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  1. I'd guess that the temperature difference might be different due to different drive models and types of models. From the PDF it appears that they used SATA & PATA drives between 5400-7200 RPM. I would guess that the 5400 RPM drives would run cooler but as less expensive drives with presumably cheaper parts they would also have higher failure rates.
  2. Now that looks to be almost my ideal case as it has tons of room for future growth. Only bad thing is only a handful of US websites sell it and none currently have it in stock ( says it's in stock but when added to the shopping cart it says "The quantity you requested is not available at this time"). I have a bad feeling about checking what the shipping cost would be to get that monster directly from Norway...
  3. Ah, no power supply and the power supply, just about the cost of the case itself at $419.99. Correct about no power supply, but the case is roomy enough to use any power supply you might want (or two power supplies to split up the power). For a 24/7 business server I'd definately buy the redundant power supplies but for a home fileserver you can probably live with being down for a day or two if the power supply dies.
  4. Right now I am seriously looking at buying the Chenbro RM41416-B. At around ~$450 for a 4U rack with 16 hot-swappable bays plus a couple extra bays for a DVD-RW and floppy it seems like a pretty good deal. The coolmaster stacker looks great choice if I decide to go with fewer drives though. My other thought is to just build my own drive rack. I'm not the handiest so I'm sure it would be super ugly, but I think that I could just go to the hardware store buy some cheap aluminum tubing, drill some screw holes every couple inches. Basically something along the lines of what this guy built ( ). Only bigger of course. The main thing is it would be cheap to expand. Just pop another 12-16 port RAID card in the computer and then construct another ugly tower or two of disks to plug into it. For a while I was looking at the NORCO DS-1220 for around $~750. While it has 12 Bays it seems that at least with the included card no more than 5 drives can be in a RAID set. Plus the speed doesn't seem that great (then again I don't need much speed for my usage.. but it would be nice). But it might interest somebody else.
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. I was already planning on getting a RAID card that supports a staggered spinup. I was hoping to use 400 GB drives as the price increase to 500 GB is still a bit steep. I was already looking at the biggest Lian Li cases. Thanks rsxdemon I had not seen those 5-in-3 enclosure before, assuming those don't get terribly hot those would be really handy. Also thanks to E.T. for pointing out that Seasonic power supply with 8 SATA power connectors. I don't mind having a few Y converters... but anything that can reduce that number a bit is great. All the advice on power supplies is great, it looks like my estimats may have been a bit high. I did dig up this 16 bay server case that I'm still waiting to here the price on (though I suspect it will be way out of my price range.... if money was no object I be snatching up that 32 bay super server case they have )
  6. I have outgrown a 1.5 TB fileserver and assorted enclosures so now I am looking to move to a larger fileserver in the 5 TB range that will hopefully cost between $2,000-$3,000. Speed is not a concern, the goal is large size with a resonable degree of reliability (RAID 5 with hot spare or RAID 6). I work with very large database servers so I am familar with the RAID controllers and drives I will need however I am having problems finding cases & power supplies that can hold & power 16+ SATA drives. 16+ drive server cases tend to be expensive rack mount setups targeted at business servers. Can anybody recommend any large cases that are under $300-$350 that will comfortable hold that many drives without any worries of overheating? Any DIY links to build my own drive racks? Also I have to find a power supply that can keep up with that many drives. My best guess is I will will need at least 600-650 watts. Most of the quality high wattage power supplies I find are aimed at users running multiple video cards in SLI setup... so I'm not sure if they are the ideal for this need. I'd like to find a solution that doesn't require having 12 extra SATA power adaptors and 6 or 8 extra power splitters along with a tangle of all the cables I won't need. Has anybody found some solid power supplies that work well with this many drives?