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  1. So here's my dilemma, hope you guys can help me. So my computer has 2 hard drives. I knew i had a virus/viruses on one of them, but I couldnt find out where it was and my computer was running extremely sluggishly. I then reformatted my computer. After I reinstalled windows XP professional and sp2, things seemed to be ok, both my hard drives showed up on windows explorer. I then did a virus scan, and it turns out my slave drive had a w32 virus of some sort. I removed the virus. This is where the trouble begins. So after I removed the virus, I went to windows explorer to check out my partitions and folders in my slave drive. I clicked on the drive letter, but then it wouldnt seem to respond. The hour glass would just sit there....and trust me, I've waited for it do its thing but it wasn't doing it. Start menu wasnt clickable either, so out of frustration I did a hard reset on my computer. And then, windows would not load. I get to the point where it says windows is starting up, and it stays there. So then I reinstalled windows xp with sp2 again, but then my slave hard drive still doesnt show up in windows explorer. I then restarted the computer and windows still won't load again. the BIOS seems to detect the slave hard drive but i dont know why it doesnt show up in windows, or why windows wont even load when the slave is connected. I reinstalled windows many times and i got the same result. So then I disconnected my slave drive, and much to my expectations, windows loaded just fine, but what is wrong with the slave drive? Why won't windows load when it is connected? It doesnt make sense to me at all. I don't think the w32 worm can do permanent damage to a hard drive, or can it? I've spent hours trying to fix this and I'm running out of ideas. I noticed that windows would ONLY load even with the slave drive connected on a new windows install, as long as sp1 and 2 are not installed. After I install sp, the problems begin. what could be wrong with the slave? did the hard reset break something? did the norton anti virus delete something more than w32? my last resort is to take out my slave drive and check if it works on another computer. I would really appreciate some help b/c all my stuff is on that hard drive, sigh. Thanks.