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    Saddam.... pack your bags it's time to go.

    Yeah, I'm sorry but when I tried hugging trees the bark was too rough, and when I tried loving all my fellow Europeans I kept having to pull knives out of my back. That cocksucker Charles De Gaulle was the first, and they haven't stopped since. I think Sir Humphrey said it best in Yes Minister. Jim Hacker: "Europe is a community of nations, dedicated towards one goal." Sir Humphrey: "Oh, ha ha ha." Jim Hacker: "May we share the joke, Humphrey?" Sir Humphrey: "Oh Minister, let's look at this objectively. It's a game played for national interests, it always was. Why do you suppose we went into it?" Jim Hacker: "To strengthen the brotherhood of Free Western nations." Sir Humphrey: "Oh really. We went in to screw the French by splitting them off from the Germans." Jim Hacker: "So why did the French go into it then?" Sir Humphrey: "Well, to protect their inefficient farmers from commercial competition." Jim Hacker: "That certainly doesn't apply to the Germans." Sir Humphrey: "No no, they went in to cleanse themselves of genocide and apply for readmission to the human race." Jim Hacker: "I never heard such appalling cynicism. At least the small nations didn't go into it for selfish reasons." Sir Humphrey: "Oh really? Luxembourg is in it for the perks; the capital of the EEC, all that foreign money pouring in." Jim Hacker: "Very sensible central location." Sir Humphrey: "With the administration in Brussels and the Parliament in Strasbourg? Minister, it's like having the House of Commons in Swindon and the Civil Service in Kettering." Dave
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    Boycott Hollywood, France, and Germany

    The exact motivation is open to debate, but the point still stands that we didn't finish Saddam Hussein and his administration off back then because half of the coalition didn't want to. It sure would have saved a lot of suffering and even more money if we had though. Dave
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    Saddam.... pack your bags it's time to go.

    The best way to describe a partnership with the US is as follows. It is very much easier to be inside the train pissing out than it is to be outside the train pissing in. The same goes for UK relations with the EC, but it just so happens that in this case our ties with the US are far more valuable that they are with the French. Damn we'll miss having our lorry drivers lynched and their cargos burned by French farmers desperate to protect their pathetic and inefficient industry if France were ever to stop trading with us. For a country as small as the UK strategic partnerships (sucking the right cocks) is critical unless we are also to be relegated to insignificance, and to be honest I think Tony has picked the right one... Dave
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    Cold War II - The USA vs. The EU

    What a load of bollocks. The US and EU need each other for trade and suchlike. In 10 years or so NATO is going to need dusting off to deal with China, and the men who truly run our countries (not the idiots we vote for) know this and will not let us drift apart. In the modern world we need each other almost as much as we did in 1941 to survive and maintain our dominance. The idea of isolationism was bullshit in the first half of the 20th century, and is even more so now. We'll all have another big red monster to fight soon, and that'll bring us all together Dave
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    Saddam.... pack your bags it's time to go.

    While I remember, those guys aren't called Terrorists any more, they are called "Israel" or perhaps "Freedom Fighters". They won their battle, so get the title. Dave
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    Saddam.... pack your bags it's time to go.

    We've had a couple of minor losses in the last couple of hundred years, but nothing really major. The fact is that the UK doesn't wank itself off to the fantasy that it is still a superpower, like France does, and we have come to the realisation that we are too small to have a large conventional army so focus on special forces instead. Neither do we live with the blind illusion that we can stand alone economically. France has long become irrelevant to international affairs due to it's refusal to accept it's limitations - the only power and influence they have in the modern world is their veto in the UN Security council, which they have used in a greedy and clawing manner far too many times. Dave
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    Boycott Hollywood, France, and Germany

    The NATO forces would very much have liked to dispose of Saddam Hussein first time around, but the force that liberated Kuwait was a coalition of NATO and Middle Eastern countired with a mandate only to liberate Kuwait. Continuing into Iraq and causing more civillian deaths would have caused the support of the Middle Eastern countries to dissapear, and without that we would have had no base from which to operate out forces. Basically our Middle Eastern allies wanted Kuwait free but weren't willing to risk a bloodbath by continuing into Iraq, and without them we could not do it. Dave
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    Saddam.... pack your bags it's time to go.

