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  1. Background I'm building a NAS (FreeNAS, Xeon E5640, ~4GB ECC) to replace my Synology 1212 (single 2GB drive) with a more redundant and fast system. Primary usage will be ensuring integrity of data that's rarely used but needs to be immediately accessible (will have offsite backups as well as FreeNAS/ZFS snapshots), with an occasional need to transcode for Plex. The system will have SSD-based SLOG/ZIL and L2ARC, and I will upgrade those in size so they should encapsulate commonly-used files. Thus for the spinning portion of the system it is more important that it be reliable than that it be an extra 10% faster. My plan is for either RAID-Z1 or RAID-Z2, with 2TB disks. That more than doubles my current storage needs (which have been stable for several years), so I can put the extra money into redundancy rather than capacity I won't use. The Question Given these goals (reliability > performance but with terrible performance being bad), what drives should I get? Lightly used vs new Heterogeneous vs identical models but with different batches vs identical models purchased from the same place Aiming to keep it to $50/drive shipped or less, preferably more like $40. Any recommendations for specific model numbers or brands or lines would be helpful as well. My habit in the past has been to buy whatever's cheapest from a major manufacturer, and that's served me just fine but trying to be a little more thoughtful this time. Thanks!
  2. Thanks. Just ordered the DS112. I'd rather have good software than a little more speed.
  3. I'm about to purchase a NAS for my personal and home office use. I've got out down to the two models above (112 vs 119p II). The choice seems to be brand (everyone likes Synology) vs a slightly faster processor/RAM in the QNAP. I'm having a hard time choosing because it just doesn't look like much of a difference. My first through hundredth priority is reliability. After that, speed is helpful. After that, the ability to support two users for the following: - Separate, secure storage space - Ideally with a cloud interface (Unix and os/x) so reach user can sync multiple computers and tablets (android and iOS) - Media playing to my LG bluray player over the network via upnp - Periodic backups to an attached USB drive and over the internet - Some sort of snapshot/version control/rollback capability would be amazing, but not a deal-breaker if not available Any wisdom to help me decide? Thanks!