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    7200.7 Martians?

    Hi I'll be very interested to see what Seagate say to you. I also bought the 7200.7 for it's quiet operation, so am a bit disappointed. A SeaTools check of my drive reveals no problems, and performance is right where it should be. Cheers, Dave
  2. davidedney123

    7200.7 Martians?

    Getting the SeaTools now. Will let you know how it goes. Cheers, Dave
  3. davidedney123

    Why are 160 GB HDDs so cheap?

    Back when I was in school they ran a diskless setup. By the time I left it was around 120 machines booting Win 3.1 and running all their apps (Word 2.0, Pagemaker 4) off a single OS/2 server. 10MBit Coax. You can imagine how great it was. Dave
  4. davidedney123

    Why are 160 GB HDDs so cheap?

    Hiy If you imagine a company builiding maybe 40 or 50 office PCs to be used for utterly menial tasks, with none of them ever likely to use more than 6GB of the harddisk then getting the cheapest drive around, even if it's only a couple of dollars difference, makes sense. Why pay for capacity that will never, ever get used? For the vast majority of PCs used in business today a 20GB drive is overkill - all important work is stored on network storage, so it's only the application installations that use local storage. Cheers. Dave
  5. Hi It seems that essentially all he is saying is that old or crap drives, as used my OEMs, have a massive impact on system performance. Well, we all knew that! A standard home (or even business) buyer focusses purely on CPU clockspeed, amount of RAM, and size of harddisk. It doesn't seem to be very widely recognized that the harddisk speed has such a major impact on system performance, but by posting this data to Storagereview he is kind of preaching to the converted. I think the use of dog slow drives (Quantum LCT, Seagate U series) in OEM PCs is what makes them so very, very slow for their specification. Dave
  6. davidedney123

    Mars Rover Computers

    Sechs - I find this forum far more enjoyable if you just gloss over anything Prof Wizard says. He's a pedant, and always argumentative, so I'd recommend you do the same. I'm sure he'll reply to this but I won't read that either! Dave
  7. davidedney123

    Toshiba 7200 Rpm Notebook Hd

    Hi A modern 5400 RPM drive, and possible even 7200RPM drive will generate less heat and use less power than an elderly 6GB 4400RPM device in my experience. I replaced a sad old 4GB drive with a 40GB 5k80 and found the laptop got a little less warm. Can't swear to the 7200RPM drive though. Cheers, Dave
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    Maxboost Boosts Performance By Up To 60%

    Watch out! Don't step in the marketing... Dave
  9. davidedney123

    I found a terrabyte drive

    Are you guys serious?? It's a pisstake! Not a "scam" or a "con", merely someone having a laugh. Dave
  10. davidedney123

    Disabling SATARAID screen at bootup?

    Hi On some boards you can switch off Option ROM scan for individual PCI slots/devices. If your board has this, you can switch off the Option ROM for the SATA controller, and Windows should still see the drives. I have done this with a PATA HPT370 based card and the BIOS screen no longer appeared, but the drives were present in windows. Dave
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    THG 7k250 review

    Hi Toms Arseware Guide has a 7K250 review up: http://www.tomshardware.com/storage/200310...eskstar-01.html I know it's very in to rip on THG, but leaving the technical prowess of this particular article aside the standard of English is pidgin, with grammar having left the building. I know the guys may not be native English speakers, but that's what editors are for. That said, compared to a lot of material on the 'net this crap is up there with the titans of English literature. Dave
  12. davidedney123

    THG 7k250 review

    THG probably measured the temperature with a rectal thermometer they found in a 2nd hand shop, so I'll be waiting for SRs review before taking it as gospel that it's a nice cool drive. After my positive experiences with about 50 120 and 180GXPs I think I am ready to start trusting IBM/HGST reliability again too. Dave
  13. davidedney123

    P4 and P4 Xeon - what's the difference?

    Hi again Turns out I was a little wrong about the cores they've been using, this makes it clear http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=10551 Dave
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    P4 and P4 Xeon - what's the difference?

    Damn it where did all my formatting go! Apologies for what has turned out to be a paragraph-less mess. I will put a line between them in future. Dave
  15. davidedney123

    P4 and P4 Xeon - what's the difference?

    Hi The most common current Xeons, the XeonDP (almost always just called Xeon) is the one used in dual processing environments and comes in a 603 pin package for 400FSB up to 3GHz and a 604 pin package for 533FSB up to 3.06GHz. They all have 512KB of L2 cache except the new (ish) 1MB job, and are based on the Prestonia core. The Prestonia core is functionally all but identical to P4 Northwood. As for the extra pins, Intel datasheets show damn near all of them as being Vcc or ground, as someone else has stated. This is, supposedly, for "extra stability" for the markets Xeon is aimed at. The Gallatin core is used in XeonMP which supports up to 4 way (8 way??) configurations and also has 512K of L2 cache, but comes with either 2MB of 1MB of L3 cache. The Gallatin has also been called to the front to see service as the P4 Extremely Desperate Edition. I belive all of the above to be correct, please feel free to correct me if you know better. Basically, the answer to the question is that the differences are largely artificial and are to extract more cash from people buying SMP. Besides the SMP support and the sockets the P4 and Xeon are identical. It's all a big rip off. Dave
  16. davidedney123

    anyone RMA a Deathstar 75GXP lately?

