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    Western Digital Raptor WD740GD Preview

    I understand the whole 'need for speed' thing. I've been known to spend oodles on hardware just because it was the 'cutting edge' at the time. However, how can you justify spending close to $300 on this drive when you can purchase a Deskstar 7k250 for $78 ? Both are in the 80GB arena. The deskstar had the leaderboard spot here, so you know it's a decent drive. I just cannot understand spending 4x as much for a marginal gain. Double maybe, triple for the hardcore, but not 4x - that's just ludicrous. You could get two deskstars, raid stripe them, and probably beat the performance of a single WD while spending half the money. The money you save could afford you a new mobo with raid serial-ata. just my 2 cents...
  2. My current desktop PC has had a pair of IBM 75GB 75GXPs in (striped RAID using the abit IT7's built-in controller) it for quite some time. I know these are historically miserable drives, but with good cooling, I've had luck thus far. Recently, I've deciced to build a PC for the entertainment center for Tivo-like functions. For this project I purchased a single WD 200GB 8MB cache drive. (WD2000JBRTL) A friend of mine said that the single new drive would be 'tremendously' faster than the old raid pair, and that I should stick the big drive in my primary PC, since the old raid pair would be plenty fast enuf for a tivo-like PC. I don't have a bunch of benchmark software installed, and I'm sure my setup is not 'optimized', but I'd like to know if anyone else has considered a similiar jump, and knows if the performace leap is really worth me redoing my main PC or not. The size difference isn't important to me (150 vs 200), but I would definately do a scratch reinstall with a new drive, and that would be very time consuming for me (tons of crap installed). Thanks! CyberDeity