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  1. I find that generlly the nightly build are quite good. I'm on a Thunderbird 0.6+ (nightly build) and found no reason to move to 0.7.
  2. Do you have a backup of your registry? The problems you describe sound like a registry corruption issue (which can be a result of the type or reinstall done - repair vs overwrite). If you have a backup of you OS (even as a zip file) you should be able to restore a lot of it.
  3. Xerces works very well and is quite easy to use.
  4. YK

    Sr Ut2004 Server

    I'll be ther! I don't get to play much, but it should be fun!
  5. Ghost has worked for me on Highpoint and Gigabyte raid controllers. Are you sure you read the descriptions accurately? The controller may use firmware and the CPU for raid functionality, and thus may be considered "software raid", but it is outside the OS which is a true "software raid". Ghost should still work. If you have a driver issue, whereby Ghost is unable to see your controller, Ghost 2003 provides the ability to build boot disks with additional drivers. I have not tried it myself, so I can't vouch for how well it works.
  6. I'm surprised at the negative views about Viewsonic. I have had a 21" Viewsonic (PF815) for 5 years now, and the picture is just as good. When I did have a small issue (the picture got out of sync, probably due to something I did with the video card changes ...) while still under warrently, they were very helpful and had a quick turnaround time (7 days including shipping time both ways). My father has a 17" Viewsonic (PF775) as does my father-in-law (PS775). Neither has had an issue in the 4 years they owned them. Overall, I've been impressed with the ease of contacting them (getting a real peron on the line) and their willingness to fix things if they can.
  7. I have had only good experience with LiteOn.
  8. YK

    Seagate To Lower Prices?

    Given the premium that WD charges for their Raptor line, I wonder how much they will lower their prices... I cn only hope enough to make me buy them!
  9. YK

    SR's D2OL Metacomputing Team

    I tried the link and was unable to load the page. I then noticed you are linking to an IP that is not visible from the internet (192.168.xxx.xxx). If you are running a local web server, you need to provide the IP assigned to you by your provider.
  10. YK

    Stable Computer

    A stable system is the result of careful planning and selection of components. I also wanted a stable system, and now I have one. I chose a good, solid, fast CPU (AMD Athlon XP 2500+), a good set of memory (2x512MB Kingston), and a good motherboard (Gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro2). I put it in a nice new case (Antec P160) with a good, quiet PSU (Seasonic Super Tornado 300w). I am running my OS, data, and apps on raid-1 (2xIBM 180GB 180GXP, hopefully to be replaced by 74GB Raptors when I can afford them). I Ghost my OS and important apps partitions (I have 2 apps partitions, the second for things like road atlas, medicine encyclopaedia, etc.) when things look good. The images (I keep 3 rolling versions) are stored on the raid-1 array itself (slows down the image process, but so what - it is only done once a month or and adds 1-2 minutes). This protects me from disk failure (raid-1) and software/virus corruption (ghost image). When I get the Raptiors I will make the 180GB drives into a raid-1 to store pictures and movies (which are currently on them anyway, but performance will be better when separated from apps and swao file). Based on what you wrote, you are probably better off getting a large PSU (400w-500w+) and a couple of independent drives in addition to raid-1. You can then let Windows manage the swap files (created one on each drive) to increase peformance. You may also choose to go with raid-10 - two raid-1 arrays striped in raid-0. This will provide both performance and redundancy and is much faster than raid-5 with only 33% additional cost.
  11. When I get my two 74GB Raptors (when the price drops a bit more) they will replace my 2 180GB IBM 180GXP in raid-1. I can't wait to have OS/data/apps of the Raptors and video/audio/games on the GXPs...
  12. YK

    Choosing A Case

    Not all cases are born the same. I just upgraded from an Antec SX830 (sort of a file-server case) with 2x80mm fans on the back to an Antec P160 (aluminum with a single 120mm fan in the back and sideways mounted drives). I also replaced the PSU from Antec's 330watt with two internal 80mm fans to a Seasonic 300watt with a single 120mm fan. The case is much quieter, the cable layout much better, and the air coming out the back is cooler than it was before. This is even after I overclocked my CPU from 1.925GHz (Athlon XP 2500+ @ 172x11) to 2.07GHz (180x11.5). I did this primarity to reduce noise and number of drives and access to them (SX830 has a 3 drive removeable cage, the P160 has 4 sideways mounted drives on rails). The added benefit was better heat flow, more efficient PSU (reduced cost of the long run), and a better constructed case. I just love it. The SX830 cost me $80+ 3 years ago. The P160 cost me $170 shipped a couple of weeks ago. I am very happy with the purchase. I just realized I need to change my sig!
  13. YK

    Burning From Ram

    Not unless your machine is so slow and busy that Nero can not get to access the drive to refill its buffer. Even if you burn at 48X (6MB/sec), Nero has 5+ seconds of data. If you want extra comfort, raise it to 64Mb or 80MB.
  14. YK

    Partitioning Of Hard Drives In Raid

    I have 3 physical partitions, but 13 partitions over all (11 logical partitions in the last physical one). The physical ones are for boot and data. The logical one is for OS, apps, games, backup images, pictures, video, etc. Help me stay organized and eaily backup/restore/manage my data. It also cuts does on disk maintenance (no point in having 10+GB video files moved around to align some INF file change in the /winnt directory!) and speeds up specific patitions (close to the begining of the disk) - the end of the drive easily handles video capture. I have been using this model for years and it works for me.
  15. If you are referring to raid-0 (striping), then I think there is very little use for it in desktop setups. The applications and situation that would benefit from it are extremely small. You are better off with independent drives configured properly to address the task at hand. The situation is very different in servers where striping is used across many disks (in conjunction with mirroring or parity) to increase performance. In my personal desktop I use raid-1 to protect against disk failure. I also regularly backup my OS, data, and important apps installations.