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  1. adriel~2

    Which mechanical drive as OS drive

    If it is combined OS/Programs, then a large Black. But better, is a Raptor OS, and a Black for Programs. I'm still running the original 36GB Raptor for my OS drive, 7 years so far.
  2. adriel~2

    Just bought my first house!!!

    My prediction from 5 years ago came true. Back then I wasn't as accomplished as I am today and didn't have much to loose. If anyone got hurt in the housing hit, I am truly sorry. Today I'm working on closing my first mortage in San Diego. I understand now the personal stakes in these issues and am more careful with my comments this time around.
  3. adriel~2

    Airborne Laser Missile Defense

    It's not just like a laser pointer. A laser weapon has much higher intensity, whatever the technical term is. Kind of like a plasma globe toy. Kind of neat, put your hands on the glass globe and watch the plasma. But a plasma cutting torch is like a focused bolt of lightning on a tiny point, cuts through steel.
  4. adriel~2

    How big is your waist?

    28 by tape measure. I can eat at a buffet all week and not gain any fat weight. But I get chilled very fast in cold water.
  5. adriel~2

    Seagate 7200.10 Review

    Due to the complexity involved in getting a good 7200.10, I could really use a boutique electronics shop right now. This type of shop would pre-screen hard drives for the correct firmware, correct country of origin, correct labeling, and correct acoustic behavior. Their stuff would cost more money, but to an end user such as myself, well worth the trouble of avoiding the lottery and RMA. I'm not sure how they would be able to remain in business assuming they deal with many rejects, but I can dream on. For example, I just purchased pairs of vacuum tubes that cost more to be "matched and balanced"--something like this, but for hard drives I'm thinking. I usually wait until hard drive technology capacity is double my current hard drive, yet density is enough to keep it on two platters. That to me signals a buy period, and that policy has kept me upgrading before hard drive failure later on. Right now my buy target is 320GB on two platters--this means 7200.10. Good enough to double my current capacity and keep two platters, and yet small enough to allow the likely 640GB on two platters in a few years time. I'm limited by small form factor PCs, meaning by default, one Raptor hard drive for OS, and one large capacity drive for everything else. Any hard drive unreliability would be a major setback... I do not have the fault tolerant modular options as most, with their quad-tuplet-SATA and PATA ports. Right now I've got my shaky trigger finger hovering over NewEgg's "ADD TO CART" button, full of doubt, apprehension, and unrealistic optimism. My eyes are squinting, my face is locked in a grimace, braced for the painful impact ahead. I tell myself to think logically using the facts available and make the best decision possible with calculated risk management, but my guts are still screwed up. I could really use a boutique electronics shop.
  6. The Shins (Chutes Too Narrow) Death Cab for Cutie (Transatlanticism) Beulah (Yoko)
  7. adriel~2

    Converting Wav files to MP3s

    You'd need to experiment with your drive and both softwares, trying various settings. If the faster methods consistently create identical .wav files compared to the slower and more secure methods, there's less reason to use the slower methods. Speaking for my own drive, its interaction with EAC is horrendously buggy. Burst and secure are equally likely to incorrectly copy a wrong sample or two, so in my case I choose burst whenever possible, and copy the track until I get a perfect rip (minimum is two rips per track, to use EAC's compare wav feature). Just one example of how you need to experiment for yourself on your own hardware.
  8. adriel~2

