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  1. I bought a Samsung 830 120GB. But I'm still onvinved that the raid solution would have given slightly more theoretical performance due to more iops. But I would never have noticed it, so I went with a single reliable drive instead.
  2. According to the specs the write speed isnt that bad on the Force 3 60GB 550 MB/s sequential read 490 MB/s sequential write Max Random 4k Write (using IOMeter 08): 80k IOPS And I'm still limited to sata2 ~ 200 - 250 MBps. Are you really sure that two of these drivers wont be fast enough to justify raid?
  3. Will I see a performance gain using 2x60GB Corsair Force 3A vs 1x128GB SSD. The 128GB SSDs could be either of these: Corsair Force 3 Crucial m4 Samsung 830 OCZ Octane 128GB. SATA2 will limit the one drive sequential performance, but I will have TRIM using one drive. Using raid0 will gain me more seq and iops, but I will loose TRIM. What do you think I should choose? General system is i7 920 3.0Ghz 18GB ram.
  4. Well that does it, Vertex 3 is really the drive to have now days:)
  5. Ekke

    OCZ Vertex ssd launched!

    The problem today with ssd's is that they max out the sata controllers and the southbridge. And you really notice if a motherboard has a subpar southbridge and controller ...
  6. Ekke

    OCZ Vertex ssd launched!

    http://www.cdfreaks.com/reviews/OCZ-Techno...p-features.html cdfreaks review is really positive I just hope that the price will drop even further ....
  7. Ekke

    It's that time again

    Regarding SSD you have to options today OCZ Vertex and Intels x25, vertex beeing the new product with better write performance and cheaper in general.
  8. Ekke

    It's that time again

    For performance I would recommend the upcomming vertex drives, released next week. But a slower ssd could be better since 4 vertex discs will probably overload the controllercard. Even Intels 1.2Ghz IOps has a hard time keeping up with lots of ssds. I recommend visisting http://www.ocztechnologyforum.com/forum/fo...splay.php?f=186 And talk to the persons with experience running 4- 8 ssds on different raidcontrollers. I would also recommend i7 (nahelem) based Xeons as the are currently better then the opterons out there.
  9. Well, use zfs if you are worried about data corruption! Best filesystem out there to date.
  10. After the drives were recalled they have, thanks to the community!, decided on the new firmware. So we will soon see the drives in store now. Some preliminary benches from cdfreaks upcomming review can be found in the thread below. "Now the Vertex. No tweaks other than the partition aligned to 64K Verdict: It just doesn't get any better than this for a system drive. Some of the loading times of applications can't be measured by a human with a stopwatch. They are instant, such as Internet Explorer, MS Word, Adobe Fireworks CS. Installing applications is much faster on a single Vertex than it is on the Core V2 RAID and Apex RAID. For more, see my full review when it's published on cdfreaks.com. [hint] My review will contain benchmarks, but more of it will be focused on "real world" use. " http://www.ocztechnologyforum.com/forum/sh...p;postcount=221 Looks like we finally have a "cheap" ssd that perform well!
  11. Well, SR isn't what it used to be
  12. Ekke

    Samsung F series?!

    Woohoo nice! So they announce 6 mos in advance what about ncq performance? is it as good as 7200.11 ?
  13. When will we see Seagates TB drives in store? Just now Hitachis are becomming avaible...
  14. Ekke

    Fourth-generation Raptor?

    the new sata drives might have as fast str as the raptor due to the data density, but not as low seek ... with higher datadensity the raptor will get higher str again ...
  15. Ekke

    Seagate 7200.10 Review

    so 7200.10 sucks ?