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  1. This is still the cheapest and most elegant way to store and backup your data. Just pop in your old 2.5" IDE laptop drive into the this sleek slim aluminium enclosure and plug into your USB jack on your laptop of desktop PC and your all set. Comes in box with USB cable, screws, scewdriver, leather case and driver CD(needed for Win '98) Asking $12ea or $20 for 2 Also, other used 2.5" KingWin enclosures, 2 for $10 I will ship without the box in a Jiffy pad envelope to save on shipping cost. Shipping to USA and Canada is $5.99 PM me for info
  2. EdT

    My PC is dying. What to do?

    Your best bang for the buck now is to change to a new AMD 754 socket motherboard with a Sempron64 CPU. All this can be had for as little as $150cdn, but if you can find an older socket A cpu and motherboard on eBay that might be an option such as MSI K7T Turbo2 v5 and a XP 2500+ cpu . Stores now sell the AMD XP socket Acpus more than the newer faster Semprons becuase they are no longer making the XP cpus and people with older socket A board are still needinf them to upgrade.
  3. Has anyone here used or have this drive ? I was very surprised to find a fast 5400rpm Fijitsu MTH2040AH 8MB 2.5" HDD in it. The price was also very reasonable for $95cdn(10% additional discount due to price match at Best Buy) at FutureShoP for true USB interface drive. So far I cannot find any reviews on this drive, anyone know of any ?
  4. EdT

    Building new rig

    You should look into a Samsung SpinPoint 160g 8mb, ultra quiet and faster than even thee Seagate. I have the KingWin KT-424-S and its an awsome case for the price, only beef I have with it is that it only has one exhaust fan port.
  5. EdT

    samsung's 80GBs

    Are your the SpinPoint(SP) series ?, I don't think they are the 8mb version for their 80g and the JVC motors are a bit noisier than their sought after Nidec motors.
  6. EdT

    The 7200.8 thread

    From loudest to most quiet: 1. Maxtor 9 Plus 2. WD Cavier SE 3. Seagate 7200.7/8 4. Samsung Spinpoint So try to get the Samsungs, they are by far the fastest, quietest and least expensive HDD. The 80g Maxtor 9 Plus on my bros setup is the loudest HDD I ever heard. My WD800JB with AAM enabled is quiet with seek, but the idle whine is horrible. Seagate 7200.7/8 cannot have AAM enabled, so that just leaves thee the Spinpoint, but the largest HDD Samsung makes now is 160g.
  7. EdT

    Hitachi vs Seagate?

    If I were you, I would choose neither and buy a Samsung Spinpoint instead, it beat out the Seagate in price, performance and noise !
  8. No, there is no specific tool from Western Digital or for Western Digital drives. The IBM/Hitachi tool works on occassion, but use at your own risk. I have seen it ruin WD drives to the point where the drive is no longer useable and needs to be replaced. 193805[/snapback] I have used the IBM/Hitachi tool with no problems on my WD800JB noise maker, it was either that or the WD goes out the window. Seek noise is rendered inaudible with the tool, but idle whine noise persists. Going to get a Samsung Spinpoint soon !
  9. EdT

    Suggestions for large, quiet system drive?

    Are you referring to Hitachi's "Feature Tool" program? Thats the only configuration tool I could find on the Hitachi HDD support page. The documentation says this tool can "change the drive Automatic Acoustic Management settings" to "Quiet Seek Mode" or "Normal Seek Mode". Are you saying this Hitachi tool can be used to quiet a Western Digital drive? 193644[/snapback] Thats correct, you heard right, it does wonder to those noisy WD drives !
  10. So what is the best and fastest way to mirror my old 80g to my new Seagate 160g ? I don't what to reload XP again ! Heres my understanding: connect the new drive as SLAVE and use DISKCOPY command ? DISKCOPY C: D: ?
  11. EdT

    Suggestions for large, quiet system drive?

    The concensus in the quiet PC world is that Samsung Nidec drives and Segate Cuda are the quietiest and WD are the loudest, but can quiet down the WD drive seek arm noise with Hitachi's Full Tool program, I tired it on my noisy WD800JB and it really makes it quiet.
  12. EdT

    HDD Acoustic Proggies

    Thanks, this little program http:www.hitachigst.com/hdd/support/download.htm did wonders on the seek noise, I enabled it for AAM from the 255 to 128 setting(want kind of units are these ?) and now the seek noise is almost inaudible, but what can I use to reduce spindle speed ?, the spinning whine have not been reduced.
  13. Does anyone if there are any effective software to control HDD spindle speeds like Abacus HDD Acoustic Manager ?, trouble is that it doesn't work with Windows XP. I'am trying to build a quiet PC and my WD800JB is the loudest contributing factor with its whining noise that sounds like a fan inwhich I initailly thought was the fan until I turned all my fans off to determine it was actually the HDD.
  14. EdT

    Say no to floppys?

    Funny that you guyz mentioned this !, cause I just went out yesterday and bought a new Panasonic floppy for $12cdn so that the tone of beige face plate would match all my optical drives from my old 14 yr old Epson floppy. I still find using a floppy convenient for transfer of Eexcel and MS Word files from computer to computer while my 100mb ZIP is great for quick saving of files or programs that need to be updated frequently
  15. EdT


    Well, the proper mentions should be given the three main participants of the D-Day invasion, mainly the USA, Great Britian and Canada. This was possiblely the last effort for the allies to penetrate fortress Europe and they were able to do it with 150 000 troops. It has has also been mentioned that out of the 58 divisions under Hitler's command he sented 11 to confront the D-Day invasion. Also, honourable mentions should also be reconized that the USSR is the real factor that broke the German army's backbone, the USSR lost over 3.5 millions troops in defeating thee Germans from Stanligrad to Berlin and this is why the West was compel to invite Presdent Putin to partake in the D-Day ceremonies this June.