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  1. Theo Wiegman

    Western Digital Raptor WD1500

    When will this awesome piece of machinery grace the Leaderboard?
  2. Theo Wiegman

    Power Supply Requirements

    My PCP&C Silencer 400watt is pretty much...well, silent. I can't speak for the non-Silencer models.
  3. Theo Wiegman

    Power Supply Requirements

    I've had problems with voltage regulation (too high or low for particular rails, and large swings) in all the Enermax PSUs I have used. I moved to PC Power & Cooling power supplies and now enjoy extremely stable regulation.
  4. Theo Wiegman

    SCSI cabling: twisted, rounded, insulator material

    Any idea whether the "Three-position Mini DB68(M) twisted copper mesh shielded round cable w/ detachable SE/LVD termination" from Hypermicro would be suitable? I suppose I could email them to find out if it's rounded or truly round. I'd guess rounded. ;P I guess the real question is, would one of the inexpensive (~$30.00) cables from Hypermicro work fine (which include a terminator), or do I need to shell out the big bux at Granite Digital or TMCSCSI for a cable and separate terminator. Looking at $120 or so from GD and $80 from TMCSCSI.
  5. SCSI is so dang difficult. Doesn't help that it seems to involve a lot of opinion and little demonstrated facts... But, right now I'll take some opinions, no problem. -- Before I lay down some money for SCSI, I want to be sure I'm getting a "good" cable. Controller card is the LSI 20320 and the drive is a Seagate 15k.3. What cable to get? I'd like a cable with at least 2 drive positions, but from what I can tell, I need a cable with at least 3 drive positions so I can use a terminator on the last connector. Why the drive manufacturers can't include a perfectly adequate terminator on the drive itself is another good question, but for now let's say I'm sold on the idea of an external terminator (eh, passive or active?). Is there any real difference between Teflon, TPO, and TPE cables? I understand PVC is teh sux and to stay away from that. I've also heard that TPE falls inbetween Teflon and PVC in terms of cutting down on crosstalk. That also brings us to the question of twisted-to-flat or all-flat or (gasp) rounded. I'm guessing rounded cables are not a great idea and all the examples of rounded cables I've seen have been on the cheap (inexpensive) side. I've read that for shorter cables (define "short"), all-flat cables are better (or merely acceptable?), while twisted-to-flat is better for longer cables. Can I get some confirmations/denials from you guys on these topics? Calling all SCSI gurus!
  6. Theo Wiegman

    SCSI Converter announced at

    I wonder how a 15K.3 would perform with one of these? Now that would make for an interesting SR review, no?
  7. Theo Wiegman

    Any site of the 15k.3 yet?!?!!

    Seriously, does anyone know the release date, rumored or otherwise? What about price for the 18GB and 36GB versions?
  8. Theo Wiegman

    Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2

    No way, Turtle Beach has made mostly mid-to-high-end cards. Take a look at their past cards: Only a few entry-level cards (Daytona, Monte Carlo, perhaps the Montego series). Can't wait to see what the successor to the Santa Cruz will be.
  9. Theo Wiegman

    GigaE + cross-over cable ok?

    Btw, regarding dirt-cheap gig-e cards: I advise you to avoid them, if they're based on any NatSemi chipset (poor performance). Intel has a cheap (~$50) card ("Intel® PRO/1000 MT Desktop Adapter," i82540EM); they should be ok. I would also consider Alteon TigonII-based cards (like the GA620T). They're getting old, but are still good performers.
  10. Theo Wiegman

    GigaE + cross-over cable ok?

    I haven't heard about potential problems with crossover cables and copper gigabit ethernet. In any case, as HisMajesty noted, several gig-e cards will auto-correct for a straight-through cable linking two cards. I can confirm this for the Netgear GA620T.
  11. Theo Wiegman

    which of these two network-cards is to prefer ?

    It's the FA311 and 312 that use the NatSemi DP83815, not the FA310TX. The FA310TX is a Tulip (21140) clone. Just about any Tulip clone is going to be pretty good. I'd go with it over any other clone or small-time chip.