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    Smart Report - Should I Rma?

    you should look closer at what smart attributes said: ID 4 and ID 9 attributes just say that you are approaching the limit of the manufacturer building parameters. this do not mean that your hdd will fail instant when the limit is reach. you should worry more about the ID 7, attribute that is the "seek error count", that mean that your hdd have difficulties when tries to go to another track or cylinder where info r/w is needed. this could give an indication that you have problems with your head assembly or media, this is where the click's appear. the fact that the hdd work for a long time with no problem and gets badly only occasionally makes unpredictable the time of total failure so make BACK-UP at your data.
  2. maybe a defrag that arrange the file ordered By time/date is the solution. q&q defrag hase this option. Regards, format_b.
  3. The clicking from the hdd can have three reasons: 1. one or more heads are dead (in your case if the failure is from the PCB little posible). 2. media is BAD, the hdd can't initialize correctly and remain stuck in clicks. 3. the service info from hdd is damaged or wrong (you swap the wrong PCB it may look the same but can have different service data on them). My recommendation: make sure that the version of firmware is the same and then make the swap, or to escape from this issue replace the missing pieces from the good PCB so you will don't have to worry about firmware, or if they are resistors or condensators or who know what... Then, data recovery establishment. gooooooooood luck !!!!!!!!! Regards, format_b.
  4. format_b

    Recommend a cheap laser printer?

    Try, SECOND HAND.... ....cheaper ar just the pencil.
  5. format_b

    IBM 40 AVVA click-click

    The "dead head" idea might be good, I will try to rewrite the eeprom info so that the hdd will start just with one head. My concern is that the info from the plates is damaged and the heads ar ok. About the Recovery Company, no way, I'm interested just in repair of the drive, no info needy. Regards, format_b.
  6. format_b

    IBM 40 AVVA click-click

    Thanks for the tip, but I do not have this posibility. People I know expects more then that, if I give them this answer I'm some kind of "dead meat". So.... please try again!!!!
  7. Hi all. IBM model IC35L040AVVA07-0, PCB-ok, tried on other hdd. At start-up it begin to click continuously, and only BUSY is ON. How to approach this kind of defect, what can be done for him? Thanks in advance for answer !!!!! Regards, format_b.
  8. Hi all. IBM model IC35L040AVVA07-0, PCB-ok, tried on other hdd. At start-up it begin to click continuously, and only BUSY is ON. How to approach this kind of defect, what can be done for him? Thanks in advance for answer !!!!! Regards, format_b.
  9. format_b

    Bad Fujitsu drive

    you have 50% chances of success with the PCBA swap, and if you want 100% just swap only the flash rom - the compatibility problem is resolved this way. the model of hdd that you have,..... have problem with reserved info that is on the paltes, so if that is your problem you will have to find a repairman that can restore this info. Regards, format_b
  10. format_b

    Maxtor drive error

    No No No...........uuuuuuuuuuuuuu, I got in My hands over 15 drive at one day, is not the cable, is not the OS, is not the controler or other piece of hardware. My guess is that the hdd firmware is "BAD". someone, maybe a method to get it back in the original state. Thanx in advance. Regards, format_b
  11. format_b

    Maxtor drive error

    Hi everybody, What more can I say, the title says all, maybe just that the drive work at very hi temperature and that is sure a software problem, the firmware has errors. Any solution.......? Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 8, 6E040L0. Thanx in advance. Regards. format_b
  12. Helooooooo, anybody, somebody.............
  13. there is no BIOS update available for this MB; intel P4,celeron - 1500, 1600, 1700, 1800, 1900; - higher is no posible, the socket 423 limit is ~2Ghz
  14. Hi all, I have a "viarama P047" ---PX266AGPset (VT8753 + VT8233)--- MB and a "noname" adapter for 423 to 478 pin P4 processor. I tried more adapters on diferent viarama MB but the same problem apear constantly: the sistem will not boot compleatly for about 10 minutes. After this 10 min. when the cipset temperature reaches about 40 degrees celesius the sistem will boot but it will freeze at a certain time. I know that is posible that the MB to not suport a 478 pin processors. There is a way that I can find out for sure if a MB with 423 socket is, or is not compatible with a 478 processor? Thanks in advance, format_b
  15. format_b

    DR. HANK MB start-up problem

    yoooooooooooooooooo, do not matter what DR. HANK means, I post also a tipe of MB -MK73LE - that will indicate a AOpen product. about the solution, given by Larry, sorry but I allready check the battery (3Volts sharp). my guess is that the error may be caused by a bad flashrom (lose info sometimes) or o sistem error that make a rewrite on the flashrom with faulty data. becouse I do not have any confirmation of this supositions they remain just thougt. If someone have some ideeas please take your chance and write it here. format_b