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  1. Sorry I try to contact SEAGATE SUPPORT (not hp)
  2. hello I have a ST336754SS original from Seagate ( sas 36GB) and other two disks but OEM from HP. I have also 3 ST3146854SS ( sas 146 GB) OEM from HP too. With SEATOOLS ENTERPRISE i can select all DISKS ( I buy only one seagate original only to update firmware on the OEM HP ) but i can't save-extract-back-up the firmware from Original Seagate to a file.... so then i can update the other OEM DISKS. There are some way to perform this task. I try to contact HP SUPPORT, i tell that i have problem with the adaptec controller and i needed the last firmware......but unfortunately firmware ST336754SS_0003.sea is the last i need to extract firmware from disk If someone have already this firmware......please send an email with this thank you in advance
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    Well you tell me that this utility should be able to flash the firmare. This is all file when extracted using SUSE 10.0 sh CP006370.scexe --unpack=directory THIS UTILITY SCSI TOOLBOX wich kind of files use to update firmware ?? I search around P2p but i find DEMO version only, and probably flashing function is disabled. Only two question. how SAS disks should be connected to ADAPTEC controller. I INITIALIZE disk and create VOLUME for each drive to flash ? Or SCSI TOOLBOX detect disks without ani INITIALIZATION ? Thank you in advance *_*
  4. Dear StorageReview Forum Members, i'm a graphic designer from Italy. I bought 3 Hard Disk HP DF146A8B57 (PROBABLY THERE ARE A Seagate 146Gb SAS ST3146854SS but with HP FIRMWARE). I don't have an HP server. If you ask yourself, why this guy bought HP disk without have an HP server, I tell you that I though that this OEM drive and Seagate was the same. Probably are the same drives but with a firmware modification. And I bought it shure that HP made a good HARDWARE. Yes next time i read much better DATASHEET. Anyways, right now I have this 3 drives and i need support from you. My drives shipped firmware are HPD4. I need to upgrade it to HPD6 or HPD7. I don't know how is better for me. This is my workstation configuation: CPU: Intel Core 2 extreme X6800 MOTHERBOARD: ASUS P5WDG2-WS Pro ( chipset 975x ) SAS CONTROLLER: Adaptec 4800SAS (PCI-X) MEMORY: Corsair XMS2 4x1Gb POWER SUPPLY: ENERMAX GALAXY 1000WATT I had installed Windows Server 2003 and Suse Linux 10.0. But i can't load the new FIRMWARE into DISKS. I try under Linux to launch CP006370.scexe | CP006611.scexe but no device detected. I read carefully many forum and i connect only one drive to the controller and set it to VOLUME. Linux and Windows detect the device, only the "shell script updater" doesn't detect the DISK. (i try with one disk if something goes wrong...i broke only one SAS disk........and you know that it cost so much money....) "This disk drive component requires Smart Array P600 firmware version 1.50 or later available at " Unfortunately i haven't it, only ADAPTEC controller. I contact Adaptec and they tell me to contact HP to upgrade HP firmware to fix a problem when create a striped array. Adaptec tell me to install the latest HP firmware. I try all way but without hardware compliant (HP server) this is an hard work. Please help me to fix problem with the way to load new firmware. Thank you in advance