program will only try to recover a sector if it has a problem reading and re-writing the information on that sector during a scan. The higher levels however, attempt to do more with regard to refreshing the formatting on the drive as it goes along. The higher the level, the longer the initial scan will take. I think the assumption from GRC is that if you are trying to recover data from the drive, you want to "scan" the surface quickly to allow sprinrite to get to the problem sectors, but if you are stress testing or refreshing a drive, you can afford to take more time to go thru the full scan.
  5. cquinn

    Spinrite 6 maintenance ?

    Spinrite 6 is close enough to Spinrite 5 that you can use the older manual to get explanations for most of the functionality. That is the explanation you will get from GRC until they get around to providing documentation for SR 6. It depends on what you expect to be done while performing "maintenance" on your drive. If what you need is a quick scan of the drive to make sure no obvious problems are showing, then level 2 is the better choice. If you are looking for a bit of stress testing on the individual sectors as part of the scan, Level 3 or 4 are the more in-depth options. Keep in mind that if spinrite finds what it thinks is a problem reading or writing a drive sector, it will automatically bump itself up to a higher usage level. i.e. If you are checking the drive for problems, use level 2. If you are trying to repair the drive, or recover information from bad sectors, use level 4 or higher.
  6. cquinn

    SATA 1 and SATA 2

    SATA2 is to SATA1 as ATA133 is to ATA100. The drives on both will be (are designed to be) backward compatible; but you may not enable all the promised features of the standard by plugging it into an older interface.
  7. A Defrag should have no effect on the firmware of the drive. What data recovery tools have you tried? Did they recognize the drive?
  8. cquinn

    Games women play

    There are many reasons to be civil with her, the most important is that it will make it easier to maintain your composure when she tries to pull you into another arguement. Because if you are willing to argue, then you are also willing to reconcile. (You can accuse her of being a "typical" female for doing that, but you are acting like a "typical" male by playing along). You can chose to be nice to her too, but keep in mind that the nicest thing you can do for her is to let her establish her own identity without you. Keep reminding yourself that if she "sleeps" over again, then that 9 months goes back to ZERO as far as the relationship goes. (That is the way she will see it anyway). If you do decide on dinner again, set the date for after the New Year.
  9. cquinn

    Longhorn to be 64Bit only, no 32Bit

    NTFS (based in part on OS/2s HPFS) was in existence long before FAT32 came along. (Two years before the release of Windows 95, three to four years before the first version that used FAT32). The problem with the boot partitions was due to the real mode boot loaders not being able to see past cylinder 1024 due in part to limitations in the BIOS of older systems. Some NT systems started with FAT partitions because it was easier to manage other parts of the setup using third party tools and scripts that way. NT would convert FAT partitions to NTFS, no reformat was required, although some benefits could be gained by first partitioning the disk to NTFS. Starting with Windows 2000, microsoft includes a better tool (diskpart IIRC) than fdisk* that could both automate the process of partitioning and formatting a drive, and could give the user the choice of FAT, FAT32 or NTFS as a file system. Windows 2000 was also the first NT-based OS to support FAT32. If you start with an unformatted drive, or boot from the CD, you will see exactly the same prompts for drive setup that you see under Windows 2000. * no offense to those who still like FDISK
  10. cquinn

    Longhorn to be 64Bit only, no 32Bit

    How much of that is caching files? And how much is debug code?
  11. cquinn

    Defragging Raid 5

    Regular defragging will reduce stress on the drive overall, because as most of the files being accessed are already in order, the drive has to do less work in the long run for the majority of read/write operations. And I have seen from using the copy and clear method, that you can still end up with fragmented files even after that. "Copy back" does not always equate to "Copy contiguously".
  12. cquinn

    DMCA, now DRM, are we going too far?

    Umm, Umm... Atlantis?
  13. cquinn

    Michael Schiavo was right.

    Please read this: http://www.miami.edu/ethics2/schiavo/timeline.htm The same nurse whose testimony had to be thrown out for blatantly lying on the stand? Wrong, all it requires is a nervous system. Morphine is commonly used in cases like this to relieve involuntary responses from the lower limbic system. That part of the brain stem was still intact and functioning. But the higher brain functions like vision, self-awareness, the ability to percieve pain, etc... were no longer there. Terri was no longer there. See above, breathing, heartbeat and all the rest can be managed by lower nervous system functions that do not require sentience to continue to work. No he couldn't, the court decision was based on more than just his testimony. Many years after he had accepted that Terri was never going to recover. And after he had done the best that was medically possible to try to effect recovery. Because that would have gone against Terri's wishes. And screw her husband, and to hell with what Terri might have wanted, right? If she was not brain dead, then she would have been trapped in a body that could not see, could hardly sense, and could not respond to the world around her. That would have been a living hell for over 15 years. If you have followed this closely as you claim, then you know that there is no care money left, and hasn't been any for years. And any life insurance money to incur would go to pay the outstanding medical bills that have built up since.
  14. I have almost the exact motherboard and CPU that you have. I am running a Maxtor ATA drive as my boot device, with another Maxtor SATA drive as data storage. They run together just fine, you may want to check that your BIOS is up to date for the board though. You need to provide more information on the exact model that each drive is. I was going to recommend using the better performing drive as your system disk, and the other one as storage... but without knowing the exact models to check against the performance database its hard to give an accurate assessment
  15. cquinn

    Windows OEM licensing perversion

    Yeah, but thats Office, not Windows... different license. AFAIK, The license does no have to stay with the hardware it was purchased with. The greater restriction is that you are not supposed to sell (or resell) an OEM copy if you are not an OEM.