    No, just a comment on the competence of the French when it comes to military affairs. How long did it take the Germans to march from one end to the other? About as long as it took for the troops to walk it, I belive. In fact judging by their previous conduct I wouldn't be suprised if French troops would hand over control of any Kurdish towns that the allies captured so that the Iraqis could slaughter them, to save their own sorry hides. I truly believe that any military endeavour anywhere stands a far better chance of success without the cowardly french. Dave
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    Iraqi involvement in Terrorist attacks

    I'll have you know we've had peace (more or less) there for 5 years now, and it only took us about 200 years too! Maybe that is more a lesson about the persistence of terror groups, and the difficulties of combating them than it is about British governement incompetence though. Dave
  10. davidedney123

    What Happened To JEHH

    I think if Saddam does attack Israel this time they will almost certainly respond with deadly force - Baghdad would be a sea of molten slag within a week. I hope for the sake of the people of Iraq that Saddam leaves Israel well alone, as I do not think the people or government there will have the patience to tolerate his Scud attacks as they did last time. Something like that would destabilise that region so badly it doesn't bear thinking about. Dave
  11. davidedney123

    Saddam.... pack your bags it's time to go.

    What do you expect? The bulk of the Iraqi army is made up of conscripts, who probably don't give a damn for the current Iraqi regime, and certainly don't want to die to defend it. They will almost certainly surrender en-mass, with only the elite elements of their army trying to fight. Hopefully this lack of popular support for Saddams regime will lead to a quick and relatively painless process of removing him from power. Maybe it's best the French aren't sending troops - the Iraqi conscripts would know they stand a chance of beating them, and then might not surrender Dave
  12. davidedney123

    Iraqi involvement in Terrorist attacks

    The only link that the US has so far found between anti US terrorists and Iraq is that they both have the letter "i" in them. Of course they support the activities of the Palestinian terrorists - I think you would find that privately or otherwise most Arab governments do, as they see the Israelis as an "army of occupation". The Arab world makes no secret of it's hatred of Israel, and vice-versa but this is of no consequence to what is happening in Iraq. The comment about the current US administrations popularity increasing after the inevitably succesful war are probably correct, and far more of a real motivating factor that the invisible terrorists that we are all being whipped into a frenzy over. That said, whatever the reasons we are going in, Saddam is a dick and I believe the Iraqi people will be glad to be rid of him - at the very least it will make no difference in their day to day lives, and most likely it will lead to a substantial improvement in their quality of life once the sanctions have been lifted and trade can resume. Dave
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    Pentium Pro - what can it be used for?

    I have a system almost exactly like that with an Intel board that is serving as a useful workhorse for someone to this very day - not many P200MMXs can say that. I still toy with the idea of buying a dual PPro machine off Ebay for £50 and playing with it. Dave
  14. Well if MS are still following their old routine of innovation stealing we'll see it soon enough. Tabbed browsing is great, and when you think of how big MS is and how little real innovation we have seen in IE it's pathetic. Dave
  15. davidedney123

    Pentium Pro - what can it be used for?

    This thread has changed my life - I can now come out of the closet now that I'm know I'm not the only one with a secret fetish for the good old PPro. Up to 1MB of full speed L2 cache when the rest of the world was using mangy old pentium classics with L2 cache at 66Mhz. THey have the added bonus of being able to replace a roof tile if one blows off in the night! There is an old editorial on Ars Technica that says it all: http://www.arstechnica.com/cpu/ppro_editorial.html Dave
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    Western Digital Raptor Preview

    OK, now the IDE boys have got up to 10k RPM I think it's time for the SCSI men to get something more exciting that 15k Seriously though, the reliability, sound and heat levels of current 15k drives are really impressive - a 20k drive could surely be no more hot and noisy that 1st generation 10k units? I suppose the performance delta for 15 to 20k is not large enough to justify the effort just now, but I just want something exciting to covet. Dave
  17. davidedney123

