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  1. After buing a new S-ATA disk and running some becnhmarks I though it was slow, and also I had stuttering problem during disk access, and I started to look for a newer Promise FastTrak 376 driver for my P4PE. The results are shocking. The Asus recommended driver seems to be "capped" in some way, never getting more than 14MB/sec all the way across the disk (SiSoft Sandra showed a 100% flat graph for it). With the newer drivers the speed was much higher and decreased as the test moved closer to the end of the disk - just as all other disks. Also Windows and programs load faster, so it is a real difference: Driver v. File read Disk read XP start HL2 & comment max-min / seek avg / seek bootmenu load MB/sec / ms MB/sec / ms to login level 14-14 / 12 15 / 16 25 sec 57.9 sec P4PE downl 41-37 / 8 48 / 15 ------ 43.9 sec Asus FAQ WHQL 56-39 / 12 68 / 14 16 sec 43.8 sec Google :-) 56-39 / 12 68 / 14 16 sec 43.5 sec Google :-)
  2. Lars-Erik

    Samsung SpinPoint P120

    Grrr.. It's always somthing. Finally I find a test-winner that is supposed to be nice and quiet, and then they manage to mess that up on the later models... Do you have some nice alternatives to this P120 250GB (I have a smaller Hitachi Deskstar to day, but it suddenly got lots of bad sectors right after I bought it so I'm not going to buy from them again either). I'd like a solid (long lasting), quiet 250GB drive. Speed is not main issue.
  3. I have a new Samsung P120 HDD and I think it's vibrating a lot. I made the original post at so please read it there...
  4. Lars-Erik

    Samsung SpinPoint P120

    I got my Samsung P120 250GB drive yesterday. And what chocked me was the vibrations! I have it in a external enclosure and when it's on the stand (with rubber feet) my whole desk still vibrates. If I just put the disk on the desk it lies there and "jumps" and the noice is terrible. Is this normal? None of my current and earlier disks vibrates at all when I rest my hand on them. Some source sayd that Samsung use two differant motor manufaturers and that one vibrates. Do you have any more info? What should I look for? Should I try RMAing the drive, or? PS! In adition to be annoying, will the vibration damage the drive over time (and what about other things in my PC case when I fit it there, I guess everything will vibrate - haven't tried mounting it internally yet though)?