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  1. Hi. I've had this problem a couple of times - try muting the CD Audio in the mixer. In my case this worked, and I assume it was caused by the unshielded and rather crappy analogue CD-Audio cable picking up noise inside the case. Worth a try, and a cheap fix if it works. You can set your drives to use digital extraction to play audio CDs if they support it, and still be able to play CDs with the crappy cable removed. Cheers, Dave
  2. davidedney123

    And The Giver's Proffessorial Bigotry Award goes to...

    So many liberals are so understanding and supportive of people expressing their opinions and having their own beliefs, but only so long as their beliefs are those of the liberal themselves. You see a lot of this sort of behaviour in student protests, and the hypocrisy of it is stunning. Dave
  3. davidedney123

    A SCSI Tale

    Assuming you already have oodles of RAM and the fastest CPUs currently available on the market then you have no choice but another CPU to increase performance! It is foolish to get a dual system if you're going to have to cut back on the essentials like RAM or speedy harddisks to do it, but if you don't then it does give you a really healthy increase in responsiveness when you're into heavy multitasking. Also, if the work you are doing with the machine benefits from SMP then you can get really phat speed increases. If you're thinking about going for SMP on a tight budget then I'm inclined to agree that your money is better spent on other system components - I have found that duallies need a great deal of RAM to shine. As for the point about multiple monitors - I couldn't agree more. Dave
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    A SCSI Tale

    As I said, if you really screw the nuts off your system you will see more than a slight increase in speed, even with 1GB of RAM. It really is only under heavy use that 10 and 15k drives start to show their true worth. Personally I found the increase in system responsiveness to be most gratifying, and will not willingly go back to a system with consumer level drives (or a single cpu). Go torment the beast, and feel really good about your investment. Dave
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    A SCSI Tale

    If you thrash the nuts off your system you'll see where your money went with the SCSI equipment. In general light desktop use the differences are negligible, especially when the cost is considered. Dave
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    Hard Drive and Mouse Cause Speaker Noise

    I did have one machine that seemed to be picking the interference up through the CD-Audio cable. Muting CD Audio or removing the cable made it go away. Dave
  7. To lower warranties on SCSI drives would be criminal, considering the huge profit margins that those devices must carry. A 72GB 15K drive is about £600 wheras an 80GB IDE drive is about £80, and there is NO WAY that the SCSI drive cost that much more to build. However, I would imagine that most SCSI drives are sold in servers that are covered by the server manufacturers warranty, which is almost always a maintenance contract anyway. Dave
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    SafeBuy: Eugene’s getting too generous

    I think (and this ties in with the new poll) that neither Davin nor Eugene is either right nor wrong. It's hard to call any modern drive anything other than a safe buy as they all perform within a few percentage of each other and often swap positions in different benchmarks, making the safe buy title close to meaningless. Perhaps there should instead be two awards, one for drives that really mop the floor with everything else on the market (and let's be fair the 75GXP did give it's contemporaries a kick in the nuts performance wise, which is why so many of us bought them and are now pissed off) and another for drives that really lower the bar in performance, such as the Quantum LCT range or the Bigfoot or drives of that type. So to conclude, neither is right because virtually every drive released is a Safe Buy,so should be awarded such a title if it exists. The fault is with the title itself rather than the person awarding it. As for Safe Buy relating to reliability I believe that comes from a misinterpretation of what "Safe Buy" means. To wait until usefull reliability figures come in for a drive before making a decision on wether or not to buy it would be incredibly stupid, as by then they would be a generation behind and impossible to source. Dave
  9. Tannin - I couldn't agree more. I was reading through some of the old articles on THG and some of them really were quite good (although I'm afraid to say that the ones written by Tom were a bit on the lame side), but their recent stuff has been on a par with the technically innacurate crap that you read in most PC magazies. Up until this point I did not believe that they were paid by manufacturers for their appraisal of products (or in this case, actions), but unless there is some other explanation for this hopeless PR wank that they have published I am forced to conclude that they are corrupt as well as technically incompetent. Sadly a lot of people who are moderately tech savvy think that Tom's is the best (or indeed only) hardware website out there. At least they haven't stooped to the extreme levels of bias and incompetence that Van Smith seems to have done. Dave
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    The best use of a 3.5" slot

    I'd say go with a tape drive, 'cept they're all double height 3.5". A lot of people seem to think that tape drives are a thing of the past, but being able to put 160GB (320GB compressed) on a single piece of reliable media is great. Tapes are nice and cheap, and you can abuse the hell out of them and not loose data. The only other real solution to large backups of critical data is to copy it nightly onto a remote machine, requiring you pay for both the remote system and the bandwidth used in the transfer. Another problem with the typical home users idea of "just use another harddisk" is that you need to swap the media every day, and harddisks and their connectors don't like that too much... Sticking a tape in a drive every night before you go home is still to be beaten. I'd have to agree that I'd rather gnaw off my own scrotum than own a zip drive - it's from the same school as ISDN - "pay more for less". Dave
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    Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2

    I thought that the original Audigy was a pretty unspectacular product - all they seem to be doing with the Audigy 2 is adding features that really ought to have been in the original product, bit like Coppermine PIII being the "real" PIII and Katmai just being a pair of pants. As for the point about Creative's drivers I couldn't agree more - if any system has weird problems and a creative card in it then the problem is never hard to solve
  12. davidedney123

    Nikimi Drives

    I wondered about these when they turned up on Dabs - they are a bit cheaper, but they will be older generation drives and they are all remanfucatured. For the sake of the £10 involved I'll go for the performance and safety of my data anytime! Dave
  13. davidedney123

    Is it only me, or the WD 80JB kicks ass?

