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  1. Iam also very intrested in this latest drive and seems like a good upgrade from my Maxtor DiamondMax 10. What Iam conserned about is expecially the "whining" noise of the drive, could the reviewer give his personal opinion about this? I usually place my HD on bottom of my case and put soft pads underneath the drive. I also place silent fan to blow air on the drive to prevent overheating, this eliminates the resonating sounds effectively but leaves the whining noise. So in your opinion reviewer, does this drive whine more than the other drives?
  2. Alarmer

    Maxtor Diamonmax 10

    It's different disk, but could be close to DiamondMax 10 in specs? (speculating) It has 16MB cache too, prices little higher than DM10, MTTF 1 million hours (compared to 600.000 in DM10). And... at least Maxline III supports NCQ. Its definetly a mystery drive.... Quess I can till next week, hopefully by then somebody has experience with this drive
  3. Alarmer

    Maxtor Diamonmax 10

    Hello I couldnt find any good information about this upcoming drive other than it has 16mb buffer. Has there been any reviews? Couldnt find any on google yet, but would like to read something about one before ordering. My local store should have some next week. Any info would be welcome, thanks.
  4. Alarmer

    How to check Bad sectors under XP?

    Darn the Maxtor tool isnt working with SATA drives... Yet
  5. Hi there kinda newbie question isnt it? This morning my comp booted up as allways but instead of desktop I got blue screen where check disk was messing with my HD. After 4 times of going to 100% check disk said my c: drive has 4 bad sectors. A bit of a shock since its brand new Maxtor Diamond Max 9+ 120g SATA drive. Now I would like to confirm are these bad sectors killing my drive by spreading or was it just tiny bit of my hdd disc surface that is bad. Old 98 had check disk/scandisk but when I tryed to run checkdisk on XP I didint get any report. How do I get this report showing the current state of my hard drive? Thank
  6. Alarmer

    HD noises..

    I believe there were some people here complaining that the new Seagate FDB drives have some sort of whine problem. Yup, they're not as quiet as their immediate predecessors. I can concure. I remember my silentest drive was Barracuda IV , the V has little whine with it but its not that bad as with my current Maxtor. Still the whining king is WD 80JB in my books but I quess I was unlucky. This whining thing really bugs me since its like playing lottery if your going to get a silent or whining drive. And almost allways the reviewers tend to get the silent versions
  7. Alarmer

    HD noises..

    I was just checking out the seagates so called sea shell (the bottom with soft material and a plate screwed ower the circuits. Has anybody tryed to put something like that into a non seagate drive? I tryed the material and it feels like the soft stuff that comes with motherboards, little piece of it and thin metal plate attached to the bottom. Anybody tryed ? Quess it will be easyer to buy a HDD silencer kit and be happy..
  8. Alarmer

    HD noises..

    It is as I was afraid, my bad luck I suppose the whining aint going away , but the real question is .. Is the whining valid reason to get the drive changed? I just moved my XP and about 120g of data to this new drive so iam not too keen on changing it but the whining.. It definetly is getting on my nerves..
  9. Alarmer

    HD noises..

    Hello there.. I know it has been discussed many times before but I still find myself puzzled with this question ... I just got Maxtor Diamonmax 9+ SATA 8meg memory and compared the noise with my old Seagate Barracuda ATA V .. I know seagate should and is silencer than the maxtor but I have tryed three different hard drives and only Seagate doesnt have metalling whine in it.. I mean is the metallic whining normal for these drives or am I just really unlucky? WD120JB had really loud metallic humming/whining, and so does this new Maxtor in idle. I compared the maxtor and seagate announced desibel rates and they arent far from each other, still in reality seagate doesnt whine and maxtor does :/ ps. I have one of those HDD silencing shells but iam not sure are they spected only for 5400rpm drives..
  10. Alarmer

    Barracuda V noisy write ?

    bump. nobody has even a guess ps. there was AAM program floating around when barracuda IV was launched any similiar for Barracuda V ?
  11. Hello there. I bought some time ago Barracuda V and its been working fine. One thing that catches my ear is noticable crunching sound it makes during writing/reading. (the crunhing is like any other hd writing so no problem there) But the thing is I dont remember hearing this kinda with my long gone Barracuda IV unless i disabled the AAM. And now I bought Samsung V60 120g and its silencer than my Barracuda V. And barracuda V should be THE silentest of em all :/ Any possibility that my barracuda V isnt having AAM on?
  12. Alarmer

    Western Digital WD800BB Hard drive

    Its quick drive. But be prepared that noise level is one of the highest in todays fast drives.
  13. Same here It was like the one fellow in other JB thread said it .. The drive is "singing" in idle mode . And during heavy reading it has Iron echoing sound in it too. Its really annoying since its constant and doesnt go away.. BBBZZIIINNGGGnnnnbbbbzzIIIINNNGG Up and down goes the whining sound.. Iam going to take it back next monday , local store fellow promised to phone the importer and handle the thing. Shouldnt be no problems since everybody has gotten a new drive when complaining about this noise trouble.. or so I hope
  14. Hello there. Bought WD800JB about two weeks ago. Now it is literally "singing" all the time during idle. During heavy action it the writing sound has kinda Iron echo in it. Its constant and its driving me nuts.. starts with lower whine and get higher then lower.. to describe it. bbzzzzZZZZIIIIINNNGGGggggnnnnbbbbZZZZIIINNNGGGG Iam definetly returning this drive since my ear has been operated and really cant take constant whine sound. Now iam wondering should I try another WD800JB or go straight to Barracuda V . I mean really WD is fast , I game alot but can you really tell the difference? .. Your opinion is appriciated