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  1. I put a 480 Gig SSD in my 4 year old HP Laptop (Replacing a 500 Gig HD. It was pretty easy really and I did gain a modest (Very Modest) performance bump. But I feel like reliability is enhanced.
  2. The Storage Review Reliability database indicates the 75 GXP is 9% more reliable than average, the 60 GXP is 10 % and the 120 GXP is an amazing 66% more reliable than average. I had one 60 GXP fail after five years and the other is at eight plus and still ticking
  3. I recently used Acronis True Image 11 Home to move my os, Vista U64 from a 500 IDE Seagate to a 500 Sata II Seagate. It seems to be a great program. You can downlaod it from NewEgg
  4. I use X64 exclusively on one computer and have for over a year, this OS has evolved with better drivers and so on. The system itself is based on Server 2003, I like it as a snappier, happier system, a major improvement is available in the form of this RC of SP2...what few reservations I had seems to have melted away .... If you use XP X64 you will want to download this IMO.
  5. You have to pay the shipping and as there is nothing wrong with the drive NE likely will charge a restocking fee (They will have to discount the returned drives as "Open Box") Then there is the time to do all that and sometimes NE says 'same item replacement only' No I would not think it worth the hassle, but your decision.
  6. PandaZ3

    Hard Drive Reliability

    I too think Seagate a good bet I have three failed WDs and four failed Maxtors (If you count a Quantum) I do have two IBM Deathstars approaching six years, so I would think Hitachi to be good too
  7. I have both, but in different computers (Samsung in a 754/Via chip set system and the WD in a 939/ Uli chip set system) too many variables to reasonably compare.
  8. Thanks all, I know I always obtain good advice here
  9. I did a search on the above topic line and scrolled thru 8 of 27 pages with out finding something. I was in a different forum and someone was having HHD trouble, after suggesting he try to root out his problems while in the "Safe mode" and using the system tools, he indicated he would like to do a reformat. I thought writing zeros to the drive was a more positive way of ensuring any virus would be gone. Others are insisting a simple format will work. Still others a full format. For some reason I thought a format only erased the old drive directory Will someone put me back on track?
  10. PandaZ3

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.8

    I don't think it's going to happen. Seagate removed AAM on purpose and I don't think that it's probable that such a "feature" is going to be turned on by third party tools. The question remains: why Seagate removed such a feature and why is trying to wipe out every trace of past achievements on that field. Just wondering... 204529[/snapback] 204558[/snapback]
  11. Sorry to be so ignorant, but I do have a +9, 80 Gig, 8 meg cache, drive. How are you folks changing settings and testing speeds? Is there tweaking one can do to a drive? I haven't thought past advertising hype on HHD's. Thanks :?
  12. I purchased a DM+9 at the Thanksgiving sale at CompUSA (Pricing fluke they had placed WD 800JB's on sale sign with no model info just "80 Gig, 7200 RPM , 8 Meg Cache, $99" or pretty close to those words. Naturally most would select newer technology, other things being equal, and I grabbed the Maxtor. The checkout price was different and short story long I got the Maxtor for $10 more than the JB, I thought it would be worth it so I went along.) I installed the DM+9 and I am very happy. It moved a IBM GXP 60 40Gig drive to another computer. I am happy with this Maxtor! My IBM's were very good to me, but the Maxtor was a step up. Fast and quiet.