    Pirated Games

    I wrote this on the 2nd day I was playing it, and after the 3rd I had finished the missions. I will agree with what the other bloke said about you being the hardest man in the galaxy after than, and when I befriended the Corsairs and bought their ship (hardest in the game) and hoovered up all the level 10 weapons you can find in abandoned ships I was stupidly hard. I can't find any more reason to play it now, as there is no more story, I have explored all the systems and have bought all the coolest stuff. 5 days solid playing from that one until I'd done everything there was to do. Considering what was promised I find this game a bit lacking now, it's not truly open ended enough to stand alone as such, and there isn't enough of a story. I actually have a list of criticisms as long as my arm now! Why do pussy little outcasts attack what is officially the "Hardest Ship in the Galazy" when a single shot kills them? That should be sorted. Also, why is it that you can slaughter all of the pirates and assorted scum but there are still infinite numbers of them all over the place? I would like it if your actions against various groups in the sub-missions or otherwise actually affected the balance of power. While I'm on the subject of the sub-missions, they are crap. Same thing over and over and over and over again. Go to space, shoot some stuff. Why not some variety, like patrol or escort duty? Hell in 4 years you would have thought they would have come up with something! All in all, after several days of skiving things to play this game I can say that after showing initial promise it becomes an above average space shoot-em-up, nothing more. It's no Elite, I'm afraid. Dave
  18. Hi I've found that Plextors recent drives are no better than those from any other reputable manufacturer. The days of them making really robust tank like drives with a technical edge on the competition are gone, and their current IDE models feel just as flimsy as any other current CD-RW drive. I wouldn't be inclined to buy on the Plextor name nowadays, although I would have been 4 or even 3 years ago. Get whichever has the best performance and features for your needs at the price that's right. Maybe the new Plextor SCSI drive is actually built like a real Plextor? Should be for £180 for a rather weak 40x12x40x Dave
  19. davidedney123

    Can ATA RAID and SCSI Play together?

    Hi I've been reluctantly forced to use a HPT370 based IDE controller along with an Adaptec 29160 in a system before to stuff more (CHEAP) drives in it, and they got along just fine. POST times were a ball breaker though. In fact, I've done it in a couple of systems with onboard RAID controllers and never had a problem. Not used SCSI along with IDE RAID, but I can't see that it will make any difference as the controller is the same. Dave
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    Really really really horrible SCSI performance

    Hi What slot in your Tiger is the card sitting in? The MPX chipset has some issues with high bandwidth devices on the 32/33 bus. If it'll go into one of the 64/66 slots put it in there, even if it's 33MHz. Dave
  21. davidedney123

    access time => seek time ?

    I thought the "looks like maxtor is gay" line was the most eloquent In this modern world we're not meant to say things like that, but you're right, it does look like they're gay. Fiddling the numbers, the rotten sods. Dave
  22. davidedney123

    C & C Generals

    Now I'm not someone who offends at all easily, and find all the usual jokes about various nationalities as funny as everyone does (secretly or otherwise), but I must say that I truly and honestly found the way Arabs (and don't give me any stinker about how they were meant to be terrorists and I just associated that with Arabs, just listen to the pathetic accents) were potrayed in that game was extremely offensive. I enjoyed playing the game, but that really has soured my impression of it. Here in the west we really think we're clever, looking at people in the middle east buying into their leaders pathetic and transparent propoganda without question, but when you see trash like this it really makes you realise that we are just as much victims of propganda, but it is usually slightly more subtle. Or am I mistaken, and is this truly how the majority of Americans view Arabs? I have never, ever felt moved to complain about anything of this nature before, but I thought this was absolutely sodding awful. Cheers for listening to my rant, Dave
  23. davidedney123

    Preliminary Atlas 15k Results

    Competition is always good - now there are three real players in the 15k field, and IBM releasing things every two years or so to give us all a good laugh. I am impressed with the Atlas for a first attempt at 15k, and for servers at least the acoustics aren't an issue. Might be the deciding factor in a workstation though. Dave
  24. davidedney123

    C & C Generals

    I think it's more the case that a freedom fighter is just a terrorist who won. Terrorism is abhorent when you are on the recieving side, but for the perpetrators it is often the only way they believe they can fight for their cause. The Nazis probably viewed the French Resistance as terrorists during the 2nd world war, and as you said the British probably saw Americans fighting for independence as terrorists. Inidiscriminate blowing up of innocent people is always a shitty thing to do, but we always do it in every war we fight, so in our own way we are just as bad, but we always win so present ourselves as "fighting for freedom". I'm sure most terrorist groups believe that they are also defending/fighting for freedom and that God is on their side. They're all talking bollocks really, we're just fighting over economic control and that is how it has always been. When we pretend that we're bombing Iraq back into the stone age for the good of the people that live there, to free them from the tyranny of their current administration we are just trying to make ourselves feel better. I'm don't think I or perhaps most of the population know the real reasons why we are attacking Iraq, but it's certainly not for freedom and I doubt it is because we are all shaking in our boots about their missiles with a 100 mile range and whatever pathetic imitation of western weapons they have to strap onto them and fire into Israel (who would respond by reducing Iraq to molten slag, if the Iraqi weapons could hit a target that small). Dave Dave
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    Seagate x15 36Lp to ho to touch

    I ran a 36GB X15-36LP without active cooling for about an hour, out of the case, and I can confirm that it got bumping hot. I lost my bottle and shut it down then. Dave