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  1. Have some extra SAS parts I'm not using that I need to sale: (1) Adaptec 335SAS Black Storage Enclosure - Holds four SAS/SATA/SATA2 drives - Hot-swappable - Occuppies three 5.25" drive bays - 80mm FAN - two molex 5pin power connector - SFF-8484 connector - SFF-8484 to SFF-8484 SAS cable included - $75 plus shipping http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16822103002 (2) OEM Seagate Cheetah 15k.4 ST336754SS - 36GB SAS 15k drive - 3.5" 8MB cache - 3Gb/s - $50 each plus shipping (1) OEM Maxtor Atlas 15kII 8k073s0 - 73GB SAS 15k drive - 3.5" 16MB cache - 3Gb/s - $65 plus shipping (1) Adaptec 48300 SAS RAID0,1,10 - Lowprofile PCI-X 64bit/133mhz 3.3V - Has one internal SAS SFF-8484 connector to control upto four SAS/SATA drives - 1 SFF-8470 external connector to connect to External SAS enclosure or expansion unit - Controller and Adaptec CD only, no cables - $65 plus shipping http://www.adaptec.com/en-US/products/sas_...entry/SAS-48300 (1) Retail Seagate Savio ST3936701SS - 36GB - 2.5" 3Gb/s SAS - 8MB cache - 10k rpm - $50 plus shipping If interested in any of the above items, send a PM or email me. Heatware under legendmaster
  2. Can't say I've tried it on a P965 board since these typically only come with 1 x16 PCI-e slot, but have tried it on other Intel, Supermicro and Tyan boards and seems to work just fine. Also tried it on a workstation Asus board, ie P5DGW2 Pro and it worked as well as that one seems to come with two 16 PCI-e.
  3. It should as all that is required is that it be put into a x8 lane PCI-e slot.
  4. Got some highend SAS controller and drives I need to sale: (1) Brand New Retail Adaptec 4805 8port SAS controller - x8 PCI-e - 256MB ECC DDR cache - RAID0,1,5,6,10,50 - Comes with everything since it is a Retail controller $400 shipped http://www.adaptec.com/en-US/products/sas_...mance/SAS-4805/ (1) Brand New Adaptec 4800 8port SAS controller - RAID0,1,5,6,10,50 - 64bit/133mhz PCI-X - Comes with Retail package $300 shipped http://www.adaptec.com/en-US/products/sas_...mance/SAS-4800/ (1) Retail Adaptec 48300 8 port SAS controller - RAID0,1,10 - 64bit/133mhz PCI-X - Everything included with Retail package $125 shipped http://www.adaptec.com/en-US/products/sas_...ntry/SAS-48300/ (1) OEM Seagate ST3146855SS - Cheetah 15k.5 - 15000rpm - 16MB cache - 3G/s SAS - $250 shipped (6) Brand New OEM Seagate ST336754SS - 36GB - Cheetah 15k.4 - 15000rpm - 8MB cache - 3G/s SAS - $75 each shipped If interested in any of the above, send me a PM or email. Will lower cost if multiple items are purchased. Heatware under legend master.
  5. Not sure how to edit my original post. Anyways, I also have the following SAS controller for sale: (1) Retail Adaptec 48300 SAS - RAID0,1,10 - 8port, 1xinternal, 1xexternal - 64bit/133mhz PCI-X - Comes will Retail packaging ie CD, cables, etc - $175 shipped Willing to package the above controller and the two Seagate 146GB 15k SAS drives for $725 shipped!. Also Willing to Trade for a large 20"+ LCD or a decent Laptop plus cash. Please send a email if interested.
  6. Again, these are OEM drives meaning no direct Warranty from Seagate. However, these drives are almost brand new, slightly used for test purposes. I have over 350+ Heatware Evals and guarantee against DOA if that is a concern.
  7. Following drives for sale: (2) Seagate ST3146855SAS - Cheetah 15k.5 - 146GB - 15000rpm - 16MB cache - 3.0Gb/s - SAS - OEM drives - $300 shipped each Aboves drives are tested and guaranteed against DOA. These sell for $525+. Send a PM if interested. Heatware under legend master.
  8. The Adaptec 4805SAS has been SOLD. The price for the Adaptec 2230SLP has been reduced to $200 shipped!
  9. Following controllers for sale: 1) Adaptec 4805SAS 8port SAS/SATA RAID0,1,1E,5,5EE,6,10,50,60 - 128MB DDR cache - PCI-e x8 lane - 2 internal 4 port and 1 external 4 port - Comes with two set of internal cable to connect 4 drives each - $350 shipped 4805SAS Specs (1) Adaptec 2230SLP Dual Channel U320 RAID0,1,1E,5,5E,6,10,50,60 - 128MB cache - 2 internal and 2 external connectors - 64bit/133mhz 3.3V PCI-X - $250 shipped 2230SLP Specs If interested, send a PM or email. Heatware available under legend master.
  10. Price Drop to $130! It's a steal at this price! Send a PM if interested..
  11. Got the following for sale: (1) Retail Adaptec 2420SA - 4port - RAID0,1,1E,5,5EE,6,10 - SATA2 - PCI-X 64bit/133mhz 3.3V - Comes with Retail packaging ie cables, CD, manual - $170 shipped For Specs to controller Click for Specs If interested, send a email to legendma@gmail.com or PM me. Heatware can be found under legend master.
  12. Following items for sale: (1) Adaptec 4805SAS - x8 PCI-e - 8port - 128MB ECC DDR Cache - RAID 0,1,1E,5,5EE,10,50,60 - Comes with Full Retail contents ie 2x1m cacbles, manual, CD - $500 shipped (3) Seagate Savio 2.5" ST936701SS- 36GB - SAS 3.0Gb/s - 10000rpm - 8MB cache - $150 each shipped (2) Maxtor 15kII - 36GB - SAS 3.0Gb/s - 15000rpm - 16MB cache - $150 shipped each Take the Adaptec 4805SAS and three Seagate Savio 36GB SAS for $900 shipped or Adaptec 4805SAS and the two Maxtor 15kII 36GB SAS for $775 shipped. Send a Email if interested to legendmaster@dslextreme.com. Heatware available under "legend master".
  13. Got some drives I need to get rid of: (2) Brand New Maxtor Atlas 15k II 73GB SAS Drives - model #8k073s0 - Fastest SAS drives around! - New/Unused in sealed anti-static bag - Warranty good until 12/19/2010 - $300 shipped each PM or send a email if interested. Heatware under legend master