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  1. and one month later - still waiting the drives should be out for over one month now and there's still no sign of them babies. no word from wd about the new drives - no news, no press release. i'm about to doubt that we'll see the 250gb/320gb drives in the near future... that's kinda disappointing.
  2. i'm still waiting for the new se16-drives as well.... i want nothing but two wd 320gb sata2 drives with 16mb cache, ncq, 160gb/platter everything else isn't interesting for me. so where the heck are the new drives?.... i'm in the same boat as jandrade - running old ide drives because i wanted to wait for the new se16-drives - but slowly i'm getting really pissed that there aren't any news/infos about the new drives. wd, gimme teh drives PLS, KTHX
  3. after i've read the wd's press release about 160gb/platter disks in august i emailed wd about these drives. according to the customer service the new drives will be available during november, shipping in volume in germany. but i'd say that customer from the us will be able to get their hands on these babies earlier. i'm being on edge about these drives and can't wait to get two new caviar se16 320gb drives. it's about time that wd finally releases some caviar drives with ncq. any news on perpendicular recording?