    Converting Wav files to MP3s

    Lame+RazorLame frontend if you want to have some fun.
  9. adriel~2

    Scholasticism/Existence of God Debate Rekindled

    The extent to which humans have "mucked" it up can be examined materially. Unless you can provide expert textual criticism here or are able to quote from expert sources discussing specific material examples, your statements here are generic and unhelpful. The first part of the following link is more helpful, but one must possess much more knowledge than that in order to be legitimate in suggesting generic claims such as yours. For example, if one does not possess a familiarity with the languages found on ancient biblical manuscripts, the effect that copying errors have on other languages containing other mechanics cannot be fully understood by that individual, and thus he cannot regard his own statements as trustworthy regarding the matter. 1. Read in the below link that "(3) an obvious scribal error is to be rejected even though well supported in the manuscripts". There is a method for dealing with inaccuracies and correcting them. If you have knowledge of specific and serious errors contained in the bible that cannot be corrected at this time, state so, cite examples, and demonstrate to us how it compromises the work and how it impacts various religions, if that is your thing. However, thinking that the whisper game Telephone is all that one needs to understand in order to dump on the accuracy of ancient texts is nonsensical; such an individual does not begin to comprehend oral or manual errors as they relate to the text much less espouse beliefs about an ancient text's accuracy of transmission or hold a position regarding the reliability of a modern day translation. Does this mean that a work which you believe is copied and translated accurately is not a guide then? You seem to be arguing that if a work is believed to contain errors, it is then automatically considered a "guide". I do not follow your logic... It is obvious that some parts of the Bible were written in guidance and as such can be called a "guide"; this much is apparent and stating so is unhelpful to the discussion. Notes: 1. author's credentials of the linked-to document: His paper came up in a quickie internet search... I didn't bother looking up more specialized folks.
  10. adriel~2

    modded soundcard for better sound

    I've had 4.7k ohm resistors between the opamp's negative power rail and its outputs for some time now, biasing it into class A operation. This was a significant sonic change, a change that I like so far. However, I'm looking into replacing the resistors with a JFET cascode configuration. I'm not sure if replacing the lowpass opamps with 2604s brought any sonic improvement. They looked like they were only applicable to the ADC section anyhow.
  11. adriel~2

    modded soundcard for better sound

    Piyono, they were $3.56 per piece from Digi-Key. The listening gear accompanying the SCD-CE775 and PC are: Omega TS2R speakers NAD 312 integrated amp Pure Silver Sound Integre' jumper cables some cheap Monster cables (Z100i and Z1) some cheap cd case shelves for stands
  12. adriel~2

    modded soundcard for better sound

    Yes, because modding an external D/A would be a lot easier than this small soundcard crap. However, as I said, "A good external DAC would help, but I decided to go cheap for now and just mod the soundcard directly". An external DAC would be $150 and up, and full mods for the DAC would be $100-$200. I'm not sure if it is worth that much for mere soundcard audio, but I am considering it.
  13. Hello. I've figured that as long as I use a computer for games and movies, I might as well bring its analog sound output quality closer to that of the cd player that is my music reference and A/B switching comparator. The soundcard modded today was the M-audio Audiophile 2496. Although it has some useful features such as S/PDIF i/o and ASIO for synths, its analog output quality has faults.* A good external DAC would help, but I decided to go cheap for now and just mod the soundcard directly. I installed the Burr-Brown OPA2604 as a compatible drop-in replacement for the JRC 5532 output buffer opamp. The other stock opamps are 5532s for input and low pass filters. The other mod I did involved switching out some caps for Black Gate N and PK types. I'm currently looking into OS-CON SPs for power filtering caps, and possibly bypassing the caps before the analog RCA output. The OPA2604 largely addressed the main sonic deficiencies, and although the soundcard is still not up to par with the cd player in terms of detail and some other sonic characteristics, I'm not complaining. I can recommend the OPA2604 as a replacement for the 5532 on this soundcard. *-smeared rather than focused sound; very apparent on centered vocals. Rather than being able to almost see the artist performing due to realistic sound, it was only apparent that the artist was singing, not performing. This smearing flattens the depth and detail of vocals. -almost no bass output; very easy to tell with bookshelf sized speakers -thin sounding, incorrect frequency balance The OPA2604 removed a majority of the smearing and fixed the thin frequency balance. cd player used as A/B switching comparator: modified Sony CE775 cd/sacd player
  14. -fast error skip with clonecd to get through the 10K or so bad sectors quicker, if the cd is protected as such -don't use AWS unless your burner needs it: -cd-rom drive letter problem? change your drive letters