    Hi Maybe two years ago I returned one to the vendor and got a brand new 60GB 60GXP, but about three weeks ago I returned a 45GB 75GXP to IBM themselves and got a "used serviceable part" from Malaysia. It lasted less than a week before dropping dead. Not pleased. Cheers, Dave
  17. davidedney123

    Software to lock optical drives?

    Hi I'm sure I read something about higher RPM Plextor CD-R drives having reinforced front bezels to prevent injury from shattering CDs. I've had one shatter on me, and it was worth sacrificing a £20 drive just to hear the noise it made. Cheers, Dave
  18. davidedney123

    Plextor DVD burner... not plextor

    Hi Although the firmware can be an important part of the drive, I question whether Plextor or anyone else can (or indeed even tries to) make any significant improvement over the original drive manufacturers code. Also, although they may tweak the firmware to make some minor differences half the reason people bleat on about the great Plextor is that their products are supposed to be more reliable - if it's the same mechanism from the same factory but with a different logo on it then the reliability is unaltered. I can't see why you'd pay more for the Plextor over the NEC, considering Plextor are bound to charge extra for the "my mate steve says plextor drives are best" factor. Dave
  19. davidedney123

    Plextor DVD burner... not plextor

    Hi I can assure you that Sanyo drives are not rebadged Plextors, or anything else - just because you can't buy Sanyo badged drives in CompUSA does not mean that they do not manufacture the mechanisms. Usually their drives only appear through OEM channels, but they were the first to introduce zone-CLV writing (but we'll forgive them for that) and BURN-Proof. I used to use Plextor drives almost exclusively but I have found that their quality is now no better than just about any other reputable manufacturers, with their last very well built drives being the 8x and perhaps 12x IDE models. I do think the drives they sell now are as good as anyone elses, just not any better. I'll be curious to see how good their new CD and DVD-ROM drives are though, even if they're not manufacturing them in house. Dave
  20. davidedney123

    Safe to flash 29160N BIOS?

    Just to reassure you further - I also obtained a Dell branded 29160N and flashed it to the latest Adaptec BIOS without issue. Been working fine for 18 months or more now. Dave
  21. davidedney123

    minimum CPU for w2k or XP

    Scratch that about being a 128bit 3D accelerator - I meant it had a 128Bit 2D core. Probably the same core that they used in the Savage and it's other illustrious descendants. Now I think about it, I know of someone using a Duron700 under 2k with 512MB of RAM and one of these, and 2D performance is fine for the office apps it has to run. Cheers, Dave
  22. davidedney123

    minimum CPU for w2k or XP

    Regarding the S3 Trio, S3 having been using the Trio name since around 1995 with the Trio32, 64, 64+ and suchlike chips, but the Trio3D is reasonably recent, being their last chip before the Savage. It was a 128bit 3D accelerator, and was available in AGP versions, so will be adequate for office stuff. I'd certainly try it before spending money on a replacement. I also think that the first thing to spend money on would be a better screen, and if you want to be a real cheap ass then a 17" standard monitor is so cheap as to be almost free these days. Info on the Trio3D for those who care: http://www.ask.com.hk/product/trio3d/trio3d.htm Cheers, Dave
  23. davidedney123

    Fujitsu Mas3735

    I'm very impressed by the low level scores of this drive - it's a monster. It really would be interesting to see what a drive with low level stats like that would do with a workstation optimized firmware. It's certainly crushes a few skulls in the server tests as it is. Dave
  24. davidedney123

    Pirated Games

    Hi I recently downloaded Freelancer, and after playing it for two days thought "damn, this is a good game, I'm going to buy it!", which is my usual approach to new games to avoid me parting with £40 for dog food. I was quite shocked when I found out that the game is not even going to be released for like another 2 months!! I have downloaded and tried games a week or so before they are released, but I am very curious as to how a game can be leaked onto the net so long before it is generally released. Is it really so hard to control the distribution of a game before it is released that you can't stop some bugger from releasing it months before the intended date??? By the way, I've really enjoyed playing it and it has been completely and utterly bug free so far. I'll be buying it when it comes out for sure. Dave
  25. davidedney123

    Cold War II - The USA vs. The EU

    That's exactly what I was saying when I said "this is bollocks". This bloke is right, this is just nationalistic hyperbole, and anyone who truly thinks that it is anything else clearly knows less about international affairs than the French UN Ambassador. Dave