    I find it such an interesting parallel to "real life" situations that I so often find myself in that Tannin makes his point and backs it up with logical, well discussed and thorough evidence and other people counter that point with "I'm right - I'm always right, just prove me wrong!". It's very hard to prove people wrong (to them at least) when there minds are so closed. My first (and only up to this point!) statement was that I feel that harddisk benchmarks in general do not seem to reflect the differences in performance displayed by various models of drive in "real world" usage - Tannin clearly spent a lot of time to prove that point, and all I've heard to counter it is "you're a dick, the 800JB r00lz y0 a55" sort of replies. Nobody has at any point in this thread said that the 800JB is not the best ATA drive available at this time, and thus offers the vast majority of users (as in the mass-market) the best performance they will find for an amount that they are willing to stretch to, so why are a couple of posters getting their panties in a twist over something that nobody has actually said? Back to the point. 15k and 10k RPM harddisks are much quicker at any really heavy stuff that you may ask them to do, but this does not seem to be reflected in any benchamrks - what is wrong with the testing methodology to cause this? I don't give a stinker that "my momma can't afford that SCSI stuff for her system, so it's crap", and neither do I give a rats ass that you think the 800JB is the mutts nutts - I was after an intelligent discussion of the state of harddisk benchmarking, and I would like to personally thank Tannin for his excellent and well argued post. You can all go back to bickering now - next time I'm curious about something and want advice from someone who is technically competent I'll just PM Tannin! Dave
  14. I'd be really pissed off to get more spam and then delete it. I could really easily double the speed of my PC, but I'm just too damned skint! Dave
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    Why do my drives spin up when I open IE ?

    It spins up any CD-ROM drives that still have disks in them too - there are not words to say how much that pisses me off. Dave
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    Using CDR/RW drives as cd reader -> bad idea?

    I think he must have meant the focussing mechanism, although that's non contact too, so shouldn't really wear out anytime soon. I suppose the little electromagnet coils could die, or the LED "laser" could die. It's more likely that the spindle motor or the sled motor and assembly could die. Who cares anyway - it'll still last long enough and they're damned cheap anyway.
  17. davidedney123

    Is it only me, or the WD 80JB kicks ass?

    The one thing that really makes me question the benchmarking techniques that SR uses is the relative performance of 10k & 15k SCSI and ATA drives - on paper in looks like the difference between them for desktop usage is small, but even using the system quite lightly shows the SCSI based setup to be far more responsive. I know that "how it feels" is not an objective measurement, but I can't help but think that the benchmark scores (and these are just about all the harddisk benchmark results I've seen) are misrepresentative of the drives impact on system performance. Or am I just talking out of my arse? Dave
  18. davidedney123

    Using CDR/RW drives as cd reader -> bad idea?

    Also consider that CD-RW drives often have higher seek times than a decent CD-ROM drive, so might not be so quick. Back when CD-R drives were £600 it made very good sense to only use it as a burner, because they tended to die fast and cost a lot to replace, but now they're only £50 and last a lot longer who gives a monkeys? Dave
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    Is it only me, or the WD 80JB kicks ass?

    I will only be truly impressed with a new ATA drive when they make some improvements over the current crops sluggish seek times. Dave
  20. Tannin - I do see your point, and agree that no benchmark will ever be perfect, but you do have to consider (specifcally with your point about fragmentation) that these benchamrks must be controlled and repeatable, otherwise they'll be no better than those produced my www.31337overclockingkidinhisshed.com Dave
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    I hate whining.

    If you think an X15 is a whining sod you really should try a 36LZX. The only thing in my life that whines more than that is my girlfriend...
  22. davidedney123

    What would you recommend?

    I would recommend that you do your own damned work and read at least the leaderboard on this site, and preferably the reviews.
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    Adaptec WinXP RC1 drivers

    Hi I just noticed that the RC1 version of the Adaptec U160 WinXP drivers are out - anybody dared to try them yet? I passed on the beta drivers, but if these are a proper release candidate then I might do. http://www.adaptec.com/worldwide/support/d...nxp_drv_rc1.exe Cheers, Dave
  24. davidedney123

    Quiet 10 rpm SCSI disk

    The 36LZX really does make a very horrible noise at idle - far more so than any of it's contemporaries, let alone one of the current generation of drives. I've actually taken mine out of the system because I don't need the space enough to have to put up with that damned whine. Dave
  25. Hysterical rubbish? A bug that corrupts large file transfers using the built in IDE interface if there is one of the most popular soundcards in the world built into your system? Screwing up your PCI implementation so that it goes a good 15% slower than anybody elses? Releasing drivers that completely hose people's systems? Releasing products before they're ready, so having to launch a new one within 2 months (KTwhatever and it's A derivative)? Face it - VIA are a pretty stinker company really. For anything other than a home system people are very wary of trusting them, and with good reason. I don't deny that they are a LOT better than they used to be, but it's going to take a good track record of reliability before people trust their systems as much as ones based on Intel Chipsets (and especially Intel boards). To my eyes VIA project an image of a cowboy company - both their attitude to intellectual property and their own products and support are decidedly John Wayne. Dave