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    FS: IBM 60GXP 7200RPM 61.5GB HDD

    I am inclined to agree that you'd have to be a real fool to buy a harddisk of "a bloke" for the same price that you could get it from an actual computer retailer - who gives a stinker if it's $10 more in shipping, at least you know for sure that some inept fool hasn't mishandled them or run ithem in his PC at 70C for the last two months.
  2. I have to be honest and say that I hope to God that VIA don't attempt to make a dual Athlon chipset - they have had plenty of trouble getting a single chipset out of the door that works right. The biggest argument against the Athlon platform in any serious application is the core chipsets that you have to use. Just look at the recent major issues with VIA chipsets - incompatibilities with the most popular sound card in the market that cause data corruption (a pretty damned serious bug, let's be honest), VERY sub-par PCI performance that they only bothered to fix when the world at large found out about it, the power saving problem with the bastardized AMD760 and 686B motherboards, and doubtless others that escape me now. Aside from a few (albeit major) slip ups with the i820 chipset Intel's products are FAR more stable than anything on the Athlon side of things except for the 760MP. Hopefully SiS will be able to make a better go of it that VIA, but I can't help thinking that as long as AMD is reliant upon that pair of jokers it's never going to break the corporate IT market, which is where the real money is at.
  3. While not as hot as my old 36GB Quantum Atlas 10K (it's hard to be cool with 12 platters and 24 heads!) both the Atlas 10KIII and the X15 get more than a bit warm outside of a cooler. In the X15's favour it doesn't get much if any hotter than the Atlas, but I wouldn't run either without active cooling and put any data I gave a damn about on them! Also remember that these drives record the maximum temperatures they've ever been subjected to which could be a factor in any RMA...
  4. The Quantum Bigfoot. No real doubt about it. The Bigfoots are the best. What it comes down to, in the end, is temperature. Nothing beats a Bigfoot. Stack your system up with Quantum Bigfoots and you'll never look back (or is that use it again....)
  5. Hi. I have both a Quantum Atlas 10K III 18 GB and a Seagate X15-36LP, and have found that when swapping between the two as my primary OS/Apps drive the Cheetah is noticeably quicker and more responsive. Not night and day like going from a crap old 5400RPM IDE drive to a decent 7200RPM, but certainly a noticeable speed up.
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    Can one single hard drive be RAIDed ????

    Well God help all the Mac users. Does he save money in SMP systems by having one CPU and just swapping it from one socket to the other when the system needs the 2nd CPU?