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    HP iLO 4 Review Discussion

    Just wanted to comment on HP's charge-for-BIOS policy - HP has been banned at work due to charging for simple firmware updates, and I know several places doing that as well. Also I see a lot more Supermicro, Quanta and Inspur coming to the datacenter. People dont want to pay top dollar for these things anymore.
  2. If you have a dirty, sewage infested feculent river flow into a pristine lake, you get a dirty lake and a dirty river. Maxtor IS poison, and it did bring Seagate way down. I hope they got rid of everyone responsible for Maxtor sucking.
  3. I own 1 of each of the following: WD3000BLFS WD3000HLFS WD3000GLFS These are the best hard drives I have ever see and I remember old giant maxtors, micropolis, conner, you name the hard drive, I've tried them. This is the best thing to happen to hard drives in hard drive history. Its amazing and worth every penny.