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  1. Judging by your problem description the motherboard seems to be the issue here, although you said you tried another Tyan MPX in the machine? It might be some kind of a problem with the chipset. When I've had these kind of issues after playing around long enough I stop wasting my time and exchange my hardware. In the long run you save money, since time is money.
  2. Well the Barracuda name once stood for great performance- derived from their SCSI Barracuda line. The Barracuda ATA I and II were performance-driven drives with very fast seeks and well worth the Barracuda name. However, since the ATA III they went down the drain with sluggish drives which impress no one. The only positive thing is that they are silent, but other manufacturers have also silent drives, which blow the ATA IV or V away in performance.
  3. FINALLY- IT'S ABOUT TIME !!!! Kudos to WD if they really bring one to market. We've been dreaming about this for over 4 years! Seems WD is in the frontline of ATA performance and innovation. They first brought the 8MB buffer, others followed later. Now they hopefully bring the first 10kRPM ATA drive to market- others will surely follow later. If this news is true, a new era in IDE/ATA drives is about to begin. Congratulations and thank you Western Digital.
  4. Two months wait is totally unreasonable under consumer law principles. I'm not sure where you live but at least in the EU you wouldn't have to live with that. You are primarily entitled to a (similar) replacement, and if that cannot be delivered in reasonable time (as is the case here), you are entitled to a refund of the drive's value. I had a similar situation, except I was offered an identical 30GB 75GXP, but since this was a replacement to a replacement I got tired and demanded a refund so that I can buy another brand drive. They refunded me 80 EUR. That's pretty decent- of course the refund depends which country you live in (Here in Finland HDD's are expensive, a X15-36LP (MK II) costs over 500USD 18GB and the III is not even available yet).
  5. Scaff is right. Drives manufactured before October '02 have 3 year warranty, so except for probably the 10GB drives your warranties should still be OK. Every manufacturer has bad drives. I've had bad experiences with Seagate and IBM, which is why I switched to Maxtor and WD now, which I previously never would have touched even with a ten-feet pole.
  6. At X-bit labs. See:
  7. 550kW will need some serious cooling and its own powerplant...
  8. ER

    I expected more :(

    Sisoft Sandra. Oh why do people use it like some benchmark bible???!!! Why?
  9. It's quite a comprehensive review and a good buyer's guide if you don't have time to wait for SR's tests. Included are the fastest drives right now: WD 2000JB WD 1800JB IBM Deskstar 180GXP Maxtor Diamondmax + 9 Maxtor shows its claws in transfer rate thanks to its 80GB platters.
  10. No reviews for over two weeks? Are there problems, Eugene? What reviews are coming up next? What about the Maxtor Diamondmax +8 40GB?
  11. A common error back in the MS-DOS -days was that i wrote DIR A: while I was in D:WINDOWS or C: or some other directory. When I wanted to delete the content of the floppy A:, I just wrote DEL *.*, but forgot that I wasn't in A:... Yes- you live, you learn.
  12. It's probably IBM's great Pixiedust technology which makes all their drives turn to dust, especially the 75GXP...
  13. Back in 1991 or 1992 I tried out Stacker (the disk compression software), which I used on my huge, shiny new Quantum 240MB Prodrive LPS -drive. I watched as the software churned and packed my files (about 150MB of data in the days when floppies was the best backup available). Well, after the program had finished and rebooted, there occurred an error so that it did not boot and the packed drive got corrupted. The result after booting from a rescue floppy was that I had one huge file on my C-drive, which contained all my data compressed. I never recovered the data- lucky I had a few floppy backups from important documents. I have never used any disk compression software since.
  14. ER

    Western Digital Or Maxtor?

    I have both the 8MB 80GB WD 800JB and the 8MB 80GB Maxtor Diamondmax + 9. They are both great drives. The WD is slightly faster and has a faster access time. The WD is also totally silent (seeks and idle), whereas the Maxtor is silent at idle but it has very faint muted rumble seeks, still very quiet and definitely not a problem, but if you want total silence and best performance, in my opinion the WD is the way to go. If you are on a really tight budget, compare the prices and take the cheaper one, since both are fast, excellent drives. No one can give you info about reliability since both are relatively new drives, but the WD is older and there are at least no big reliability issues with it. The Maxtor is certainly too new to tell anything.
  15. I don't think so. Look at the 60 and 120GB drives of the DM+9 family. They shurely have 60Gb platters and a STR of around 49MB/s max. It is very unlikely maxtor would get this up to 56 with just 67GB platters. 3 80GB platters and 5 heads fits perfectly to 200GB as well. And would fit to those speed. If the drive has only 55MB/s transfer rate, it must have 67GB platters, since my 40GB DM+8, which probably has 80GB platters had a transfer rate of little under 60MB/s. Someone reported 60,7MB/s- see my thread "DM+8 is faster than DM+9".
  16. ER

    How do we REALLY get Bad Sectors?

    They are a FEATURE of the 75GXP... damned drive.
  17. I second recommendation for a WD 800JB or then a Maxtor diamondmax +9 8MB cache, both are fast 8MB buffer 80GB IDE drives..
  18. ER

    Maxtor Fireball 3

    Why would anyone want a 5400RPM drive these days? They are dog slow, yet not even cheaper than 7200RPM drives (maybe some 2-5$ difference).
  19. I'm a lawyer. I have had a 30GB 75GXP and its replacement that started developing bad sectors (the first one had under 100k, the second over 1MB of bad sectors). After the second drive went bad, I requested that they give me a 60GXP or 120GXP or any other model besides 75GXP. Nope, they offered me a "Nov 02" manufactured 75GXP - exact replacement. I declined, since I have a right to do so under Finnish consumer laws. I may demand a replacement or a money refund. I exchanged for a Maxtor, and the IBM import company refunded me 80EUR for the drive. Not exceptionally much (here in Finland hard disk prices are way higher compared with the US and compared with many other European countries), but quite acceptable. I payed 100 EUR for a 40GB DiamondMax +8, which I then exchanged for a 8MB buffer 80GB Diamondmax +9. I recommend no one to accept the 75GXP as replacement to their failed 75GXP. I thought the failures were just some bad luck- people's rambling, but there really is a reliability issue with the series. I'm certainly not going to let IBM play guinea pig on me. No more IBM's in my computer for a while. I've at least been lucky enough that I didn't lose any data with the 75GXP.
  20. You'll have better access times and better STR for the 18GB portion of the 73GB if you compare it with 18GB of data on the 18GB drive, which would fill the whole drive and thus span the data across the whole drive, resulting in longer seeks and a bigger dip in STR.
  21. ER

    ive got a question about dvd burners

    Buy a Sony DRU-500A, and you'll have DVD+R/RW as well as DVD-R/RW, so you won't have to worry about the future and you can buy whatever disks are cheaper. I've had better compatibility with +R than -R, but I believe that's because +R -disks are generally of better quality, since they have to be 2.4X at minimum, wherease DVD-R can be 1x, which is VERY slow and disks can be of dubious quality.
  22. Hotmail is crap... no ideas however
  23. This is what I get from from WB99 with a 40Gb DM+8 (system is a KT400/8235 box and AAM is off): Disk transfer rate, beginning : 60600Kb/sec Disk transfer rate, end : 57300Kb/sec Access Time : 11ms CPU utilization : 3.06% So the 40Gb unit is a good bit faster. ## Doc The Beginning transfer rate seems similar to mine, maybe even a tad higher. However the End transfer rate as well as the access time indicate that you have not tested over the entire drive- you seem to have a smaller partition than the whole 40GB.
  24. ER

    MBF's first anniversary!

    MBF? Actually it's not long since the first anniversary of Storage Review (the new one- before it was supposed to shut down!).